The antipsychiatry movement: Who and why

Psychiatry is the only medical specialty with a longtime nemesis; it’s called “antipsychiatry,” and it has been active for almost 2 centuries. Although psychiatry has evolved into a major scientific and medical discipline, the century-old primitive stage of psychiatric treatments instigated an antagonism toward psychiatry that persists to the present day.

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One thought on “The antipsychiatry movement: Who and why

  1. Hey whoever the heck you are….. until you’ve walked a mile in my moccasins you really need to stop this drivel of a site. Your naivety is on full display! It’s apparent you are ignorant of the facts. I appreciate that psychiatry probably saved my life at 23 but at 47 why didn’t any of the 5 docs I’ve had even consider a reduction? I was on 6mg per day. I have tapered to 1.5 and it sucks. It will likely be years before the taper is done but you know what? After 10-14 nasty days I feel fine. So do I have a chemical imbalance that needed 6mg a day that just seems to actually now need 1.5? Maybe, but unlikely. A more likely scenario is that I was taking all of that because I am addicted to it and it’s easier to take a pill or write a script than do the hard work. – Peace out. 🤷‍♀️

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