Question: Why are all Benzo Buddies members afraid of MSG? Answer: Cult brainwashing.

MSG sensitivity: What symptoms ? How do you eat to avoid it ?
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Like many in WD, MSG really messes with me. I learned this early on when I had Chinese food a few times during withdrawal, and INSTANTLY got a migraine aura, and dizziness/vertigo. I think back to when I was in acute withdrawal. It really fired up my symptoms. Now, it still affects me with headaches, dizziness and insomnia.

I’ve never really tried cutting it out 100%. I know there’s a lot of it hidden it processed foods, and it’s in a lot of food. I’d like to put 100% effort into cutting it out of my diet, but the list is long. It’s almost easier to say: “What CAN I eat to avoid MSG?”

What’s symptoms do you get from consuming MSG?
How do you eat daily to avoid it?

Re: MSG sensitivity: What symptoms ? How do you eat to avoid it ?
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Back before my setback/cold-turkey when my only symptoms were GERD and 3AM cortisol surge, MSG would flare up my GERD. Now I avoid MSG like plague and dare not try. Honestly it’s not that hard to avoid MSG. There are even processed foods out there without it. They usually advertise it right on the box.

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