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My impatient self is considering going inpatient again because I cannot stand the way I feel and want to rip this band aid off. Taking ativan and Valium right now but feeling like i’m never going to be able to find a stable dose because of how many times i’ve been messed around with my dosing, detox attempts and CT. The detox said they usually use phenobarbital and librium and I wouldn’t leave detox until I was stable there wasn’t a time table. It is the most reputable facility in my area. I asked to speak with someone from the medical team first before I committed to going so I do not get myself into a disaster where its a firm 4-7 days and just try to give you extreme dosages of seroquel for withdrawals like my past experiences. Does anyone know how librium compares to valium as far as sedation? I know librium has an extremely long half life.

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