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“I see now that the entire cult of Ashton is dangerous. As someone who drank their Kool-Aid for a few I am still shocked at what I’ve witnessed. Leaders who seem to be making money and stroking egos off sick people. Supporting drug dealers when they are anti rx drug I never understood. Fake healers everywhere. Sick people. Worse than keyboard warriors. They call themselves warriors at all is sick. Glad you do what you do.”

2 thoughts on “Comment from Benzo Buddies member

  1. The term warrior is for highly trained killers at war. Yet it is touted as an accurate description of them. Then there is the you are a True Warrior expression now. Just stop the bs people!
    I noticed you mentioned supporting a drug dealer. Yes that is B. i. C ‘s dirty little secret! His name is Paul C and he went to jail after being caught selling bath salts to kids. Convicted of money laundering. How is that acceptable for that organization to support such a creep?! They call themselves advocates? How about you advocate for those kids with melted brains from bath salts??
    The issue goes so much farther then benzo buddies.
    Another point is the Cult Leaders like Baylissa who says, only time will heal you. Really?? So just sit and wait for time to work it while she gets paid in the meantime. What a scam!!!

  2. And can’t forget to avoid “polydrugging”! Hey it only saved my life but I guess I should have listened to one kooky lady who has never met me and just believe time would heal everything!! Unreal.

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