CNN accused of hit job ahead of fearmongering benzo special

6 thoughts on “CNN accused of hit job ahead of fearmongering benzo special

  1. Damn. Timothy got slayed by people who posted on his tweet. People with attitudes, perhaps because of paradoxical effects of Benzos or abused them, OR people who blame benzos for ALL of their problems just need to STFU and stay in their lane. It’s fucking ridiculous that the miserables attack anybody who has benefitted by being prescribed benzos. The only way benzos “destroyed” my life was a hell of a too fast taper after being on them for 21 years, and listening to the crazy folks saying keep on tapering and gut it out so you can “HEAL.” Also, “it’s sad that you’re having suicidal, black depression and can barely function, but don’t touch an antidepressant…STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS.” FUCK EVERY SINGLE MEMBER TELLING OTHERS WHO ARE SUFFERING TO NOT GET TREATMENT, ESPECIALLY WITH DRUGS. DRUGS SAVE LIVES.

  2. You know what. One more thing. People who got off or are getting off benzos and are suffering 100% of the time as can be seen over and over and over on BB blaming the benzo as if they were 100% fucking healthy, mentally and physically when they were prescribed benzos. I think the majority are either lying or are in denial about their mental illnesses. Who the fuck, seriously, is prescribed a benzodiazepine when they don’t have a problem of some sort to begin with besides maybe an addict who saw unscrupulous doctors?? UGH. How many times did I see “Oh I was completely fine until I took a benzo; now my life is RUINED.” Miserable, posting every day how bad life is post benzos. Just before I left that nut house I literally read a post by a woman who claimed to have been completely off of her benzo for NINE YEARS, then claimed she had been “throw back in to acute withdrawal again. NO YOU DID NOT. YOU ARE NOT IN BENZODIAZEPINE WITHDRAWAL UNLESS YOU TOOK THEM AGAIN AND STOPPED. Makes my brain feel like it’s imploding to think of all the madness spewed on BB. SAD AF!

  3. Lisa Ling needs to be informed about the other side of the “benzodiazepine crisis” i.e. the doctor / psychiatry bashing, the relationship to Scientology, the cult aspects of the various groups.

  4. You obviously have no idea what benzo withdrawal is and the inhumane suffering that goes with it. You also don’t understand that you can have a setback in withdrawal symptoms that can occur several years later after stopping the drug. I know it because I lived it. You denying the suffering of others is not only disgusting but dangerous. We live with an invisible illness and bravo to Lisa Ling for showing the torture and suffering these poor people on the special endured. If you don’t feel compassion for the hundreds of thousands suffering from benzo injury, you have no heart.

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