Man losing everything to Benzo Buddies cult

My doctor set me back so much.....
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I have a doctor and a psychiatrist. Neither understand but my psychiatrist at least honors me. I cut from 3mgs to 2.5mgs three weeks ago. HORRIFIC… I saw doctor and decided to share my success….he didn’t share my enthusiasm. Told me best remedy is intense exercise. I’m 44 and I go to my mother’s on weekend and sleep. I used to have a wife home, competed in martial arts – boxing and Brazil Jiu Jitsu….now I’m lonely, sick, and tired….I feel like I’m going to lose my career… alone forever….I’m extremely extremely depressed today….no looking for sympathy. Just wanted to vent…. this is such a lonely process. My friends either don’t understand or don’t care or maybe they think I’m being dramatic or making excuses…

My doctor set me back….I work full-time..that’s all I can do..and barely. I’m sorry…..many of you have it much harder. I’m so sorry…..

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  1. He sounds like me. I was the same age when I cold-turkeyed off 3 mg K. Took eight years to get right. Luckily I had some funds to fall back on and could move back in with my parents for some of it. Lost wife, kids, career, but got it all back. Saul Goodman now. I hope he makes it. Don’t see how he’s losing everything to Benzo Buddies cult. Whatever.

  2. What are you talking about? What is the point of this idiotic site, besides praising the guy who invented addictive benzos?
    Please get hit by a bus.

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