2 thoughts on “Kooks panic after out of control anti-psychiatry trolls force Bliss to close her practice

  1. I’m on Benzo buddies and am suffering terribly from benzos.
    But I just stumbled accross this site today and find it hilarious! Your headlines on the drama is great lol

  2. Her “practice”? 🤔

    Anyway, IIRC threatening to kill people is still illegal in America so if it’s true she’s being targeted like she says she is then she should report it to the Police.

    “Certainly she was not in it for the money because the membership was so low..”

    Er, yes, it was, otherwise she wouldn’t have been charging money for a service she could have given for free. Charging someone for helping them through a rough time isn’t an act of benevolence.

    Think about that. ✌️

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