Taper damage permanent?

How do you keep hope alive of recovery after 26 months?
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Just struggling to keep hope alive will fully recover after 26 months off zop. Extreme mental symptoms, OCD type symptoms, anxiety, has only been really bad for 17 months after disasterous experiment with anti depressants. Am going through massive wave at moment due to family treating me like total crap which isn’t helping so feel like in I’m in acute. Even prior to that never had window or seemed to ever move forward or symptoms actually disappear. Trying desperately not get into mindset this is permanent but longer it goes on the more thoughts keep slipping in that might have to adjust to different life in the future. Everyone here making plans for when lockdown eases, whereas that’s impossible to even think about for me.

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  1. Anti depressants do not cause OCD, they treat it. I have been able to get through to a few people struggling with these symptoms but others are in denial about their OCD and refuse to get treatment for it. It’s very frustrating and now I’m accused of being a troll and harassing others because I’m trying to genuinely help people who don’t need to suffer this way.

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