Spring allergies disable kook

Spring Allergies!!!!
« on: March 23, 2021, 10:11:20 pm »


Now that spring has sprung here the last few weeks, my regular allergies are through the roof!
I seem to be in more pain because of them now!

I hate taking antihistamines, but already had to start on Rantidine (H2 Blocker) and need to start Blexten (H1 Blocker) soon!

Not looking forward to what that will do for my poor sluggish colon!

Anyone else struggling with having more intense issues from regular allergies now?

Just having the window open is hell for me, going for my walk is extremely difficult now!

I feel like I have to isolate myself inside even more, and just wait, once summer hits, I won’t be able to take the heat, I don’t sweat properly anymore!

What else can we do to cope with this?

sniff, sniff

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