Highlights of six page cult debate over Bliss

Re: Is consult with Baylissa helpful?
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I’m going to be a devil’s advocate here……. my opinion as I can tell from these responses is going to be very unpopular. I think it’s a waste of money. She’s going to reassure you that everyone heals and validate your withdrawal. Which you can get from reading success stories here and just speaking to people on this site going through the same things. She has been through it herself yes, but she’s still basing her beliefs on seriously outdated data. To me I find more pertinent information on my own by searching myself and coming across NEW more up to date scientific studies. Having said that. If you are someone who needs to physically hear it from someone than paying that ridiculous amount of money may be for you. It’s all on what you feel you need to help you through this time because it is for sure a definite struggle.

Re: Is consult with Baylissa helpful?
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I cannot remain silent about this any longer.

Baylissa Frederick is quite arguably the world’s foremost expert on psych med withdrawal, particularly benzodiazepine withdrawal. As […] stated, during the past 15 years, she has counseled over 8,000 people in all stages of withdrawal and withdrawal-related illness. There is no one on earth who has anywhere near her level of experience in this area. This vast experience allows her to hear your individual case and relate it to many others she has dealt with in the past.

It is absurd and ridiculous for […], or anyone else, to claim that Baylissa’s knowledge is out-of-date. Baylissa’s knowledge is completely current and as up-to-date as anyone’s out there, especially since much of what is known on this topic is a result of the work she herself is doing! Again, please provide references for your so-called “NEW, more up to date scientific studies” on benzo withdrawal. And you’ll need to do better than just give me some general reference to the ncbi website.

During the past several years, Baylissa has done so much pro bono work that she has almost gone out of business. She has had to take out personal loans and rework her fee schedule just to stay afloat. She has more people clamoring for free or near-free services than anyone can humanly handle. She barely makes enough money to keep her operation going. In fact, her fees actually fall below the industry standard for professional counseling. She has made a great deal of self-sacrifice in order to continue serving the enormous demands of the withdrawal community.

Whether or not you feel you benefit from speaking with Baylissa is your own opinion, and that cannot be argued. But I will oppose anyone who questions Baylissa’s expertise, her prices, and her selfless commitment to our community.

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