Thoughts destroying me. Better popping 2.5 V or starting Abilify?
« on: November 25, 2020, 11:16:34 am »


My intrusive thoughts were paralysing me since my day 8 from my most recent V cut. Then I increased Zoloft to 150mg and things are not better with me after one week from the raise.

I am starting to consider the “last resource” options as things are unbearable and I am also taking my family in all this.

I just want to chill. I can’t do anything the entire day, even rest in my bed or meditate is getting hard.

Given this, I am accepting taking half a pill of V and then doing a much more slower taper. Or then starting Abilify as two psychs want me to start. I wonder what is the less worse option.

Also… is it late to go back to 100mg of Zoloft? Is it worth going back? Have in mind that I am totally ok with having to taper my AD in the future and I am okay with extending the journey. If the therapeutic phase after some weeks has the power to control these intrusive thoughts so I am OK with waiting some more days to the “worsening before getting good” phase from ADs to pass.

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