Kook wants to sue psychiatrist for $40 million dollars

I'm in the process of suing my old psychiatrist for 40 million dollars
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So I decided I’m not going to sit back and let doctors get away with what they do and I would rather get rich by getting the money I deserve. So I’m going to sue my old psychiatrist for 40 million dollars by getting a judgment against them in court.

It’s really not difficult, you just come up with a number for all of your time lost and income lost and all of the suffering and pain that you deserve compensation for oh, and you provide the proof and you ask for a jury instead of a judge. You go to the court and you file the paperwork with or without an attorney.

I called an attorney in the mountains where I used to live and I said I want their assistants to guide me through the legal lingo but I’m going to do it with or without them and they sound interested. I said I‘m going to sue for exactly 40 million dollars because I was on them for 20 years and I will need money for the rest of my life going forward as well so I’m asking for 20 million in the past and 20 million going forward.

I already have a great story for the jury and everybody will be on my side because nobody trusts the government or Psychiatry anymore. There’s nothing that Psychiatry can do about it and they’re going to get sued and I’m going to win whether they like it or not.

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  1. Ive tried to reason with this person on BB. They are in so much denial about mental illness and addiction and they won’t see their magical healing date until they come to grips with it and stop blaming a pill for every single problem in their lives.

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