90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

The Internet’s so-called benzodiazepine withdrawal support forums (i.e. cults) have super-long lists of possible benzo withdrawal symptoms. The list below attempts to bring those lists together in one giant super-sized list. It contain some duplicate symptoms. There are also symptoms that do not appear on the cult site’s lists such as fear of butter, or the proverbial McDonalds Filet-O-Fish sandwich that sent someone into a several month long wave, but 99% of the below symptoms are actually found on their sites.

The unfortunate benzophobic members of these so-called support sites are a combination of drug addicts, the untreated mentally ill, or simply dangerous lunatics (Flick). They’ve often been pressured by peers into stopping the very medications that have helped them lead normal lives. These sad people have been brainwashed into believing prescription drugs are a giant conspiracy designed by Big Pharma, doctors and psychiatry.

The cult’s spiritual mother – Prof. Heather Ashton – has fostered this gift to mankind. Thank you Prof. Ashton. Bravo.

Abdominal pains and cramp
Aching brain
Aching jaw
Aching joints
Aching muscles
Acute hyper excited state
Aggressive behaviour
Agitated sight
Allergic reactions
Allergic reactions to foods previously tolerated
Allergy & nasal symptoms exacerbated
Anal itch
Appetite – either loss of, or voracious appetite with constant desire to eat,
Arms and legs feel detached from body
Ataxia – can’t coordinate muscle movement
Back pain
Bad breath
Band around head
Benzo belly
Benzo flu
Bladder incontinence
Bladder irritation – feeling of having an infection or cystitis
Bleeding between menstrual cycles
Bleeding from the nose
Blepharospasm – eye twitches
Bloated stomach, distended abdomen,(benzo belly)
Bloated, diarrhea, constipation
Blood pressure fluctuations
Blurred vision
Blurred vision, seeing spots, flashes, vivid vision
Body feels like jelly
Body odour – stinking sweat
Body temperature fluctuations
Body temperature reading higher or lower than 98.6
Brachycardia – slow heartbeat/pulse
Brain buzzing
Brain moving within the skull
Brain quivers
Breasts – heavy, over-sensitive, swollen enlarged, painful
Breathing difficulties
Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Buildings appear to be leaning
Burning along the spine
Burning sensation around the mouth
Burning tongue
Butt twitches
Buzzing, burning, tingling limbs
Buzzing feet (ask Hope-Fiend)
Changes in perception (faces distorting and inanimate objects moving)
Changes in skin colour, tone, texture
Chemical sensitivities
Chest tightness
Chills – (can feel like the heebie-jeebies you get when viewing a scary movie)
Choking spouse or relative
Cognitive impairment
Cracked and sore lips
cramping in stomach
Craving for sweets and sugary foods
Crying jags
Cucumber smell
Cuts and abrasions take weeks to heal
Dark circles under the eyes
Decaying teeth and gums
Demented and murderous thoughts
Demonic possession
Dental pain
Depersonalisation (a feeling of not knowing who you are)
Difficulty in writing slowly
Difficulty swallowing
Difficulty writing or holding a fork, due to muscle weakness
Difficulty writing
Discharge from the breasts
Distended abdomen
Distortions or hallucinations
Dizziness – in general, or a feeling like you are falling off the couch/chair/bed
Double vision
Dry mouth
Dry throat, sore tongue, and thrush
Dry, itchy skin
Dry, tickly cough
Dyspepsia (indigestion)
Dysphagia (difficulty eating or swallowing)
Dysphoria (inability to feel pleasure or happiness)
Dyspnea (breathing difficulty)
Earache, and sinus problems,
Electric shock feelings
Emotional blunting – can’t receive or give
Encopressia (faecal incontinence)
Esophageal spasms
Exercise – exacerbating all benzo symptoms
Extreme cold
Extreme lethargy
Extreme thirst
Extremely disturbed
Extremely nervous and jumpy
Eyes – sore, tired, seeing floaters, spots, itchy
Falling hair
Fatigue, leaden heaviness
Fear of being a burden or unlovable
Fear of being alone
Fear of butter
Fear of dying
Fear of food (cipophobia)
Fear of insanity
Fear of losing control
Fear of mayonnaise (see Colin)
Fear of MSG
Fear of never recovering
Fear of sane people
Fear of Tom Jones
Fear of water
Faeces – appears abnormal looking
Feeling bloated
Feeling like the ground is moving beneath you, as if on a cruise ship or boat
Feeling of extreme cold
Feeling of impending doom
Feeling of vulnerability
Feelings of shaking inside and out
Feelings of shame, despite realizing this was all accidental and not your fault
Feelings of the spirit being out of synchronization with the body
Feelings of unrealityfeelings of worms under scalp
Female ejaculation or incontinence during orgasm
Fingernail problems – median nail dystrophy (line/ridge down the centre)
Fluctuations in blood pressure
Flu-like symptoms
Formication (sensations of bugs crawling on skin)
Fuzzy feeling in head
Gait disturbance – hard to walk straight
Glassy eyes
Goosebumps – very visible to the eye
Grinding teeth
HAJ phobia
Hair – loss, thinning, dullness
Hallucinations (auditory and visual)
Headaches – mild or severe
Head spins around like Linda Blair
Heart palpitations, pounding or racing heart
Heavy arms, legs and head
Heavy pounding heart
Holding onto the walls in the shower
Hot flashes
Hurts to wear clothes, a car seat-belt
Hyper sensitive (unable to watch the news, see films, read the newspaper),
Hyperacusis – profound hearing sensitivity, hurts to talk on the phone, music, etc.
Hyperosmia (sensitive sense of smell)
Hyperreflexia (‘jumpiness’)
Hypersensitivity to being touched
Hypersensitivity to light, sound, and other stimuli
Hypersensitivity to stress
Hyperventilation (over breathing)
Hypnologic (hallucinations, sleepwalking)
Hysterical and inappropriate laughter
IBS – irritable bowel syndrome
“I ate a McDonalds Filet-O-Fish sandwich and it sent me into a month long wave of Hell!”
Impacted bowels
Impairment of motor coordination
Inability to comprehend the simplest things
Inability to concentrate
Inability to cope with a lot of information
Inability to draw a satisfying breath
Inability to make a decision
Inability to read or write
Incontinence, frequent or urgent need to urinate, unable to hold or pass urine
Increased saliva
Intense fuzzy feeling in the head
Intense jaw pain
Intrusive thoughts
Iris in eyes changes colour
Irrational rage
Jaw, tooth, neck and shoulder aches and pains
Jaws clamped together
Jerking when eating fast food
Jerks in arms, legs and/or fingers
Joint aches and pains
Jumping toe
Lack of concentration
Lack of coordination
Left/Right-sided symptoms
Legs arms and head very heavy
Leukonychia (whitening of nails)
Libidinal changes – variances in sex drive
Loss of balance
Loss of concentration
Loss of confidence
Loss of control of movement
Loss of interest in people and/or things
Loss of judgement
Loss of memory
Loss of mind
Loss of sanity
Loss of self respect
Loss of taste or metallic taste
Loss or changes in appetite
Lung pain
Memory problems – short term
Menstrual problems (painful periods, irregular periods, cessation of periods)
Mild hypertension
Mood swings
Morbid thoughts
Mouth and tongue soreness
Muscle spasms
Muscle tone, wastage
Muscle wastage
Muscle weakness
Muscles locking and rigidity
Muscular aches, pains, cramps, spasms
Muscular rigidity
Nausea, flu like symptoms
Nervous ticks or twitches
Neurological problems – topical nerve anaesthesia
Night apnea
Night sweats
Nose bleeds
Numbness – around the face, mouth or any other part of the body
Numbness, pain
Obsessive behaviour
Oedema – especially face or ankles
Orgasm changes – big setbacks after orgasms
Outbursts of rage or aggression
Over breathing
Painful rectum
Painful scalp
Pains in neck and shoulders
Pains in temple
Pains in the chest
Pains in the lungs
Panic attacks
Paraesthesia (numbness, tingling)
Passing gas continually
Penis and testicle sensitivity
Persistent, unpleasant memories
Perspiring, night sweats
Phobias (hydrophobia, agoraphobia, monophobia)
Pins and needles
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Premature menopause
Premature wrinkling around the eyes and face
Problems of decaying teeth
Psychotic symptoms – usually transient and confined to rapid withdrawal,
Pupils of eyes become minute
Pushing away friends
Racing thoughts
Rajchel phobia
Rapid blinking of the eyes
Rapid changes in body temperature
Rapid mood changes
Rapid weight loss
Ray Nimmo mania
Rashes and blotches on skin
Rectal irritation
Recurring mild sore throat
Repetitive thoughts
Restless legs in bed at night
Saliva running from the mouth at night
Scalp pain and burning
Screwing up of the eyes
Seeing mike59 in dreams (nightmares)
Seeing spots before the eyes
Seizures (fits)
Sensation of brain moving within the skull
Sensitive or painful teeth
Severe cramping in the stomach
Severe headaches
Severe muscle rigidity
Sexual problems – no sex drive or ultra high sex drive
Shaking – inside or out or both
Sharp throbbing pain in the wrists
Shivering – feelings of extreme cold or hot
Short-term memory impairment
Sinus pain
Skin problems – dry, itchy, rashes, slow healing, tickling, burning
Smell problems – everything smells bad
Smelling bad, but only to you
Sore and tired eyes
Sore mouth and tongue
Speech difficulties
Stomach cramps
Suicidal feelings
Swallowing difficulties
Sweaty feet
Swollen breasts
Teeth – pain, throbbing, sensitivity, feel like they are falling out, grinding
Tension between eyes
Thinking you are dying
Thinking you have some awful disease other than benzo withdrawal
Thrush-like symptoms
Thyroid disturbances
Tickling and itching
Tight band around the head
Tight band around the legs and ankles
Tightness in the chest
Tightness in the head
Tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the ears)
Tiny pupils
Toe and finger nails change colour
Tongue – sore, burning
Total loss of confidence
Toxic naps – feeling worse upon wakening
Tremor or feeling of inner vibration
Twitching followed by jerking
Twitching of the head
Unable to walk
Under-eye puffiness
Unusually sensitive (unable to watch the news on television or read the newspaper)
Urinary problems (continence or incontinence)
Vaginal discharge, or extremely dry or wet vagina
Vaginal itch
Visual disturbances – waves, sparks, flashes of light, seeing spots, floaters, blurry
Voice quality changes
Walking side to side, like a drunken sailor
Weakness – “jelly legs”
Weeping fits
Weight loss or gain (can be rapid)
Yellow coating on the tongue (which can yellow the teeth)

49 thoughts on “90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

  1. Constant clearing throat from mucus and nose a nose spray really helps at night and day hidious with out i hope it disappears on recovery am in 13 mth withdrawal i really had to stop abruptly after 8 year of bromazepam some time xanax

  2. Loss of womb due to weekly bleeding.
    developed haitus hernia
    Blood infection white cells platelets
    suspected blood clot in lung

  3. My side effects been quiet dangerous now in 13 Mth comin 14 still suffering seen so many specialist 8. .had damage to body i now have blood infection white cells platelets. feeling extreme tiredness i had the worse time since 2009 wen problems began then in 2012 my forced me to stop them cause my husahusband gave me them on top of english meds was a d wangerous combowell its 2013 shud b starting recover bit by bit some settled still itching i had virtually alot of serious side effects been in and out of hospital and rushed in too. I developed burning a
    nd painfull eyes last nite. if you name a sid
    e a

  4. Yes i seen many doctors. My last specialist be blood doctor a bod disorder from the pills all being well i shud be normal by nxt year.i did cold turkey frm 16 t yar val seroxat i went aneroxia now and opposite that took 3year to complete i went totally bersk in hospital etc.i even paid to get murdered by a friend even got the stuff to do it i did drink a bigbottle of methodone still alive sent top skrthinking i was that swiss euthanisia0 around2003 was forec

  5. I was forced of my meds in 2002 by a friend i was so ill i paid him back i didnt plan it it just happened end up on trail for arson i only weighted 5 half stonepeople stay of benzos or cud prove fatal cos believe ne it ruins ur life til u recover do nt pop them say no or u regret it i didnt know my second bo was one becos they frm another country and xanax am typin on moblie so i cant get all my symtom

  6. fucking hell samantha, if you talk to your doctors like you type, there’s no wonder they can’t help you

  7. Samantha,

    Yes. Many do. It could be allergies, a cold or virus, from mold, from smoking cigarettes, or hell, even fatal Cystic Fibrosis. If the mucous is clear, you’re probably okay. If it’s yellow or green, it points to a bacterial or viral infection. If it’s chronic, see an MD, regardless of the color.

    I’m pro-med, but in this case, it’s wiser to go natural. I.e., drink water, blow your nose and cough A LOT. Honey and other natural “remedies” have been proven not to work, so stay away from that aisle. You can buy a “Netti Pot”, but you HAVE to buy sterile water or boil water. You also have to sterilize all parts. You can get parasites or even meningitis if you fail to do this. IMO, I’d chose a simple saline nose spray + a steam humidifier (or run a hot water shower while you sit in the bathroom with doors closed) + Vic’s menthol rub + get a sputum culture ran to see if the cause is bacterial, fungal, viral, or something else. I’d stay away from OTC meds until it’s cleared by an MD.

    You can take Mucinex, Sudafed or Benadryl to clear up the excess mucous, but you have to be really cautious. You have to watch out when buying OTC stuff. You probably don’t want “cough suppressants”, as the mucous needs to come out, and suppressants can interfere with getting the right diagnosis. Also, not everyone can handle each med. If you have high blood pressure, avoid Sudafed and get the high-BP friendly kind (Coricidin HBP). If you have untreated and severe thyroid or heart problems, it’s advised to avoid Benadryl. It’s also wise to avoid Cold/Flu mixtures with “everything” in them (antihistamines, Tylenol, cough suppressants and expectorants) until you see a doctor.

    As for Mucinex… They’re not sure how or even IF it works, but some people swear by it. Avoid anything with DXM in it, which Mucinex usually contains, especially if you’re on any anti-depressants (SSRI’s, SNRI’s, MAOI’s).

    One super easy thing to do is ask your MD for a sputum culture. They often don’t run them– I have no idea why. It’s not invasive– you just cough up deep phlegm, and that’s about it.

  8. Amano excuse me my doctor has done absoulety loads for me and still is she the best dr ever so stop wuizing ur nt a doctor i been on val for 16year so i know its hard to cope but u dont know nowt stop causin people stress ya i am amox antibiotic now so it eill go i bet u dont have severe withdrawals like i have i been rushed to hos many enuff was to kill me cud stilll

  9. I don’t get why you mock people who have experienced benzo withdrawal. I experienced SSRI withdrawal, it was real, I’m not nuts, I wasn’t imagining things, it was horrible. Even Drs. know this is a reality, especially for this kind of medication that has a very high potential of addiction.

  10. lol funny, and I don’t blame you. if I didn’t go through withdrawal, I would never believe its real. i’ll laugh harder though, when your son turns schizo. LOL

  11. Johnny, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have much deeper problems than benzo WD.

    These symptoms listed are not posted to ridicule but to point out how an online cult can cause mass psychogenic illness in a group of vulnerable people. Yes, that level of crazy can be pretty funny, even to those suffering serious WD.

    You see not everyone is as vulnerable to silly suggestions. Some retain some common sense and thus realize that we can not blame doctors or drugs for every problem we have in life! LOL

  12. Used to work in a psych ward as a tech about 12 years ago. Benzo withdrawal can be pretty bad, usually it’s just mental, anxiety, insomnia but I’ve seen a couple seizures, probably people taking huge doses, it’s really not much different than DTs from booze except much milder. Docs would just give them Ativan every 2 hours but on a few occasions, people wouldn’t divulge they were on benzos and got really sick. It can be nasty but all those symptoms? Nah

  13. hahah im not sure if this is a joke article making fun of people in WDs or not, but let me tell you WDs are real. I have just been through a month from hell which I was not even aware was from my Xanax WDs because it was so extreme. Other than the normal problems sleeping, increased irritability and anxiety, I had very severe GI problems tapering only from 1mg to .25mg over 6 weeks. I was on 1mg at night for 3 year. I know I might be a rare case, but my digestive track basically stopped. They diagnosed me with moderate ideopathic gastroparesis and/or functional dyspepsia which is an awful debilitating disease to have where you can’t even eat really. I dropped 15 lbs in a month and couldn’t keep food down. I was the one that suggested it could be from Xanax because that it what I originally thought until symptoms got so bad I was in the ER and had about 10k in tests done on me. I am not back at my original dose and can eat a lot more although I still have mild dyspepsia. I guess I owe a big thank you to my PCP who denied me valium for my taper upon my request….f’in dick. Lets see what he has to say now that 2 GI doctors have confirmed Xanax as the cause and hope no nerve damage was done.

    Benzo withdrawal is no joke. Look it up and do it right. If you doctor does not agree, switch doctors.

  14. LMAO….this is too funny and tooooo true! I escaped that site just in time before my brain was permanently damaged!

  15. All too true… Ive been on and off benzos since I was 16, and now im 23. The wds are terrible, but I was also taking massive doses up to 10mg of xanax or kpins daily. Was also on methadone(2 1/2 years) for awhile and suboxone(2 years). My mom was a nurse and introduced me to oxycodone through stealing scripts from the dr she worked for, along with xanax and ativan which I had took recreationally but never daily. Not saying its her fault but it def. had an affect on me as a teenager and now into my early 20s.. absolute hell. Panic attacks all the time, legs and feet feel like they’re asleep all day… urinary release with no control… its absolutely horrible. Sometimes a .45 to the head sounds like a wonderful idea, but cant bring myself around to it. I think my brain and body have been damaged to a point of no return.

  16. Benzos are no joke, but it is possible to get off them with a reasonable tapering schedule. I have gone off 6 mg./day of klonopin in the course of a few months. For many people, like those with anxiety issues anyway (the target group, who are likely to become uber-anxious when dealing with withdrawals), docs shouldn’t be prescribing benzos in the first place.

  17. That’s really between the doctor and the patient, not some online pro-Scientology group of flakes, to decide.

  18. I totally agree about how the online benzo withdrawal groups can mislead someone who is tapering or has withdrawn from benzos into believing that EVERY little discomfort they have is related to the withdrawal. I was prescribed xanax back in 1997. Chief complaint: pain in left shoulder blade area. Other complaints: stiff joints upon rising, soreness, and low energy. I was immediately diagnosed with GAD after an xray revealed that my shoulder was fine. I was prescribed a ridiculous quantity (can’t remember exact number) of the 2 mg. tablets as a 90 day supply and required to see my doc every 3 months to renew the prescription. Prescribed dosage: take 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 tablet 3 X per day. Can you believe that? I tried taking 1/4 of a tablet and found that it made me feel sleepy and tired which was the LAST thing I wanted since I already felt low in the energy department. And, it didn’t do a thing to stop the pain in my shoulder. So, that was that…or so I THOUGHT. I returned to see my GP a couple of weeks later INSISTING that there was something definitely wrong with my shoulder. He asked me if I was taking my “medicine”. I told him I tried it, didn’t help, made me sleepy and tired. He told me that it MIGHT make me tired at first and if it didn’t relieve the pain in my shoulder it was because I didn’t take enough. He asked me how he was supposed to help me if I wouldn’t follow his orders. Okay, he had been my GP for years and had always gotten me well when I was sick before. Long story short…over a 4.5 year period, he kept increasing my dose until I was up to 6 mgs. a day spread out over 3 doses. All hell broke loose. I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours per night, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls and still felt the same after taking a dose of xanax. I went back to the GP numerous times insisting that it was the medication that was doing this to me. At one point, he told me that I would need this medication the rest of my life and pointed out to me that my anxiety disorder had gotten so out of control that I even feared the medication that would help me! What an idiot I was! I had NO idea what I had been pumping into my system. I came home and started doing some research on xanax and thought OMG! I also ran across the dangers associated with stopping cold turkey and how it should be stopped under the supervision of a doctor and slowly weaned off of. I went back to my doc and pretty much DEMANDED that he tell me how to get off the stuff! He told me that he had done all he could do to help my anxiety disorder, was stopping the prescription for the xanax, and set me up an appointment with a psychologist who of course, was a counselor and couldn’t even prescribe meds! I saw her, told her my story and she was LIVID! She told me that I could not just stop and that he HAD to give me refills for me to use to taper. I asked her if there was ANY way I could get off the stuff more quickly and she told me that I could always go to detox and that’s what I did. I spent 6 days there in which the first 4 was spent being dosed with a longer acting benzo in which they reduced the dose each time until it was stopped at the end of the 4th day. They observed me for the last 2 days to make sure that I was going to be okay. I felt wonderful! I had nipped this thing in the bud, proven my doctor was an idiot, was calmer than I had felt in years, and had NO symptoms whatsoever when I was released around 8:00 pm. I got up the next morning a literally thought I was dying! I called the detox center and they assured me that everything I was experiencing had NOTHING to do with my withdrawal because benzo withdrawal symptoms only lasted 3 days! I ended up in the ER, was labeled a drug addict although I refused any meds they offered, and set up to see a psychiatrist the next morning. I felt a bit offended by that but decided to keep the appointment and am SO happy that I did. He explained to me that the half life of the long acting benzo I was given in detox had worn off and that I was very much experiencing withdrawal symptoms. He told me that I wouldn’t die but that I could expect to feel pretty rough for some time to come.

    I came home and immediately joined a benzo withdrawal group. I managed to feel functional and was able to return to work in 3 weeks. I had no problems sleeping and no panic attacks but I did experience ongoing anxiety but just lived with it and totally gave up coffee. Over the next 2 years, I was diagnosed with acid reflux, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, checked for blood clots in my legs twice due to extreme swelling in my calves, and migraine headaches. The benzo group convinced me that all of these conditions were due to ongoing withdrawal. Then, sweat started pouring off of me all night long! By this time I was convinced that I had permanent damage from the benzo withdrawal and FEARED going to a doc because I had started to believe that I was actually DYING. I lived with the sweats and lack of sleep for 6-7 months and finally saw a doc about them. I was tested for everything imaginable. Results: healthy as a horse but my estrogen level was non-detectable! I had a partial hysterectomy in 1995…2 years before being prescribed that xanax. My ovaries started shutting down after the partial which caused perimenopause symptoms…the very symptoms that my doc prescribed the xanax for to begin with! I went all the way through menopause into post menopause before I ever experienced night sweats. Have never had a daytime hot flash. I was totally amazed that when I was started on estrogen replacement that EVERY symptom I was experiencing and contributing to benzo withdrawal as well as the other conditions that I had been diagnosed with and prescribed meds for by multiple docs during that 2 year period completely ceased. I NEVER had an anxiety disorder to begin with! And, as far as benzo withdrawal symptoms. Yes, I believe they are real but unless someone has a true disorder in which they actually NEED the benzos to manage, I do not believe that withdrawal symptoms are as broad ranged or last 18-24 months or even the rest of a person’s life like the withdrawal groups claim. While support groups CAN be helpful, I believe that people need to look for underlying reasons if they feel that withdrawal symptoms have lasted longer than a couple of month and aren’t improving every day. There are SO many other conditions that mimic withdrawal in addition to female hormonal woes. Thyroid problems are another example. Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share my story for those experiencing withdrawal or considering it.

  19. When I was on BB, I remember a thread which asked about members ages. I noticed a preponderance of women aged 40-60, which is menapousal age. And as you mentioned menapousal symptoms mimic many of “benzo WD” symptoms people complain about, as do thyroid problems.

    I have read of symptoms that are so obviously those of common medical problems totally unrelated to benzo WD.

    For the record Tom Jones and Filet’s of Fish make me sick too, but for reasons unrelated to benzo WD.

    Finally, if one reads the Ashton Manual the list of potential symptoms is rather short and simple. I believe it was Bayliss Johns who turned the whole WD experience into an epic novel of a tragic heroine who suffered greatly, for years in every way possible yet overcame her plight and survived. This is BB’s second bible, the first obviously being Ashton. We will have to see if Matt Samet is granted sainthood.

  20. Honestly, the interesting thing about many of the symptoms of benzo w/d (while I do think much of it is people freaking out, which is also normal if you remove something that has artificially kept someone calmer than normal) deal with muscle tension. Why I find this interesting is that there really aren’t any doctors that specialize in muscles. None. Sports medicine doctors and surgeons handle them in terms of strains, and neurologists do when it’s a defined neurological disease. But this is also why for years people have said people with muscle problems (think fibromyalgia, MPS, etc.) were told it’s all in their heads. It’s actually not, it’s muscular and CNS related, as the nervous system regulates the tension in the soft tissues. Also, smooth muscle is just as susceptible to tension as any other, so if it hits the bowels, it’s considered a bowel issue. Bladder, bladder issue. Back, they look for something spinal. But few doctors (if any) actually work in this area, period. If there were doctors that specialized in musculoskeletal issues more, people in this state would get the same care as someone seeking medical help for any other organ.

    I’m just saying that this is why people likely seem as if they’re experiencing massive problems all over the body. Muscle tension can mimic just about everything. I have, btw, been in and out of hospitals since this began, and every time I get told that in addition to the medical issues not related at all to benzo w/d that pretty much every muscle in my body has stopped reacting normally and is causing a lot of other problems. It helps knowing it’s just muscles, but it doesn’t make it any less painful or dysfunctional. For people on BB who are just having minor musculoskeletal problems it really just seems like a cluster of weird symptoms in different parts of the body, most likely. But it does lead to major panic since the body’s muscles just normally do not feel that way at ALL. Remember, valium, klonopin and ativan (more than other benzos) are prescribed in many pain patients to relax soft tissue, they are powerful drugs for many of those conditions.

    Any thoughts on this? I’d post it at BB but I’d just get told “it’s w/d, stupid, go read your Ashton!” or worse, “you tapered too quickly, hahaha!”. Dammit.

  21. What a fascinating, useful post.

    Thank you for that. I really enjoyed reading it. This is a great example of a fantastic post when it comes to the discussion surrounding these types of things. You are just throwing something very logic based and interesting out there without making any claims against those that disagree. Just a great and likely accurate thought. I am really impressed with that.

  22. Thank you Paul, I am interested in all of this and found that no matter what I wrote at BB I would just get annoyed replies stating that it’s all just withdrawal, as if the symptoms of withdrawal had no physiological basis, when it obviously does. That leaves muscles, soft tissues, which are the very things that no one ever tests in medical settings. They really don’t. It takes having an EMG to assess nerve damage to muscles, but muscles will react normally to an EMG without nerve damage. That leaves biofeedback machines, from what I know, and you have to go to very specific neuromuscular doctors or PTs to even get that sort of test. Running to an ER or even primary doctor complaining of any neuromuscular symptoms doesn’t get anyone anywhere, whether they’re in benzo withdrawal or not.

    If you notice on BB, the people who post who persist in finding a medical diagnosis for their symptoms are generally given diagnoses (which seem to last only as long as the withdrawal reaction lasts) of fibromyalgia, MPS, CFS, etc. Or IBS or other “syndrome” diagnoses particular to certain organs. In other words, neuromuscular illnesses that anyone would have trouble getting diagnosis or treatment for because so few doctors specialize in these disorders. However, research into these disorders points to nervous system disruption/central sensitivity, which this particular reaction to benzos is extremely similar to.

    I just find it interesting.

  23. Frogger you raise excellent points.

    What I have seen at Benzo Buddies is almost every medical complaint gets labeled “benzo withdrawal” – to the point of serious health conditions being ignored until a member gets so sick they’re rushed to the emergency room. In post after post, members state “it wasn’t withdrawal after all” and then proceed to tell horror stories of disease being neglected because of Ashton ideology.

  24. M-59, I was just at the doctor, and we were discussing myofascial pain issues, and he said that sometimes it is an injury that brings it on, sometimes just a lot of stress, there are many factors. The nervous system plays a large role. But my foray into having to treat muscle pain and my other issue (which is not caused by w/d at all) is teaching me quite a bit, and every last bit of it relates back to the things I see at BB and how many of these w/d issues are simply muscular tension that the body isn’t used to. I believe benzo w/d can bring this on, and certainly does initially (that is the warning with most benzos anyway, that cessation can bring muscle tension) but after a while you’re not still in w/d, you are having a different reaction. The thing is, left untreated it can get a LOT worse. And as you mention, there can also be underlying causes to it that definitely need medical attention! Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily require medications to treat! It can otherwise become a self-perpetuating cycle.

    If I had not sought medical treatment, I would have ended up permanently disabled. Or at least disabled for years and years.

  25. hey mike where can i find the archives of all of the things on this site from over the years? i have nothing to do so i thought i would read through a bunch of it.

    i watched that latest video “im a bad girl” and saw some other youtube links with people all supposedly suffering tremendously from benzo withdrawal and post withdrawal and its put bad thoughts in my mind. i like not worrying about it and not making myself believe psychosomatically that there could be something wrong right now.

    that shit on the internet really does need to go. lots of people would be fine if it didnt exist. even me, knowing what i know of this stuff… it can make me second guess my mindstate because we dont have a reference point to compare it to. Reading this site is the only thing that snaps me back to reality if I ever start worrying about it unnecessarily as a result of those types of sites. Thanks man, for real.

    But yeah… are the archives down or am I just not finding them?

  26. yeah its just fucked up seeing a whole bunch of people in the comment section claiming to identify with how shes acting, lmao. “Yep – I remember that hang in there” WTF? lol.

    It’s gotta be the result of what you and I both have discussed about the power of a mass of people all in vulnerable states susceptible to the power of suggestion and sponging up hypochondria from each other.

  27. m 59 and jer16 you two are a bunch of fucking retards .i would love too stuff those pills down your fucking throat over a years time .and then take you off them ,to see how you react .these pilss are torcher i was going threw a lot of those syptoms way before i read anything on the internet .and if it was not for those support groups and people telling there stories ,a lot of people would have killed them selves by now .there is some thing wrong with you too dumb asses .you dont know what we are going threw .i took those fucking pills for 8 years .and went off cold turkey .and it has been me if either one of you were in front of me i would slap the shit out of you .those pillss destroyed me i was a promising up and coming mma fighter before taking them they zomafied while i was on them and turned me into a lunatic when i got off them .you better watch what you say to the wrong person withdrawaling .because those morbid and intrusive thought could just make one of us nut cases snap on you .you little bitch asshole .dick heads have some compassion cock suckers

  28. i dont hate my doctor he has helped me threw this .i dont blame chewing gum .or eating food the blame for withdrawal .coffee does make me a little jettery .i blame people like you m59 .for your rambaling about some thing you have know clue what you are talking about the asshat that created benzos is a mad mother fucker with one thing one his mind .money . because if they pump there crap into peoples systems then the people will have to keep taking there poision ,so they dont go insane.or have complete torture through out there body .from pain .people like you m59 is why people .harm them selves .trust me i dont own a group .i dont care for dr ashton .this posion was created as a weapon back in the 50s .then they decided to cut the posion in half and put it into a bunch of fancy names clonazapam loraz diaz .klon .and a whole list of other names .this stuff is posion i know what ,the pharma companies worship $ all mighty dolla .$ and there is nothing wrong with want to line your pockets .but who do you worship m59 satan .do you torcher small animals at night and drink the blood of those small creatures .do you dance around a fire .in a dress giving praise to the devel .because anyone that is all for benzos .must have shares in there stock .dont know what the hell they are talking about .or is a sadist and they thrive on torture m59 do some reasearch talk to these people that are going threw this .better yet take some benzos for a year then stop cold turkey for an experiment i dare you then in a year from now when you are lying in bed because you just cant move because what that posion has done then you have the write to comment on the suffering that people are going threw because of those pills

  29. i have i dont blame the drs i dont blame my pharmacy ..i blame people like you .because just like your picture up there you think the world is made of pretty little ponies and bunnys will bud it is not. these pills are dangerous .not just the phyacal pain .but the mental torture is worse .close your eyes and imagine the worst thought or thing that could ever happen to you just a morbid horable thought and intense it buy 100% and know matter what you do say take .or who you talk to about it .that thought just will not stop and it is day and night .night and day over and over and that is what we go through.i dont have mental illness .and i know a crazy person would say that .that morbid thought is just a little tiny itsy bitsy .symptom of what you would go threw .then there is pain all over .and headaches so bad you feel like your eye balls will pop out .also uncontrollable shaking and electric zaps to you head every 5 seconds dude it is awful .i went too my dr and also0 shrinks .also my pharmacy they all agree i have to ride it out .my dr actually cried and said sorry he could only imagine what i was going threw .people are catching on drs shrinks and the pharmacy we live in the 2014 just press a button and get the knowledge you need.back in the 50s they would have locked me up.but now with the internet they know we all cant be crazy with the exact same symptoms and we were all on the exact same meds .i believe a lot of the mental illness today is caused buy peoples mothers poping them benzos in the 60s 70 mand 80s sorry for getting a little rilled up but man i hate when people .say oh its not pills doig this get over it .trust me if i could wake up tomorrow morning and say hum i am all better now trust me i would

  30. Ben, please consider heading to your local emergency room. It appears your are overdosing on the benzo buddies kool aid! When you ave been drug free for a few years, you will understand the harm caused by the BB cult is real and very dangerous.

    Best of luck with your recovery.

  31. Best of luck to you, Ben.

    We know that benzo withdrawal exists, no one is denying that. The point of this site is to make it as clear as possible the potential that benzo support sites have to harm people to a drastic degree more than they help.

    If it makes you feel any better, Ben, I was on 3 mgs of klonopin for almost 4 years and I tapered off in a couple of months and then completely quit… and it was nothing, NOTHING compared to opiate withdrawal. Not saying my subjective case should indicate how it will go for you or anyone else… But I AM saying that a lot of people like me are on those sites so stressed out about what they’re reading (and believing) that they are experiencing the hundreds of very real symptoms of stress/anxiety itself… If I were on one of those sites and believed everything I had read it would have destroyed my life, period. The point of this site is to take a stand against these sites… not to harm the people that have unfortunately become sucked into them or to insult anyone suffering while in BZ WD. Unless Mike wants to correct me as it’s his site and not mine.

  32. This White Knight guy is a benzo addict. He’s just mad that he can’t live without the stuff. Doesn’t have the strength or willpower to get off of them. Either that or a pharmaceutical rep. Lol. That being said, i do think some of the withdrawal symptoms people claim are most likely from something else. Benzo withdrawal is real and you will know it when you feel it. You shouldn’t have to look for any of the symptoms. They are obvious and fairly intense. I can only speak for myself when i say that i felt way better mentally and physically post klonopin addiction. Benzos are not a good option for long term use. Any doctor will tell you that. There is nothing more pathetic than a guy hooked on downers.

  33. LOL! Hi Azog, I am not mad at all and I have not use any mood altering drugs, including benzos for many years now, thanks. I am not a big pharma employee. You are clearly not a very observant person.

    So you are saying you were pretty pathetic, because you were once hooked on downers yourself? But now you are not pathetic because you are no longer “hooked”?

    Please tell us more about yourself as you seem to have many “answers” for us all.

  34. I was going to tell you, Azog, to simply go fuck yourself with a flaming pineapple backwards, but that would count as a threat to the pineapple. Hence, just imagine such… I hate to make harmful statements towards tropical fruit.

    Strength and willpower are beautiful things, bub, and you’re absolutely right on one point… you only CAN speak for yourself when it comes to just about any topic. Everybody’s different…. I’m sorry that life isn’t full of clones of you, because George Lucas could have a field day making a movie about that. Everyone here always says that withdrawals are a thing… read before commenting, dude. Some people do just fine on benzos long-term, even though I do agree with you and doctors that it is not a recommended thing, but think of the alternative… oh wait… you can’t. You’re not everybody else… you’re not a person whose anxiety and such literally cripple them without assistance from a drug. Good for you, but as you call others pathetic for being on something that you apparently don’t require DOES NOT mean that there is one answer for all problems, and yours being the correct one. Think analytically, man….

    That said, I’m glad you’re doing fine. Some aren’t. Others are micro-tapering, which is fucking ridiculous. Prolonging pain… that’s a ball, really. That’s one thing I learned when I was a chat mod on one of the sites that went down… everyone’s different. There is no one specific rule to whether benzos are helpful or not… it is an individual thing. I’m sure that since my friend uses blood pressure medication to keep from dying, and it helps him immensely, YOU, Azog, should certainly take it! Why wouldn’t ya? It helped my pal!!!! What are ya, stupid?! It doesn’t MATTER if you have heart problems or not… JUST TAKE IT!!!!!! Or Micro-taper off of it because some nuts on the web said this was the thing to do because it didn’t work for them.

    Get my drift, AZ? :)

  35. If indeed the cult is forming (whatever that is), I guess let it.
    I’m going through one, and this is a no joke.
    Majority of docs does not know about what they are prescribing.
    You need all the support and information you could possibly get, and no better place than people who goes through similar.
    I know some symptoms maybe not relating to it at all and some symptoms are secondary.
    I once heard someone complaining loosing hair and going gray.
    I thought to myself, well that’s just a part of aging., but didn’t speak it out.
    Good thing that I did not speak out, because you see, stress of going through this will surely make your hair fall out and go gray for some people. When people are down, comforting them is the right thing to do.

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