Benzo kooks try to hijack Jordan Peterson’s suffering

6 thoughts on “Benzo kooks try to hijack Jordan Peterson’s suffering

  1. How are they hijacking his suffering? Are there comments to this article or something that I’m not seeing. Just curious what you mean.

  2. Who is all knowing? My doc is the one that prescribed me benzos for sleep for about a decade. Do I think he was knowingly hurting me? I do not but more information is available today and I don’t think he’d take the same course as we did in 2008. I can’t speak for every doctor and there are certainly some bad things that go on behind the scenes but if I thought the entire game was entirely rigged against me I might as well give up entirely…..I’m sure Jordan Peterson had a similar experience.

  3. Still don’t know what you mean by hijacking his suffering. I hope he recovers and then adds his experience to the discussion of dangers of benzos. Maybe you’ll post examples of what you’re talking about.

  4. Go to Benzo Buddies, and see the numerous threads on the subject. If you can’t understand my point after that I can’t help you.

  5. From what I have seen it has been ppl who have not experienced benzo WD who have been cruel about Peterson’s suffering.

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