Benzo Buddies maniacs want to deny dying people anti-anxiety medication

anti-anxiety medication is palliative care for corona-virus
« on: April 16, 2020, 07:31:32 pm »


Per this article,

This could mean a COVID-19 patient is left with a difficult decision: Would you prefer palliative care or life-support? Palliative care for coronavirus typically involves an oxygen mask, morphine and anti-anxiety medication to ease breathing.

Life support, on the other hand, can include a feeding tube, dialysis, transfusions and mechanical ventilation, a grueling experience that requires heavy sedation.”

All options seems pretty bad. I wonder how one can say no to anti-anxiety medication (which I believe in benzos only)

2 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies maniacs want to deny dying people anti-anxiety medication

  1. Dying people with IVs jutting out everywhere, tubes down their throats to their stomachs, proned, intubated and with tubes in their asses to keep feces from destroying the skin—yeah these people or people nearly this sick-yeah them? Pretty sure they can’t summon up ONE FUCK TO GIVE about whether they are getting benzodiazepines!

  2. Seems like nobody is too sick or suffering not to be sacrificed on BenzoBuddies altars of madness.

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