Benzo Buddies brainwashes members into believing benzo withdrawal causes baldness

What can help hair loss?
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Hi, I think we have established that these medications and tapering off them can cause hair loss. Is there anything you know of that can counteract this? I’m drinking tons of water, eating well and taking a hair vitamin. Also exercising and trying to get enough rest. And taking better care of my hair. But anything else you know of or specific supplements that can cut this off at the pass? Hairs are coming out like crazy and it’s getting more and more difficult to mask the thin areas. Relatively speaking my hair is probably the least of my worries but I would like to keep it. Thanks all!

Re: What can help hair loss?
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I spoke to a Baylissa. She said she went completely bald on top of her head and it grew back once WD was over.

Ashton tapers cause female baldness

Amazing real photo of hair loss due to benzo withdrawal (adults only please)

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