Non-alcoholic beer, and MSG sausage, cause horrible wave

NA Beer, possible wave?
« on: September 24, 2020, 02:15:38 pm »

I’ve been feeling better lately. I decided to try a non-alcoholic Beer because I like the taste of beer. I have ZERO desire to drink alcohol. ZERO. I don’t plan to drink alcohol for at least 5 years once I’m healed, if at all.

Anyway, the beer was great, very tasty. But a few hours after drinking it, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling, very window-like. I felt really good. That night my sleep was horrible with sweats. However, I did eat some sausage that gave me a MSG reaction previously (I forgot about this before eating it).

So I’m not sure if the small amount of alcohol in the beer triggered this reaction or if it was the MSG sausage. Any input/opinions?? Non-alcoholic beer has 0.5% alcohol. So 10 of these beers equal one “normal” beer at 5% alcohol. I’ve drank kombucha and other drinks with trace alcohol with no problem. I know nobody will have an answer, but I’m just wondering your experiences with low alcohol in products. Thanks.

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