3 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies tapers cause addicts to become psychotic (on top of their previous psychiatric disorders)

  1. This could be true. People with anxiety disorders can’t control their thoughts at times. I’ve read enough to know you can’t understand these people you delight in mocking…. I have been on that site a few times and it just makes things worse. I agree with that. At least for my last taper. I’m ready to stabilize and I’ll deal with the next “step” in a few months. The withdrawal is very real and the medicine is not good for you. If you are simply addicted to the medicine (we’ll see if maybe I need to be on a small amount for life or not) why stay on it? That would be like telling a functional alcoholic to keep drinking to avoid DTs. I mean they must have self medicated due a chemical imbalance too, right? If chemical imbalances never get better then why all the 12 step programs and such? Maybe you should pick on them too? How about homeless people? They need a site for you people. You are a sad lot.

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