Kook’s healing freaks him out, wants to suffer more

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Bob7, I’ll be curious to read what you find about salt and sleep.

I’m going to read about taurine again.

Have any of you been switched from the TEVA brand .125 orally dissolving to the PAR Pharmaceuticals brand? This may sound strange, but I’m sleeping TOO well with this change and feel like I have up-dosed. Not good! I’d rather have a harder time and know I am reducing my intake of K. than to do better because I have up-dosed.

10/17: Began taper from 1mg Klonopin, 100 mg gabapentin
5/19: Tapered too quickly near end to .062 Klonopin, stopped Gabapentin
6/19: Up-dosed to .125 Klonopin, 200 gabapentin, given 50 mg Seroquel
8/19: Stopped Seroquel
9/19: .125 klonopin, 125 mg Gabapentin
9/30/19:.125 Klonopin, 100 mg Gabapentin

One thought on “Kook’s healing freaks him out, wants to suffer more

  1. For God’s sake. I never ever felt any differently when my brand got switched. The active ingredients can vary from pill to pill +/- 20%. When I was tapering and was barely sleeping I had mild to moderate SI and depression, I would have killed to sleep “too well.” But when you’re BB member, you’re probably already a bit hyper aware of sxs, then you can VERY EASILY become absolutely obsessed with every real or perceived mental or physical change: even slight. Especially if you have health anxiety as so many of these people have? You get sucked right in and there you are being even MORE hyper focused and miserable. I wish that entire website could be wiped off the Internet for good. If there’s 5% good on BB, it doesn’t make up for the utterly insane 95%.

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