Cult blames Big Pharma for incarceration of benzo community member related to synthetic marijuana ring

Cult member: “Few common symptoms of benzo include OCD, and predetermined conduct and behaviour which are totally out of one’s character. This is often wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenia cause one has a real self and an obsessive self. Benzo does this. Paul proved himself, his real self, to the group. For those who were not there will never understand. It may be confusing and contradicting to many and a great disappointment too…it just shows how far benzo can lead one to self destruction and how much a benzo-warrior who went through doing stuff outside one’s character ends up in a conflict with strong impulsive intrusive thoughts during healing. Benzo!”

Benzo withdrawal community member sentenced to 46 months in prison for mail fraud, money laundering charges related to bath salts and synthetic marijuana trafficking ring

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