Doctor appointment
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Hello Everyone. I just had a doctor appointment with my primary care physician. I felt that I needed to keep him informed with everything that has been going bad with me in the last month or so. As soon as I said that I’ve been taking Ativan for the last month, he was like oh boy, you are in for a rough road. And he said don’t expect me to help you out with that either. I said I wasn’t expecting you to help I just wanted to let you know what’s been going on with me. I said you are scarring the crap out of me – are you telling me I’m going to be in for a rough road for sure or is there a chance I might do ok with a taper. He said he couldn’t tell me for sure but to expect a rough road. He said good luck in finding someone to prescribe it. That is the last thing I needed to hear right now. My wife said he’s your PCP, he’s not your psychiatrist who prescribes the medicine. She said I know you are scared but try to block that out right now. Let’s wait to see what the psychiatrists say. Today was a better day until I got that comment from my PCP.

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