Coronavirus sends recovered addict back into full-blown withdrawal

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I went through a hellish benzo withdrawal between 2015-2017. Anxiety was through the roof during withdrawal. I got to benzo free and recovered. 100% better by 2019. Living and enjoying life again, travelling the world, making exciting future plans. In fact I’d say 200% recovered, since going through benzo withdrawal hell (like going through cancer or something like that) taught me what’s important (relationships, people, doing good in the world) and what’s not important (money, career, status) and thus not worth stressing over.

Then in January 2020, a virus crossover happened. Actually it happened earlier, maybe Nov 2019, but Jan 20 2020 is when I learned of it. I remember vividly because I was traveling at the time, en route from Montego Bay to Toronto to Boston. “Oh f***” I thought. “This is BIG” I knew, although our idiot world leaders seemed clueless. You see, I have some education, Harvard, mathematics/biology. I knew the potential disaster that might be coming.

Headed somewhere safe, started stockpiling/preparing. This was in January. In U.S. (Boston area). Ignored ridicule of co-workers and acquaintances (“You are a fool. Trump says there is no danger…”). F***ing morons (Trump included).

So here we are. End of March 2020. I am SCARED and ANXIOUS just as bad as I was in full-blown benzo withdrawal. Even if safe myself, I am OVERWHELMED with grief and sadness knowing that loved ones and millions of unknown others like them are right now huddled in fear and isolation all over the world, many unable to prepare as I have (too poor, living in slums, etc etc). Back when I was travelling i.e. Before The World Changed, I made this video in downtown Kingston Jamaica. Later went back and put it on YouTube with the caption “what if coronavirus gets *here*?”. Well, guess what? It *is* there. It is everywhere. The girl in the video is scared. I am scared.

In these times, we are all in benzo withdrawal.

Peace and love,

Richard a.k.a. chessplayer

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus sends recovered addict back into full-blown withdrawal

  1. Benzo withdrawal is rough but why do these people think the return of anxiety symptoms is withdrawal? It’s just anxiety if you’ve gonna a long time with a drugs and felt fine. You’re just anxious.

  2. Actually, if you read what the guy says, he’s not saying it’s withdrawal. I don’t think it would be a helpful post for anyone in actual withdrawal, but he does say “just as bad as I was in full-blown withdrawal”.

  3. To be fair the guy didn’t say “BACK in withdrawal,” but you wouldn’t need to read there long enough before you run across, say, a post by a woman claiming that *9 years* after ceasing benzodiazepines, she was thrown back into full-blown withdrawals, but hadn’t taken another benzo. Wtf?

    More similar to this. It’s batshit insane there.

  4. @Dennis Why do these people think the return of anxiety symptoms is withdrawal? Because its an easy way out for them. This way, they can blame everything that is dysfunctional in their minds on the ‘evil benzos’. Otherwise they’d have to admit to themselves that they are mentally ill and in need of psychoactive drugs to function in an acceptable way. They’d have to act responsible and rational and that’s clearly the last thing the wanna do.

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