Benzo Buddies censors Dr. Jenn’s LAST EVER workshop

Jennifer leigh's acceptance workshop
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Hey All

I went through Jennifer Leighs Acceptance workshop this month and it was really helpful in trying to dial down my panic and it was great having her posting a 10-30 minute live video every morning to start the day. Helped with my morning monophobia.

The course work has a large amount of content, and I filled a lot of a notebook with the interesting points of view.

She takes an angle of not concentrating on ruminating on symptoms and timelines and concentrates on positivity and spirituality.

$55 for the whole month in December and it’s her last one.

I have to highly recommend!

Please spare the critical critique of Jen and Bay on this post, this is just my personal experience with this workshop and I realize that many of you do not see this type of support as helpful. thank you.

edit: commercial link deactivated. Commercial links are not allowed.
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Dr. Jenn and Baylissa both victims of threats from vicious benzo withdrawal community

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