Benzo Buddies tells mentally ill drug addict NOT to go to the psych ward

Re: Mom wants me to go to the psyche ward...
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Quote from: [Buddie] on January 19, 2019, 07:19:22 pm
Hope you are holding up, […]. Things hit the fan here because all my cuts caught up with me in a really bad way, so I can definitely sympathize with what you are going through. I’m in a holding pattern because this has become too much to bear.

I hope you are doing ok. Sometimes life can be dealt with only 1 minute at a time.

I’ve also had an attempt in 2016, so I understand all too well. Stabilizing is the most important thing now. I am not tapering any further until these extreme thoughts subside a bit for me. It’s too much to bear for me at the moment, so that’s why I am holding.

Oh no! I hope you stabilize soon Lfree!!! It really is an awful feeling having those thoughts and I think the dp/Dr makes them somehow feel easier to accomplish (at least for me) like there were no consequences.
I had a bad day today, restarted an old drug for pain/ sleep and even though I was only off it for 2 weeks I think it’s hitting me hard. Migraine most of the day, just wanted to sleep and just felt unwell. But it’s also that ‘special’ monthly time AND I tried vaping CBD oil last night…so many things at play right now, we also had a snow storm (which flares my fibromyalgia)

Re: Mom wants me to go to the psyche ward...
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NO, don’t do inpatient, I did that twice and they poly drugged me to death. was so scary locked up with crazy people and an evil shrink. taper slow, u can do it

Re: Mom wants me to go to the psyche ward...
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[…], I hope you’ve been able to avoid the psych ward. It’s the absolute worst place for anyone in psych drug withdrawal as the people there have no clue what is wrong with you and only heap on more poisonous drugs. I’m so sorry for your suffering. Stay home regardless of how bad it gets….that’s the safest place to be, unless you are truly and actually in the process of trying to take your own life.

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  1. People with actual experience with benzos have more experience and researched knowledge than the doctors do. The advice NOT to go to the psych ward is the BEST possible advice you could have gotten, in almost every case scenario regarding benzo withdrawal. (Or in MANY other circumstances)

    I have 20 years experience, reading, and research. That very thing happened to my mom, and many others. The psych ward is easily the worst possible place for a benzo withdrawal. And it’s often a bad place to go for many mental illnesses. It’s far more stressful than being at home with the right medication and family support. The change towards living in a strange place with strangers alone is stressful even for someone without a mental disorder. There is almost always someone yelling, freaking out, and odd behaviors that would scare your child from the other patients. It feels similar to being in prison.

    If you live in one of the very few places on the entire planet where the psych ward actually UNDERSTANDS benzo withdrawal and how to do it properly, this would be the ONLY exception and this is almost NEVER the exception. The advice that they would get you addicted to a ton of other drugs while you were there is SPOT ON.

    That would be true whether you were there for withdrawals or not. But obviously I’m applying this to withdrawals since you’re talking about Benzos.

    They’d also most likely improperly try to take you off the Benzo without knowing what they were doing, causing you more harm than good. Almost no doctors understand benzo’s or how to properly get people off of them, and a psych ward is NOT equipped for this procedure. To properly get off of most psych drugs requires more time than you can spend in a psych ward.

    They will sometimes try ‘fast withdrawal’ methods which can traumatize or damage the patient. You WERE given the best general advice from what I can tell. And I don’t want you to believe me. Research, research, research. Ask people who have actually been through this stuff.

    I would never enter a psych ward again, under any circumstances. I’ve been there for friends and have been put in there myself. There may be some special exceptions, or some exceptional wards, but I can vouch for that person’s advice being generally true/good.

    Instead of hating on advice on the internet, if you think you, or someone you love, needs psychiatric help, or to be put in the psych ward. Research research research research. Find out what people are SAYING about your local psych ward, visit it, ask people with the same condition as the patient what their experiences were there, or read them online.

    I would STRONGLY suggest, that if you can find ANY other way to get help, especially if you can get help with a caregiver at home, and good medical advice, you are usually way better off.

    Use your best judgement, don’t believe anything I said just because I said it. Do the humble thing, and the right thing, think for yourself, but do NOT make assumptions without doing real research. The more specific your research the better. Like if you can get right down to knowing what the local ward is like where you LIVE, what happens there day to day, how patients cope, what kind of illnesses do better there, etc.

  2. I agree with Johny. Solid advice. I spent 5 days in a psych hospital six years ago. Voluntary admission. They had no clue what was going on with me. They kept me on benzos and put me on additional drugs. It was a long road but now I can clearly see my issues were all because of benzos. So sad, the place that should help is so often the worst option.

  3. At the psych hospital? I don’t know for sure. Generalized anxiety disorder I think. I had two 5 minute sessions with the psychiatrist during the 5 day stay. Why do you ask?

  4. You’re telling me the hospital prescribed you medication but don’t know the diagnosis? What medication did they prescribe, besides the benzodiazepines? Why did you go there in the first place? What was the problem? Why were you originally prescribed benzodiazepines?

  5. Originally prescribed benzos for insomnia. Went to psych hospital because of anxiety, depressoon, and insomnia. I can give you a list of medicatjons I’ve been prescribed over time if you’re interested. I don’t recall the exact medications I was on when I went into psych hospital and what they changed it to.
    Again, why do you ask?

  6. You said all your problems were related to benzodiazepines yet you were prescribed them for insomnia, pre-benzodiazepine use. That doesn’t make sense. You also toss around a lot of medical judgements, but offer zero proof for any of those medical claims, or, more importantly, that you have the professional credentials to make them. Are you a doctor?

  7. I had a bad experience with benzo use and withdrawal and a bad experience at a psych hospital. I didn’t know one had to be a doctor to express such things. What claims did I make that you would like proof for?

  8. You said all your problems were from benzodiazepines. Clearly, they weren’t because you had insomnia – and who knows what else – before you took a single pill. You can’t prove your anxiety, or depression, came from benzodiazepines. Unless you can post your medical records, and they back up your statements, you’ve got zip. Maybe telling bullshit stories, backed up by nothing, flies at the other places you frequent, but they don’t here.

  9. The psych ward is not a very beautiful place to be indeed, I can understand the trust issues. I went to a “medical psychology” facility and the handling of people and their problems were very different.

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