Taper leaves Benzo Buddies member bedridden for three years

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Hey guys

Has anyone experienced being severely bedridden with extreme muscle atrophy and deconditioning? For the last 3 years I would estimate I’ve been stuck in bed Probably 98% of the time. Aside from making quick easy meals and coming close to passing out, and short trips to the bathroom, that is the only time I’m not recumbent. My mobility problems stem from severe POTS like symptoms and pain. My head also feels really unstable on my spine when I walk.

Can anybody out there relate to this?

2 thoughts on “Taper leaves Benzo Buddies member bedridden for three years

  1. I had the same thing as this . SAME THING . However I think mine came from being so sick 5 years from tapering that crap . Then in acute I could barely sit up .I thought it would not be so bad but it was . My family however FORCED me to get up , POTS and all and mine was BAD . They would walk and walk and walk me . One of my legs wasted worse than the other so it looks weird but I kept on . I am 2.35 years off now an walk 6 miles a day an hike , some of these people wont get out of bed then complain that things are worse. The bedridden issues can happen very quickly to anyone . You have to get up even if you dont want too . Some of these people refuse to get up . I see it daily there , especially on he protracted board .

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