Benzodiazepine Information Coalition labeled pharma apologists by Benzo Buddies member

What happened to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?????
« on: November 14, 2019, 03:20:28 am »


talk about a complete reversal in messaging

Yes, Benzos Help Some: That Doesn’t Justify Ignoring Patient Safety

Am I just not understanding this? I’m seeing more and more support for staying on benzodiazepines in places that used to be about getting off benzos. I’ve even seen it on this forum where people are saying I want to stay on benzos. Well, if you want to stay on them, why on earth would you be on benzobuddies???? This is one of the few places that recognizes the harm caused by benzos and I don’t think we need pharma apologists. Let’s face it, pharma is more than adequately represented in other places.

Very few people end up here because they were taking drugs illegally. They were prescribed by a medical professional.

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