Benzo Buddies member attacks Baylissa for fearmongering

Thoughts on Baylissa: hydroxicine, physiotherapy, could these hurt your taper?
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OK so I really like Baylissa, her energy, her book (although I’ll never understand why she did such a fast taper), and the way she overcame it and now is helping so many people. I was watching a youtube video by her and she says some people are not healing and they think they’re going everything fine but they’re doing stuff that hinders their taper, and she gives examples: alcohol, weed, (ok these are obvious), but then she says: antihistamines, physiotherapy, supplements of foods…

So apart from the gabapentin and the trazodone for sleep, I don’t sleep and the doctor said ok take hydroxicine too at night (antihistamine). And then as my muscles are so stiff I go once a week to a physiotherapist for deep tissue massage. So I think, oh great, so the hydroxicine and/or the physiothrapy could be what’s preventing me from stabilizing after my bad crash and updose (please no comments on kindling and tolerance, don’t want to hear it).

Any thoughts/experience on healing in spite of hydroxicine, psycotherapy, trazodone, gabapentin and a little ounce of chocolate some nights? I’ll skip the chocolate tonight for sure.

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