Do you need to go blind in order to join Heather Ashton’s benzo cult?

Freaking out
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The side effects have gotten a little too much for me this week because they are hitting areas that are huge triggers – my eyesight. I’m an artist and design for a living. I’ve been able to work throughout this ordeal but now things are complicated because I have visual snow. I need to go for an eye exam to rule out actual eye damage, but eye exams are a huge stressor for me. I have fainted in my last two exams, and that was WITH Klonopin. What the heck do I do now? My fear is actually enough for me to want to skip out on the appointment completely which I know is stupid but I don’t want to faint. I don’t know what to do or how to cope right now. I cried hysterically earlier. The exam isn’t until Thursday morning.

Re: Freaking out
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I cancelled my appointment. I can’t do it :(

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  1. My name is Marc Starr and I am a benzo survivor and have taken a 3 year reprieve from Facebook, Benzo groups and forums, basically trying to get what’s left of my life back together. I recently needed to get some information to help a loved one whom is in dire straights of severe benzo withdrawal and clicked on this webpage because it wasnt around, or maybe I just simply didn’t notice it back when I was hanging on by a thread, years ago……SMH, this is such a waste of my energy…. I just want to know whom wrote “Do I need to go blind in order to join Heather Ashton’s benzo cult? “. it says posted by Helper. I just want to know whom you are trying to help, that is all. One thing I learned in my struggle to sanity is that time and energy are very valuable and I have divulged my 14 minutes of time and energy to Cesspool of Madness, and that is 14 minutes I can never get back. Best of luck to you, nothing but positive vibes to all involved with this website for this website lives up to it’s name…..Cesspool of Madness. The sad thing is way back years ago there was a certain person trying to falsely join different benzo groups and basically just completely try to mess with group members with their poor, injured, weak but healing brains……Bless you all and happy Healing, and oh yes it can be done, I did it. Thanks for your time and attention- Sincerely, Marc Starr, why be anonymous if nothing to hide lol- Peace

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