Five years wasted listening to the idiots at Benzo Buddies

Please help. What are my options?
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I recently had a nearly 5 year complete recovery interrupted by a massive flare up that sent me back into acute withdrawal. The recovery I made was beyond words. I was completely healed, and living an amazing life. I am 2 months into this flare up, and one thing is evident – I absolutely destroyed my recovery, and it almost feels as if I am starting entirely over again.

I am not entirely sure what caused the flare up.

I am absolutely broken – scarred by my massive post traumatic stress memories – making my doubt I can do this process over again.

What are my options? If my life were in danger, do I have any option of reinstatement?
I am 31 years old, and quite frankly doubting that I have any more time to fight through this process again.

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