Benzo Buddies member: Ashton is wrong

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While Ashton Manual states that alcohol in moderation and rescue doses (for dental treatments, surgeries, etc.) are fine, many members report anecdotal evidence of it causing setbacks. I myself have been thrown into full-on cold-turkey withdrawal by two-day benzo use. Some may be able to tolerate GABAergic disturbances like these just fine, but many aren’t and I find it irresponsible to have something like that in the Manual. There are people who were even setbacked by supplements, so it’s probably safer to avoid drug-strength stuff like benzos and alcohol.

From “The natural history of tolerance to the benzodiazepines” by A. Higgitt, P. Fonagy and M. Lader:
Benzodiazepines or cross tolerant drugs, substances such as alcohol should be avoided after discontinuation, even occasionally. These include the nonbenzodiazepines Z-drugs, which have a similar mechanism of action. This is because tolerance to benzodiazepines has been demonstrated to be still present at four months to two years after withdrawal depending on personal biochemistry. Re-exposures to benzodiazepines or cross tolerant drugs typically resulted in a reactivation of the tolerance and benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.

Now we know this is where that anecdotal rule of “three years of no symptoms” before you can safely drink alcohol comes from.

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