Third time the charm?

Going for it for a 3rd time
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I was put on Klonopin 22 years ago when there really wasn’t anything much about it on the net. Over the course of the years I went up yo 8mg thanks to the doctors , Realized I was in deep trouble and slowly titrated down to 4 which was hellish and then stopped for a few years . I then began my titration to completely get off of the 4 mg 10 years ago. Not an issue at all and stepped off at .25mg and within a month or so all hell broke loose and I tried to stay with it but it got the best of me when I landed in the hospital. Reinstated at 4 mg and have held until now. I am now 64 and feel that this is my last chance. The klonopin isn’t working. I have many issues as a result. Neuropathy in feet and fingers, heavy sweats, feeling like bees are stinging me all over my body and tinnitus that comes and goes especially when anxiety flares up. If its not working as in my brain wants more like it did last time and I am in pain now and seeing it worsening. I am getting very little sleep and my adrenals are not doing well. What else can I do. So, wish me luck. Any help or advice would be seriously appreciated. I wish all of you the best life can offer.

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