12 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson: “antidepressants can be absolutely miraculous”

  1. “…and therefore benzos are 100% safe and effective for everyone, everywhere, everytime.” Maybe that will be his next video.

  2. william smith – Exactly. My post was an attempt to mock the relevance of posting this video on a website dedicated to bashing people who have been negatively affected by benzos. It will be interesting to see what happens with Jordan Peterson. I see his twitter is now linking to information about the dangers of benzos.

  3. David, this website is – contrary to your belief – not intended or dedicated to bashing people who have been negatively affected by benzos. It is dedicated to expose dangerous behaviour on the internet, such as self-diagnosis, causing hysteria, inducing people with fear, spreading scientifically unfounded theories (and practices) and thereby endanger the lives of people that otherwise would be doing great on their medication. And please, if anyone wants to react, I said ON their medication. Not “tapering” or “stopping” their medication.

  4. So, everyone does great ON benzos then they stumble across Benzo Buddies and all hell breaks loose?

  5. Majority of patients? The majority of patients recover from coronavirus with no problem. Many don’t even know they had it. How is that an argument?

  6. I just stated a simple fact. There’s no argument. There are tens of millions of people on benzodiazepines, and the majority of them do fine coming off the drug. There are a few hundred people at Benzo Buddies – we’ve no idea what landed them there, what their medical diagnoses are, what other drugs they’re on, whether they abused benzodiazepines, and/or other drugs/alcohol etc. In addition, quite a few Benzo Buddies members appear to be mentally ill. I’ve seen members state that chewing gum, and other harmless foods, sent them over the edge; hairspray too. It’s a madhouse.

  7. No, David, not everybody is doing great and is shouting hooray every day ON benzos, but most people on benzos, even the “difficult cases”, are doing BETTER on benzos than off benzos or trying to taper for ninety million years.

    I sometimes ask myself if you’ve read the “about” here on the site, David. For it really says it all. Of course its not an optimal situation being on a drug that is as addictive (to some) as benzos, but how in hell do you come to the conclusion that joining an online forum full of people (you don’t even know) that do nothing else but increasing each other’s fears ond worries day in day out, will help this situation in any way?

    I give you this advice which helped me a lot. Stay away from such groups. And experience the miracle happening. It will not happen at once. It will need time. But the more time you spend away from the constant hive-droning of “benzos will kill you but coming off them will torture you forever”, the better you will get. The more control you will get back over your live. Wheter it is ON benzos or in withdrawal. If you keep listening to this destructive sermon, you will end up getting exactly what is preached there: endless suffering and anxiety.

    Try it. Stay offline from all these “support-groups” for maybe 2 months, or longer, just talk to normal people about normal stuff, visit family, friends, DON’T make benzos or an addiction/dependancy the centerpole of your existance and then see what happens. Stop the obsession and regain the freedom you need. Then you can decide of your own volition if you want to stay on a certain dose, or whatever is working for you, or if you will want to get off them and you will see how that (miraculously) works.

    Shared suffering is double the suffering, shared anxiety, hypochondry and so forth is double the anxiety and hypochondry. If you want that: stay on the “support” groups, and you’ll still be stuck 20 years later. If you live then. Living is about getting and being well TODAY.

  8. I will say this. I got caught in the benzo world. My doctor 4 years ago prescribed Ativan for me daily. I didnt know what it was cause well, I didn’t. After a while it quit working and he upped the dose and i soon found myself “needing” more. After my doctor retired i found a new doctor who was shocked by the amlunt of Ativan i was on a day. When i expkained how i felt he said quit frankly “you are addicted.” I thought i could quit just taking them. I over estimated that you couldn’t. So with my doctor’s help, I got clean. It took 9 months.

    I stumbled across Benzo Buddies after googling “benzo online support groups.” OMG. Well, at first they are loving and supportive when you are a newbie. Then all hell breaks loose. That site is fear driven. I would spend multiple hours a day (at the time i was a stay at home mom and helping care for my aging parents). I would support and post my own journey. Everything that happened i would attribute to withdrawal and im sorry to say i was one of the Kooks. One day, about 7 months into my doctor guided “healing” I broke down because i was having a bad day and i said 8 needed a break from my child. The responses i got were horrendous. One person even commented that i should do like them and put my child up for adoption cause i couldnt heal and be a mother. Its impossible.

    That day I realized that the amount of time and kookiness on that site was not actually helping my mental state. My fascination was my downfall. So, i sat down, blicked the website from every device i could, and started making banana bread. I made some sort of bread everyday for the remainder of my “coming clean.”

    Its been almost 3 years now since i came off Ativan. Had i not lustened to my doctor and had not used judgement to walk away from those idiots..id still be on them in fear.

    F*ck sake. It might have bern easier if i just started baking as a distraction. I know my previous doctor meant no harm putting me on them. Probably should have paid attention more. But what counts today is that I’m “clean.” The only thing during that time is that I develiped tinnitus that doesnt go away. But im all good! Stay away from Benzo Buddies. Listen to your Doctor. And in like any situation, if you arent satisfied or unsure, get a second opinion. Dont be me and get trapped in that “support group.”

  9. My path to recovery post benzos was not affected one bit by reading of experiences of others. I appreciate the existence of Benzo Buddies, because without it I would never have figured out what was actually happening.

    Isn’t the bigger problem in a case like Becca’s that one doctor can prescribe a certain amount of Ativan and another doctor can be shocked by the amount? I think you would have recovered whether you read posts on a website or not, but you would still be in a world of hell if you didn’t stumble upon a new doctor. I’m sure you’ve thought about that. Probably have posted about also.

  10. And Becca, your tinnitus your tinnitus might still go away. I see continued improvements, especially in sleep and overall cognitive health even after 6 years.

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