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Quitting my job
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Hey all
I can’t believe this is happening at 36 months. I’ve been steadily declining over the last 2 months and I’m to the point where I cannot push through it or work through it
It’s these eye symptoms. My eyes jump around so I can’t focus, which causes a lot of pain. Like 10/10 pain. Then they get dry and turn bright red and ache.
I can’t push through this one. My head bobs from side to side when I’m not moving. Like I’m constantly being shaken and then stabbed in the eyeballs.

My husband has a few job interviews later this week. And my parents are able to help a bit. Plus tax return money and maybe I’ll be able to get disability. If the doctor doesn’t believe wd I can at least try and get disability for “depression” or whatever I need to make up.

I don’t know why I’m getting worse. I did not drink alcohol or take any new medicine. This happened for no reason.

Anyway, Baylissa’s website reports a woman who got worse at 34 months and then was 100% healed by 41.

I just don’t think I’m fit to work right now. Which is really sad because I do love my job so much. So I’m heartbroken over this and I’ll be letting a lot of my clients down. They will be heartbroken too. And I’m in such a small community, I don’t guarantee they’ll fill my position anytime soon. My poor clients.
Apparently this is what god wants. He’s pushed me to the point where I cant get through it. He’s finally given me more than I can handle.
What’s extra sad is I have to lie about why I’m quitting. I have to tell them it’s depression or something because how do you explain this? If I had an actual medical issue everyone would understand and I’d have references to follow me and there’s no way I can explain this other than I’m not mentally well. Which is a f’n lie. I’m mentally fine.

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