Benzo Buddies member: site 90% negative doom and gloom

Questions for those who are healed? A more positive section to add?
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Is there a specific place that members can post questions SPECIFICALLY to those who have healed?
I have not been coming here for support/encouragement as much lately because (for obvious reasons – nobody is to blame) it’s all VERY negative and gloom and doom here.
Why is that? Well, because 90% of the people here are suffering. Everyone wants to (understandably) be heard and discuss their journey/symptoms/suffering.
However, the encouragement from success stories and the sprinkling of responses from those who are healed are TRULY a blessing.
For me though, if I post a question about a symptom I have and get 12 responses from people who are “2 years out” or “36 months out” and still suffering from that symptom, it tends to throw me into a panic. So I don’t post or ask much anymore.
And if I go into a forum specifically for my “symptom” (for example: anxiety)… even just the topics that are listed can throw me into a wave for days.
It would be AMAZING to have a positive place besides success stories to get support and encouragement.
And I would hope to think that once my healing is complete I would participate in this positive section and encourage others through their journey as much as I possibly could.


6 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies member: site 90% negative doom and gloom

  1. Benzo Buddies is an electro magnet for narcissistic personalities. I’ve seen so many members arrive to gain insight into benzo withdrawals and end up being broken down & destroyed by the negativity & infighting, myself included. I’d be lying if I said I’d only contributed good things to the Forum. I made some awful mistakes that I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have made them had I not stayed there for so long.

    The farther away from the drama I’ve travelled the more equilibrium & sanity I’ve rediscovered and my experienced recommendation – having been a member & team member – to anyone still posting there is to talk to trained & accountable medical professionals. Most doctors, especially in the UK, are aware of the peer-reviewed science and are able to see the bigger picture of your overall health. They’re objective.

    Pound for pound it’s the safest way to withdraw, not only medically but also because you won’t be dragged down by the endless stream of psychiatric patients who espouse pseudoscience & conspiracy theories.

    If you’re on benzos to begin with the chances are you’re living with far more than a simple benzo dependency and your psychoemotional state isn’t helped in the long run by the culture of misery & pseudoscience.

    At first it’s a relief to find you’re not alone, I get that, but the reality is that many members aren’t there to heal, they’re there to stay sick, and they want to ensure that you validate their sickness by convincing you that you’re the same as they are.


  2. Benzo Buddies is bad for your health. These people are convinced any and every symptom for any amount of time is due to benzo withdrawal and constantly assure eachother that it’s ‘just withdrawal’. “My leg is numb” -> ‘oh its just withdrawal, you’re healing well, time is the healer.’. Meanwhile this prevents the members from seeing doctors and getting real medical treatments for whatever is actually causing their neurological deterioration. They could have cancer and not know it. Diseases fester undiagnosed and untreated for years and enter into a late stage untreatable form. Benzo Buddies is a public health crisis.

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