The nightmare that is Benzo Buddies

“William Steven and William Smith, you both are 100% correct. I was a member at BB for about a year. While I met some great people there, the majority were almost all anti-doctor, anti-psychiatry and extreme. It was so beyond sad when people were at the end of their rope and suicidal. If people got a chance nectar mod came along to stop the suicide posts, members were jumping in to say DUDE. STAY AWAY FROM PSYCHIATRY AND FOR FUCK’S sake do NOT ENTER A HOSPITAL TO SAVE YOU FUCKING LIFE. 🤬

Every damn thing in the world causes a ‘wave.’ From a sugar free candy to the wrong minerals in water. It’s so pathetically saddening. MADDENING. I began to buy into pushing through while I was having awful insomnia, depression to the point of suicidal ideation, all while going through family difficulties which were beyond heartbreaking and enough to level anybody, mentally healthy and the already distraught. For some reason I got caught up in the cult mentality and was, no matter what, going to finish my taper. That’s until I found myself literally thinking that death might be the way out of my misery over more losses in my life. I finally left that place and realized that I needed help. I reinstated my Benzo, although at 1/4 of my highest dose and started an antidepressant. I might not need these drugs forever, but by God I not only needed meds, but I needed to GTFO of that sewer of cultists and people who clearly presented as those in desperate need of meds themselves. Thank Christ I came to my senses, and perhaps if I’d never read anything on that site I’d have not ever thought of suicide. God help vulnerable people who join BB and buy into the crazy thinking there.”

3 thoughts on “The nightmare that is Benzo Buddies

  1. Sorry for the typos from typing on my phone. I just wanted to say that I’m literally weeping right now for the time I spent in a seemingly bottomless pit of depression and despair when it was totally unnecessary. Preventable. And my tears are not only from a standpoint of regret, but tears of relief for leaving that nut house of a “support” group, tears of happiness that I’m not only not suicidal, but I feel NORMAL. Productive. My tears also are for those entrapped on that website thinking there’s no way out of their profound misery and completely blinded by the cult mentality and complete bullshit that is touted as truth on BB.

  2. This sounds so familiar. My girlfriend is in a similar predicament and things seems to go worse as they go along. There’s nothing I can say because that’ll make me the enemy. I already àm the enemy to all of her benzo friends.
    It’s a cult, people. It took me some time to face it but we’re talking here about a cult.

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