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  1. Actually the support I got from these people was great. I feel better and I’m off these drugs. Your average Republican and Democrats are more of a cult than some online support forum. Prove me right and delete this.

  2. I am. Member of benzobuddies and am actually havin a hard time recovering coming off psych meds but ill tell you what I’m absolutely laughing my butt off at alot of your play by play commentaries . It’s funny . And there are some whack jobs on there . ESPecilly Oscar and bmw

  3. its totally a circus. i mean in some ways i relate with some of the people because I’ve had a lot of intense cog fog and derealization coming out of it and dizziness and some other symptoms that are is reassuring to find some people who have the same symptoms as you but then at the same time when you see what crazy stuff they are going thru separately outside of that its not so reassuring. I’m kinda taking it all with a grain of salt. my body is going thru something tho and it is scary but I’m trying to keep it in perspective.

  4. I like oscars blog and how he eats mashed potatoes everyday . Honestly my body has been going thru some hell from
    That whole experience but some of the things these people bitch about is absurd …
    Food tastes weird ? Belching ? Vibrating leg? Fuck I wish that was the extent of my
    Problems – I had some rough months that were really scary ./somedays it’s still scary but Jesus Christ there has to be some people in that group that are just chronically mentally ill. I have alot of my own phobias and. Fears but my god there are some serious train wrecks in there that aren’t being honest about their condition .

  5. Hang in there dude and thanks for showing people. I have the veins in the head too. This stuff ruined my life but I am making a comeback.

    Best regards,

  6. Show me a fat person with the veins poppin on the head please…….I think this is a function of being very lean

    BW can be tough, and figuring out what ailments are caused by BW, and which are not is very hard

  7. Ryan

    Just curious, why get off benzos only to start seroquel? What is the point? This is a good thing…!?!

    Out of the frying pan in to the fire?

  8. Can you help answer my questions:

    What percentage of people taking benzos as prescribed for 1-5 years have serious withdrawal symptoms?

    For the people with no pre-benzo mental illness how long can they expect withdrawal symptoms if they are in the percentage of those that have serious withdrawal symptoms?

    Does taking benzos for life, like someone who has to take insulin, shorten life spans?

    If long-term taper is not necessary, do you have suggestions about how to discontinue benzos after the circumstances for being on them has been resolved?

    Are there any benzowithdrawal forums, or meetings that could help instead of causing harm?

  9. Clearly you have never went through protracted withdrawal mike. If you had , you wouldnt have the balls to say this hatred. I assure you you would want the inventor of valium and other psych meds to suffer horribly too. I seriously hope your website is meant to be a joke.

  10. DiI took klonopin for 3 weeks for insomnia as prescribed by my doctor; I vehemently disagreed with the prescription of a controlled substance, but he insisted. This was due to the fact tgat zI hadnt slept at all on 3 months due to a circadian shift in my work schedule. I have been straight edge and never abused drugs my entire life, hence my hesitation. You are right, at the end of the day I ingested the meds. I take responsibility for that. What i dont condone however is the utter ignorance many docs have pursuant to the withdrawal effects of these meds. How is it that its stated online, in medical journals, and overal common knowledge that these horrific side effects csn occur, yet most psychiatrists are utterly unsware of this of this fact? It has been EIGHT MONTHS since i stopped taking the meds cold turkey; which tge doc said was not a problem, and im still in excruciating physical and mental pain. I have lost everything and am now on medicaid and partial disability due to the inability to work. I can rarely even leave my couch. I ASSURE you it is not laziness my friend, or feigned symptoms. I’ve had ten herniated discs for over five years and NEVER missed a day of work. I WISH these symptoms were psychosomatic, but I know my body better. You see, I have never been a hypochondriac nor cried wolf in my life. While I don’t have 999999,0000000000 symptoms, I have at least 50 with zero quality of life. I am a ghost of my former self in all aspects. I DO NOT want sympathy, I just want an admission of ignorance from my doctor who stated “it is impossible to have the symptoms you are having from withdrawal”. I do apologize for my personal attack on you and your blog, I’m just at my wits end. I VERY real withdrawal side effect is suicidal ideation based in no situational reality (this never goes away). It is frustrating when someone callously thinks this is a joke. I was the most positive, gregarious, loving person you would ever meet eight months ago… now my own mother barely recognizes me or my personality. What would YOU suggest? I’m being very bold here… going into the lions den so to speak….

  11. Ps. Your extreme stance… while admirable to an extent WREAKS (as you would say) of desperation to be noticed and irk ppl… B.B. has not been a mitigating force in suicide… but yours may be if you keep it up… DARE you to print any of this!

  12. Oh noes Scotty. The hypocondriac can deal with 10 tucked up discs but not stopping a little pill. You realize that you are now worse than a heroin addict yeah? At least they know they have a problem, meanwhile you continue to blame others for tour pain. Symptoms mean your alive, any feeling that being alive comes with feeds into your delusions. For some one who can deal with problems you sure did buckle like a bitch in heat huh?

    Guess that means you can’t deal after all. Wonder why your doc thinks you are nuts? Probably because you are. Go back to your cult where living is a symptom of benzo withdrawal. Go cry like a bitch with all the lonely house wives who need more attention from their obviously lacking in pen is husband.

  13. Some Dudem Shut The Fuck Up you idiot. The Guy was making a serious post. Your desperate attempts at being humorous are just pathetic. So just stop.

    Guy, Mike is not saying that there are NOT people who suffer from extended withdrawal. He clearly states that it is real, however a small minority actually suffer. The rest have mental illness or are promoting cult activity. At least thats how i read it.

    Guy, i have heard of just a very few people who took a benzo for 2-4 weeks and had awful withdrawal and if you do fall into that group and have no mental illnesses, and you dont sound like you do, then i sympathize with you. If you are indeed suicidal, please, seek help. From your doctor. Your pastor or Priest, a family member or trusted friend. Just talk to someone.

    You can get your life back, but its up to you to take the steps to do so. There is no shame in seeking help.

    Good luck to you


  14. Aww poor me forgot their chill pills today. Go take one man you’ll feel better. BTW if I was trying to be funny I would have been. You are just as bad as the cultists, 1 or 2 max 5% of people will be scarred for months after a few weeks use. Strangely every singe person at benzobuddies is one of these people? I think not. Either way fuck your comment, I will sit around with some popcorn watching your attempt to turn this into a place for complainers.

  15. Fuck you you asshole. You are ignorant and you dont make sense half the time.

    If someone says they are suicidal you dont make jokes, you offer assistance.

    Its past your bedtime you pussy assed bitch.

    Go to bed. Im sick of reading your shit.

  16. For the record. Benzo withdrawal is a real nightmare that does exist. i never abused the pills nor did i have any history of psychiatric illness prior to taking them. I had a head injury which led me in that direction and am now 5 months off them and i cant begin to tell you the hell it was to come off them. I do not drink or use drugs either. I am still recovering from this whole ordeal. while all psychiatric medicine is not evil. these pills clearly are. I was on a chiahuhua size dosage.

  17. Oh hell yeah I know it exists I’ve been thru it. I think the point I was trying to make is that if someone feels suicidal or like this even they have no place looking for help from a bunch of people just like them. Half of the always on responses come from people in the same dire situation as the posters. And rather than refer to the medical advise given by doctors, these clowns think “I know my body better than a doctor!” This is about the equivalent of “I’ll just put the head in” approach to not getting pregnant t.

  18. Hello Guy

    Remember you could not sleep for 3 month after a work schedule change? This is not normal and indicates a pre-existing problem. 3 weeks of a low dose benzo is not the entire cause of your issues now.
    10 herniated discs? You need to be working with and trusting real health care professionals and stay off the internet. It is critical for you to get back in the game. Get off the couch and get moving or things will continue to spiral down.

    Good luck!

  19. White Knight, I couldn’t agree with you more. Guy, if you haven’t, I implore you to get to a specialist IMMEDIATELY.

  20. My experiences with online support groups have been (mostly) negative, benzobuddies is no exception, I didn’t care for it. Unfortunately, I can completely relate to the myriad of horrific withdrawal symptoms that many of those people experience. I don’t think it’s wise to simply trust a doctor on this, trust your body and mind! If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms you’ll definitely know it, how would it be possible (at that point) to believe your doctor when he/she tells you that it’s not withdrawal when you’ve never had serious pyschiatric issues and all tests turn up negativ? Sure, you can write these people off as crazy if that tastes better going down but at the end of the day, every one of them came there for a reason. Not sure what the point of this blog is, to make fun of people who are sick? That would make you much more suspect than the very people you question, wouldn’t it? The reality is, benzo withdrawal (protracted or otherwise) is real, it doesn’t happen to most people but for those of us who have been on benzodizepines for years, the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and in some cases, fatal. Addicts are people who choose to abuse the drugs they have access to. This is accidental addiction, which is unecessary and sad and yes, drug companies are responsible, do the research!

  21. Mike M. R4 read what you have said. An addict is an addict is an addict. It doesnt matter if its accidental or not. Trust your own body? Lolz. Doing that is what got you addicted in the first place.

    Fact of the matter is, less than 10-20% of people have severe trouble coming off benzodiazipines. This is a relatively small number compared to the 80% of people that are fine. Do you seriously believe everyone including two week users that ends up in benzo buddies is this 20%? No. Benzo buddies actively recruits its members by promoting a taper that lasts for months and years. Once you are onboard with a long term slow taper, they have you right where they want you.

    WHat do I mean you ask? Well basically youfeel like shit for months even linger while tapering. They ”help” you by trying to change your beliefs, and trying to make you believe withdrawal runs your life. After they have converted you to this thought process you use all of your spare time trying to indoctrinate others. Meanwhile thos4 of us who listened to our doctors and just quit are fine a few weeks later.

    REally, believe what you want. Enjoy your agony. Me? I am off less time than almost everyone at benzobuddies and started feeling normal again fairly shortly after quitting. Misery does enjoy the company.

  22. I don’t really agree with that Mike, I’ve had many opportunities to use and abuse illegal (and legal) drugs during the early part of my life, I made the choice to not try them. Much of addiction is about choices. When you are being precribed a drug by a doctor, it’s his/her job to warn you about the potential riks, that (often) does not happen.

    When I was first prescribed any type of benzodiazepine (1997) I was never warned about the potential for physical dependency, I actually asked and was told, flat-out, no! I was told that only people who abused their medications became dependent, I was young and extremely ignorant, but not nearly as ignorant and irresponsible as the prescribing physician. It wasn’t until a trip home for Christmas in 2002 that I realized just how addictive these meds are, entire left side of my body was numb (off and on) for 5 days, muscle twitching, dizzy, flu-like symptoms. The rest were benzo withdrawal symptoms listed right out of the Mayo Clinic website. Yes, it was absolutely my fault for forgetting to grab my meds out of the drawer before I left for home. By some *miracle* my symptoms vanished once I started on my meds again, all medical tests came back nomal. I was 31 at that time in literally in perfect physical shape. After that, things just got worse and no, I’m not angry with nor do I blame my doctor or pharmaceutical companies because blame rarely solves problems. As for who is responsible, that’s another issue, I made mistakes too and should have done my homework.

    Well, asking goes back to making choices. If you use heroin, meth, cocaine and/or drink excessive amounts of booze or take more medication than you are prescribed, you’ve clearly made some bad choices and are likely going to suffer. However, that doesn’t mean that people who are true addicts are any worse (or better) than the rest of us. I’ve met some damn good people who are addicts and cleaned their lives up. Again, life is all about choices and often times, those of us who end up dealing with benzo withdrawal didn’t make those choices, yet we are still labeled as addicts in some cases by the very doctor who presribed them to us in the first place.

    Yes, but what I’m reading and what you’re doing are two different things. I also see you attacking innocent people in the process, nothing good could ever come from that no matter what your initial motive was. I don’t subsribe to a lot of what’s being offered at benzobuddies but it is a reasonably healthy way for most people to cope with what can be a devastating situation.

    As far as the statistics go, I’ve read numbers that are all over the board, depends on who you believe but the reality is, it’s probably somewhere in between. I would say that at least 50 percent of people who are taking any type of benzo for 10+ years are going to have significant sequelae when the drug is removed too quickly. I would also say that at least 25 percent of people are going to develop tolerance withdrawal issues, rest assured, that’s being generous to your cause. As for people getting addicted at 2-4 weeks, highly unlikely but certainly possible, it can happen with heroin and any type of strong narcotic.

    Lets be clear, I haven’t been to or posted on BB for 18 months, I don’t like seeing innocent people getting picked on. I’m an extremely sensative person and at no time did I feel like I was dealing with a cult, this is coming from someone who did not care for many of the members, not to mention the mods and higher-ups. I think most people are wise enough to ascertain what fits for them and leave the rest behind. I did, and I’m (perhaps) above-average in terms of intelligence, no more.

    A system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator

    Not really, no one is promising any cures, at least that I’ve read at BB other than the obvious, which doctors will say, if you can get past the withdrawal symptoms you will likely get much better.

  23. Oops, found this little blog about a person who has been banned from BB buddies for having an anti-psychiatry site on their profile. I find this (personally) ludicrous, why would they care of someone is anti-psychiatry but wait a minute, I thought THEY were anti-psychiatry, isn’t that part of what you preach here? Doctor bashing, anti-psychiatry but yet, they have banned numerous people from their website for attacking the psychiatric field! I’ve seen it there myself and this individual has proof. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the message they sent her.

  24. Michaelson, Gianna is a well documented nutcase. Have you ever chatted with her?

    So are taking some swings at this site and it’s owner, but you are missing badly. Maybe try and step back and open your mind. You may learn some things.

  25. I am a member of benzobuddies, and have been for a few months. I agree and disagree with everything in life as everyone should. I have received some support from kind people on the site, but there are many, many, neurotic hypochondriacs on there. I’m a fairly stable, independent person with an education, but I needed to do research on klonopin to see if it was making me sick. Not one doctor attributed my symptoms the last year on klonopin to the meds. I was taking these for 6 years and the last year I became very sick. Thanks to benzobuddies, I figured out that the klonopin was the reason. I’m almost done my taper. I started tapering at 1.5mg at the end of January and will be done in about 3-4 weeks. I do not believe in titration and these long, dragged out tapers. It’s ridiculous that people are holding on to .0065mg!! Withdrawal is real, but many people exaggerate it. I get dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, mild muscle aches, depression, and some blurred vision, but they go away after about 4 days. The lightheaded/dizziness seems to stay though. I am functioning, raising children on my own and living life. That website scared the hell out of me when I first started this. That was until I realized that it’s not as bad as they say, but it is very difficult.

  26. Jana Hill is not taking new members. I know why. She might be in serious trouble for practicing medicine without a license.

  27. Mike 59 – You are the biggest fuckin idiot I have ever listened to.

    Listen to your doctor? You need some growing up son. Your doctor is a pusher of big pharma drugs, most of which have not even been reported to him accurately.

    I work in the industry, I can see you are some kid idiot with a chip on your shoulder. Grow up, come back, make a website when you can talk sense dipstick.

  28. Hello, Sarah. I got bored and came on here and… wow. You’re a piece of work, aren’t ya? 🙂

    That doesn’t take away from the fact that you are indeed partially correct. I’ve a bit of experience with this. Do pharmaceutical companies pimp their product to doctors? Absolutely. Are the reps sometimes less than forthcoming? Yep. Salespeople tend to do that. This I know a lot about.

    Here’s the thing. When someone says “listen to your doctor”, they mean “communicate with them” (at least, I hope that’s the case). Doctors are human, subject to the same fallacies as the rest of us, but let’s face it… they know more shit than we do. When my doctor put me on Lexapro years ago, I assured him that I wasn’t depressed, but he felt that it would help me (he even told me about what the representative from the company said). He was wrong. I talked to him about what happened when I took it, and he thanked me, because most people don’t tell him what went wrong. Doctors only know what people tell them, because they are probably not on the drugs they are prescribing… but they want to help. They aren’t in general evil people, but rather people who just want to help others, or they wouldn’t have gotten into that field in the first place. Makes sense, yeah?

    So, talk to your fucking doctor. Don’t just listen, obviously… they want to help, but if they don’t know what’s going on, they are impaired. Give them the fuel they need to help you. They aren’t perfect. Neither are you. Communication fixes most things, though. That’s just a general truth.

    I’d advise anger management for you, but I’ve been through that. Just think before you type, “dipstick”. That’s always worked for me in the past. 🙂

  29. Who are you besides the most vile person on the internet?

    My aunt died, and you use her death for your agenda on this horrible website? How dare you!

    Someday you will have to give an account.

    I pity you.

  30. I was addicted to Opiates and Benzos. The withdrawal from both were different and hell in different ways. I have been off opiates for three years and counting. I took my last xanax six months ago. The intense symptoms were better within a month. I assumed time would (and will) let my body heal and feel normal again. The I was swelling up so much and felt so bad I ended up in the e-room. They said nothing was wrong with me, even though in 24 hours i blew up in my belly and everywhere else. I talked to the doctor who had prescribed the benzos and he said the symptoms couldn’t possibly be related to the benzos I had quit months ago.
    I got myself off Opiates using these boards. Taking the info that I felt applied to me and leaving the rest. I tapered off benzos in the same way. I AM experiencing about a dozen of the more common protracted symptoms and feel so relieved to be able to change my diet and find some supplements to help with the info i get from these strong people on these websites. I have always been looking for how to feel better, never to complain about what I’ve done to myself with my drug use. Message boards are a way for people to brainstorm and share. Just like conversations in the real world. I am in disbelief that anyone would have a negative opinion about it. Move on, leave the room, grow up.

  31. Mike,
    Overall, thanks for making this site because it opens up a little bit of the nonsense and fear instilling behaviors of the group. I have to say when I first cold turkey quit klonopin I had no idea what was going on with my body. I made the mistake of looking up klonopin/benzo withdrawal. I found these sites and really got scared. I got back on the medication and began tapering (not by the Ashton method) and everyone there said I’m doing it way too fast, even though I would quickly re-stabalize in mood after a few days. A lot of the stuff they push is that you are going to be sick, and you are going to be housebound, and your life as you know it is on hold. Instead they should be saying while it is difficult, and no one has to taper for a freaking year are you kidding me, you should push yourself and learn to live life regardless of the symptoms you are experiencing. Push yourself, you went X amount of years/months without feeling much fear/anxiety. You are reintroducing this into your mind. Even while I was cold turkeyed off I was still working and taking care of things in my life. So I’m not sure how people who have tapered down and allegedly adjusted to less of the medication in their system are housebound for a year? Yea it might be a while till you feel normal again but harping on it and over thinking it is going to cause a placebo effect making you think you are sicker than you really are. Especially reading all the crazy horror stories that I know even scared me.

    I thought to myself, theres no way this many people are having horrible symptoms still from these drugs! Wouldn’t the medical field acknowledge it? I mean I definitely believe that some people may never be the same but I doubt that’s a high number. I also wondered why Dr. Ashton’s manual is the only one like it. How come there are no other doctors writing about this? There’s just one magical angel doctor telling us the ultimate truth about this medication?

    In essence, I used my mind to say ‘something seems off here’ and looked up something like “benzo withdrawal, lies” and found this site. I do think a lot of the people on the site are simply just scared of what they are experiencing and will buy into anything to get an answer even though their doctor might be saying something else. That’s the one thing about this site I don’t like, is that a lot of the people in these sites really are just scared and ignorant, and while some of the posts are ridiculous, sorta seems wrong to put some of them down or make fun of them.

    The mind is a powerful thing and if you believe everything you read, especially about this benzo withdrawal you can let it consume you. I think it’s more important to strive to live as normal as a life as possible. Be with friends, read books, go for walks, work, stop thinking you’re screwed up, play with your pets, take care of yourself, take care of those around you, and overall remember benzo withdrawal can be minimal if you do wean off the medication but you don’t need to go at a turtle’s pace. Ask your doctor what you should do regarding coming off the medication. Be honest, tell them about your fears that you gained from that site. Believe in them, my doctor wasn’t pushing the medication on me, in fact she wanted me off after a while! Doctors are not bad. Seek therapy to learn how to deal with anxiety and fear. Pick up other interests besides sitting around moping about possible benzo withdrawal!

    I know it worried me for a time, but the curtain came up for me on this madness when I was told by a “higher up” in the group that I should just accept that my life is on hold. I read this site again, and I thought “wow this is really a lot of b.s.”.

    So thanks again.
    Even though it seems like it is just plain attacking the site, there is a deeper purpose, and it’s too bad you don’t add a little snippet of what you think about the nonsense that is going on, instead of just the title using phrases like “kooks” and “addicts” over and over. Use some tact on getting the point of this site across, besides the obvious mission statement, and I think it would come across much nicer.

  32. On line support groups saved my life….I just found this site and whomever runs this site is a complete psychotic LOSER with a capital L. Anyone with all this time on their hands obviously has NO life and needs serious counseling. Go find a productive hobby mikey or whatever name you are going by today. Karma will be a real bitch to you one day…..

  33. How would I contact someone from this site? I find this an interesting take on the “benzo” situation, social pages, etc.

  34. I too came across your web site just after signing up at BB. I was like totally appaled what I was reading. It seems like you have a hatred against somebody over at BB there Mike. Geez. I hate taking pills and rarely take anything but 5-6 yrs ago I started taking 0.5 mg of Klonezapam to help me sleep. It worked. But for the last 7 months I have been sick and 5 different Drs cant tell me whats wrong. There all stumped. My brain MRI is fine. My inner ear is fine. My facutlies are fine. But I am dizzy, spacey, brain fog, headaches, hypersensitive to sound, My wife and I have self diagnosed me for months and every disease we thought I had I didn’t. Then I stumbled upon Benzo Tolerance withdrawls. I remembered one day a couple months ago I took a Klonezapam to work and was going to take it in the afternnoon when I normally start feeling bad. I took it, I didn’t feel bad that afternoon. I knew then that was it. My body has become tolerant of the low dose I was taking and wanted more. I was in withdrawls. I started my taper taking a 0.25mg every nite. I started have more withdrawls symptoms everybody else tals about, I now had a bout of diarrea, body odor, Yeh underarm odor I never had before, it stinks half hr outta the shower. WTH. SO I give to a real life example, its real, BB is a good source but yes you should consult with your Dr. I didn;t but my dose is so low I’ll be ok in a short while and completley Benzo free and bacak to normal. Its been hell for 7 months not knowing and the last few days have been hell.

  35. Surfer, are you for real? No way. The under arm odor is caused by bacteria that you failed to wash off enough of in the shower.
    This is a great example of how BB can distort your perceptions of reality. BO is not a symptom of benzo withdrawal for God sake! It is just poor personal hygiene.
    Run from BB whilst you still can.

  36. Haaa. I can assure you Im the cleanest SOB around always have been until I started withdrawls from Benzo. Poor personal hygiene. LOL. You dont know me so dont give your sloppy opinion. Dont attack me I didnt come on here attacking you did I ? God almighty ya’ll are worse then the site your accusing to be a cult……….

  37. Hey Dude

    Every human being on earth has had some BO. This happens to us all when we do not clean as well as we might have, and then perspire. The odor is caused by excessive bacteria and is normal, common, and most importantly not a symptom of benzo WD.

    The point is not to attack you, but to reach out to you and provide a helpful warning about the cult that is Benzo Buddies. The BB site promotes paranoid, fearful thinking. BB leads it members to believe that all their problems are caused by benzos and the Doctors who prescribed them. I have seen little in the way of honest introspection, or realization of their role in their current situations. Over there it is blame everyone and everything but themselves and be careful not to look in the mirror.

    Good luck

  38. Admittedly, some of the benzo sites have cult-like attributes. Point taken. What I fail to understand and find concerning is your apparent lack of acknowledgement of even the possibility of two things: 1) that benzodiazepines are drugs that are harmful; and 2) that withdrawing from benzos can cause intense and difficult to bear physical and psychological symptoms.

    You’ve made your position on the benzo sites/organizations clear. What is your position on benzos? I can see this site’s content potentially causing tremendous harm to those considering taking benzos, those considering coming off of them or those in the process of coming off of them. I agree that some of the benzo sites don’t promote freedom of thought and unnecessarily censor commentary. I hope your philosophy on openness of expression extends to your own site. I hope to see this comment posted and if it’s not, I would appreciate an explanatory email.


    An objective, expert viewpoint (the U.S. Army Surgeon General’s office)on the downside of benzodiazepines can be found here:

  39. I must say, I do not agree with many sentiments on this site, and have suffered from withdrawal and discontinuation syndromes from medications (which is not the end of the world, and certainly not a multi-year problem). To dismiss these problems is pretty egregious, in my opinion, just because not everyone is sensitive to medications. Not everyone suffers GI problems or nausea from antibiotics, either. Any drug going into the human body can create myriad issues, and dismissing them is as bad as going overboard and obsessing for years over them. Too black and white for me.

    That said, I am extremely upset with the good old BB board. Who the hell those people think they are giving tons of medical advice, or worse, discouraging people from getting actual medical advice, is beyond me! I realize not everyone over there is in that boat, and plenty are responsible and supportive posters, but I’m surprised at this point that more people haven’t died from having an entire forum tell them repeatedly that all of the problems are “benzo w/d” and that they shouldn’t waste their money on those “evil doctors”!

  40. Hi John Gordon
    Benzos can save lives and can be a very useful medication. They are not always harmful, but like Mike said above, they can cause harm if misused.
    I do not recall Mike, or any reasonable person, stating that BW does not exist, or that if it exists it is no big deal. Where did you get this idea? It is a fact that BW exists and can be a difficult and intense ordeal for some people. Heavy long term benzo users can have life threatening problems like seizures while attempting discontinuation and the is a well known fact. But isn’t it silly to “micro taper” off 3 weeks use of a small dose of a benzo? This is the sort of nonsense I see going on over at the BB site. There is a lot of fear mongering at BB.

  41. Mike 59… You sir, are a heartless cocksucker! I hope you never get protracted withdrawal, cause your punk bitch ass DEFINITELY could NOT handle it!

    How about instead of making a cultish site for the sole purpose of slandering another SUPPOSED cultish site, you do something useful and actually HELP people that are suffering in this world.

    You are simply a pretentious, sanctimonious troll with nothing better to do…

  42. So many people that talk such hate to you! If your in benzo withdrawal, it still does not give you the right to lash out like that. He has his opinion and maybe for a good one. You have no idea what he has gone through to sit here for years and keep posting about long tapers. I mean, maybe the taper is to long?? Benzos are very hard to get off of, but some people do taper to slow. I mean if you are on 10 mgs of xanax a day for years, then I can see some serious time to get off without complications, but if your only on .5 mgs of ativan or 5mgs of valium, then I would think that you could taper off of this in 4-6 weeks. Damn, you do get a lot of threats! This is sort of crazy!!

  43. mike59 – thanks for some rationality in this benzo-crazed world. Glad I found you after a week or so at the loony bin that is benzo buddies.

    Had a quick question – i tapered off xanax (around 1.5-2.0mg use for 4-6 months daily) in January. Did an “insanely quick” taper according to the buddies (about 2-3 weeks total).

    I’ve been feeling better, but have this ongoing dizziness that has continued over the course of the past 2.5 weeks (with no xanax). Any idea on average how long I can expect that to continue? Can’t seem to find any answers that don’t sound crazy. Thanks in advance.


  44. and once again mike 59 says something absolutely awesome and saves the day and makes an absolute joke out of the jerks at benzobuddies

  45. Yeah I love it when Mike Fifty-Nine says stuff.

    Ive been checking the site every now and then since I found it and its the best when that thing on the left says that Mike Fifty-Nine said something. Then I will check it and usually see Mike 59 saying something awesome – either informative or he just says something hilarious. Sometimes both.

    This guy is the best. One of my favorite internet people for sure, anyways.

  46. hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for this site. Please be kind and e-mail me if you have time. I am on xanax for 7yrs and really need some answers and your support to take them off. I will do that with my doctor supervision, but I will appreciate if you can share with me your experiences in w/d.



  47. I would be very grateful if you contact me via e-mail like I’ve asked few months ago. I was really looking forward to your answer. BB made me so depressed and scared of withdrawal. Never been registered there, but I was reading them in hope to find help until I’ve realised they made me more scared then ever before.

    Thank you in advance,


  48. Dear Mike,
    I was wondering if it’d be possible for us to put up an “Benzodepine Withdrawal Manual” written by a panel of well-qualified doctors which can take the Ashton Manual head-on. The manual should, I propose, be a (a) self-help guide like the Ashton Manual, (b) should outline the withdrawal plan like the Ashton Manual (c) should contradict, point-wise, the methodology, claims etc made in the Ashton Manual citing references from different studies in this field.
    I presume, such a manual would go a long way in fulfilling your mission.

  49. “We’re not set up for medical advice here and professionals already handle taking people off drugs with great success.”

    Please be assured, I understand that WE are not set-up for medical advice. Of course, being a Mental Health Professional myself, I know it quite well that there can’t be a real substitute for Medical Advice from Medical Professionals. I just wish that there should be an “Official Manual” that contends and disapproves the “Ashton Manual” the way any wrong scientific theory is disapproved by the scientific community.

    My point is- if the Ashton Manual is disapproved “officially” by a “Panel of Authorities”, the sites like Benzobuddies etc. will once and for ever lose their only “Insider Support”.

    Since you’re so very interested in going after “them”, I thought you could be a help in gathering such a “Panel of Experts”.

    (BTW, in case, you didn’t get me correctly- I don’t propose this website to be converted into a forum for Benzo Withdrawal Help.)

    Hope you understand me,


    @ National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences [NIMHANS], Bangalore, INDIA

  50. Ramnandan, I actually like your idea. The problem with it is very simple… the medical profession already teaches folks how to withdraw properly depending on the individual patient’s needs and situation, although to be fair, it can be different for everyone depending on what cocktail of medications they are on/underlying conditions/etc… That’s the problem with the Ashton Manual in the first place… there is no “One Size Fits All” solution, and that’s the fallacy of following what one crazy old broad wrote as Gospel. Just in my small tenure talking to folks on the forums, everyone had their own deal… some were on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or any slew of other prescriptions to fix their various ailments, so there was no real way that anyone other than their doctor could know the ACTUAL situation the person was in, in order to give proper advice. Some fool on the internet like myself or even the Mighty Midget Ashton only know from their own experiences. That’s what everyone forgets.

    When a bunch of people who are either temporarily or permanently bonkers start telling each other what to do and take each other’s advice, nothing good will come of it, with very few exceptions. We’re all different. In other words, Ramnandan, that would be one long fucking book… and it would still be wrong. Thank you for the suggestion, though! It’s nice to hear from someone who actually deals in this field! 🙂

  51. @ Wharf Rat
    “on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or any slew of other prescriptions to fix their various ailments”

    I can see the point now. I’d ‘assumed’ we were talking ‘only’ of people with recreational BZD abuse(where BZD is the only med. being taken) looking for BZD-W/D help. Surely, someone who’s been prescribed BZD (either alone or along with other RXs eg. SSRIs, Mood-Stabilizers, Anti-psychotics etc) should only W/D in supervision of a Dr. In fact, even in case of recreational BZD abuse, the advisable thing would be to consult a dr.
    I understand that my ‘assumption’ was wrong. Point Taken. 🙂

  52. Speaking as someone who experienced a long list of very physical symptoms after clonazepam use, ones not typical of any kind of psychosomatic disorder or anxiety disorder, and sought out sites like to explain them and understand the healing process – this article, and this website in general, are way, way off base. You are attacking a support network for disenfranchised people recovering from debilitating neurological injuries.

  53. Thank you for posting this website!!!
    First, my doctor was an idiot. He got arrested, for over prescribing pills. Ha! I did trust him. I appreciate a lot of the people on BB and the Ashton manual because it helped me prepare for coming off the Xanax, I literally could not find a doctor.
    That said, I have since joined a support group on fb, a lot of them on BB and sharing the same belief about only tapering down 5-10 percent every 2-4 weeks. Every time I tell someone I have A. I dropped from Xanax 8mg to .5 equivalent to Librium B. am now dropping librium by fifty percent I almost always get a panicked warning NOT TO taper that fast. Yet like most others who have posted I have some dizziness, a little anxiety, but overall I’m ok. Really really annoying you are banned from the most common site to date. Mike 59 thanks so much man. I was seriously confused. And if anyone should feel like shit I took Xanax 12mg for 5 years. I’m NOT trying to diminish the suffering of people who do have a difficult time coming off this medication. However it does suck when you are chartering basically a medical unknown territory, and people aren’t giving you any answers yet say they do know that absolutely this is the right way to do it!! Wait so do you not know or do you!

    And to add to that I am an extremely rational person I question everything and they had me so nervous. I’ve been searching and searching for more input.

  54. Yeah, Rachel, I know how you feel.

    I went through methadone withdrawal last april and when I was nearly 30 days in (vulnerably anxious mindset already) I decided to come off of the clonazepam I was on as well and I found benzobuddies.

    My life was an absolute nightmare for about 2 months until I realized that all of these people are suffering from mass psychogenic illness.

    I was on 3mg clonazepam for about 4 years and I cut 0.5 mg every 2 weeks until i was at 1mg and then 1/4 mg every 2 weeks and had no withdrawal aside from loud sounds giving me anxiety for a few weeks.

    Had I not been intelligent enough to realize what the true cause of all of the years of suffering that the people at BB (for the most part) seem to endure, I’d be in a living hell still on that site or dead.

    This site re-enforced what I had come up with in my own mind and was the nail in the coffin for me surrounding BB being detrimental. Dangerously detrimental. I would like to thank Mike59 for potentially saving my life from non-stop torture that would have persisted for what could have been years or the rest of my biological life. Mike59 you truly are a modern day “hero”. seriously.

  55. Mike,
    Your intimate (albeit inaccurate) knowledge of BBs suggests that you have used benzos in your life. Given the content of this site, it’s clear to me that those benzos have had a very detrimental effect on you. Who else would be so brutal to unsuspecting individuals – individuals, who share deeply personal info in a supposedly trusted environment. These people want to get off of these pills because they believe the pills are doing them harm, and there are tomes of published research articles to back them up. Ian Read may hail your efforts, but few other fair-minded individuals should give your dangerously warped view of a serious problem a second look.

  56. Hi all
    Need some help. Was on 8mg daily of diazepam since last July. About A month and a half ago I went a bit silly and started taking 40mg. Only did this for about 3 weeks then realised I was setting myself up for disaster and have tapered down to 10mg in 3 weeks. Went on bb and it was no no go slow taper to 0,00005 with milk etc. I would be on the bloody stuff for months. Just want off. If I dropped 1mg a day do you think I’ll be ok.

  57. Talk to your prescribing doctor and pharmacist. They can give you legitimate guidance versus the nonsense you will get from Colin and friends. Most people reduce off benzos in a matter of days or weeks with no problems. The multi year tapers advocated by the folks at BB are truly insane. Please do not buy into Colin’s fear based cult. Stick with fact based medical science.

  58. Hi Bob

    I am sure you can bring those “tomes” of published research articles to light so that you can enlighten the thousands of medical doctors around the world who prescribe benzos for their patients.
    So you and the less than one tenth of one percent of the people who may have had a problem with benzos can straighten out the rest of the world? Ever heard of delusions of grandeur? Ask Colin about them, he can fill you in.
    Look, to be fair, drug addiction is a real problem. But seeking help for it from a misinformed group of mentally ill folks on an online cult is not a good solution.

  59. Hi,

    There is a reason for Benzo Buddies. ALL research have found the detrimental effects of benzos. You can NEVER stay on the same dose because with continued use you’re damaging the GABA receptors! You will keep going up in dose until doomsday!

    Bezos are not safe and when withdrawing from psychotropics, benzos need to be the first target because after a while you’ll need more meds to mask the benzo ware-off effects.

    This is a fact and I’m in the same boat.

    Anybody disagree???

  60. I suspect Mike probably has a lot of demons to deal with, the more abusive and predatory he gets, the more demons will haunt him until eventually, he will be forced to either quit harassing people, or he will develop a significant illness. He deserves our pity, truly. God Bless Mike.

  61. I want to have Mike’s babies – at least eight of them. Is that a symptom of benzodiazepine withdrawal?

  62. White Knight Sucks says:
    April 24, 2015 at 8:26 am
    White Knight, shut up.

    Well, hello, King Arthur!

  63. I’m confused… what is this cesspool of madness website and why does it have such a vendetta against benzo buddies, and why is it downplaying and ridiculing benzodiazepine withdrawal? I suffered a clusterfuck of bad symptoms and almost suicided over this, and 6 months off shit is still lingering… I don’t understand.. do you think I am making it all up?

  64. Benzo Buddies is full of drama queens and the stupid staff there don’t do anything about it. I’m healed and back at work. I was on Ativan for only a short while, like almost 3 months. I healed just at 1 year out. I am a cold turkey survivor. I sometimes think that benzo buddies is either operated by some people that make fake accounts on bb and leave comments to threads to purposely make you feel worse than you’re or they don’t give a damn about people who do. I’ve complained about people that started crap because they were making everyone else freak out. You are supposed to make people in w/d feel comfortable if you’re running a site for benzo withdrawal sufferers like that. The I think a lot of those people are healed and don’t want to get up off their asses and become a part of everyday society again, because they just are so used to be sick and feeling sorry for themselves. There was one guy who said he took a benzo for only a months and has been in a very bad withdrawal for 17 months. He slammed a post of mine. But there is no possible way he is suffering a withdrawal that long even if it was a cold turkey one. It’s just not possible. He also slammed me because I said it seems short term users generally heal at about the 1 year mark. He said I wasn’t telling the truth. The page is full of people that just need to go and die somewhere and I give a rats ass what anyone thinks about me saying this. Guy’s like the one I mentioned most likely has other factors involved besides withdrawal, but that’s the problem is they never bring up those factors, like if they were on other meds, doing street drugs or what ever the case may be. They only say they’re like 2 years out and not healed but never mention if they even feel better or not. There is no possible way they’ll feel the same way they felt when they were under a year off, I can guarantee that. Not for people who were short time users. They’re lying!

  65. I would like to apologize for the bad spelling on my last post. I was upset over the people on Benzo Budiies, and when I’m pissed I type to fast and don’t proof read. I have been healed from withdrawal, and wanted to stay on that site to help others suffering. My w/d was extremely difficult like so many others were. There are a good amount of drama queens in withdrawal that purposely target HEALED people, because they know that even when you’re healed a few of those old symptoms can creep back up if you’re under a lot of STRESS. However, I can see why they might not be healed yet, because GOD isn’t going to help people who are constantly starting trouble for others, and that’s all these people do. Benzo Buddies are full of those types of individuals.

  66. Benzo Buddies is full of perverts and predators as well as being psychologically damaging. I went on there for help and all of a sudden I I found myself on the couch with all these horrible symptoms and more depressed then ever. I admit I’m a cyberchondriac but, I got even worse.

    I was approached by two different men who I became friends with and in the end I found out they were just looking for some cheap thrills. I told them the moderators I wanted my account deleted. They asked me to show them their posts and tell my story. So I did thinking they would take some sort of action. At least contact them and tell them it’s not nice to take advantage of vulnerable women. After all this is not a dating site.

    So I told them all the details which was hard and embarrassing because I trusted them and thought they would be kind and stand up for be since they all to were women.

    In the end they scolded me and told me I was also at fault. They also tried to keep me on the forum.

    This happened twice and the 2nd time I even told them I didn’t want to talk because I didn’t liked how I was treated the first time.

    The 2nd time Colin ended up emailing me and pretended to really care. I told him everything because I trusted him. He promised to get back to me and delete my account if I still wanted too. After I spilled my guts to him and he never did contact me and I felt worse. I emailed him and complained and he emailed me back saying he was busy and never deleted my account so I stayed because I was worn down.

    As it turns out I think they are all perverts too.

  67. I’ve enjoyed the hypocrisy of this site, where you mock people who are clearly mentally unwell and then take their comments and post them here for others to ridicule with you. I also am amused by the fact that you and others who support your site don’t realize that you are making fun of mentally ill people whether the mental is medication related or part of who they are. If you want to ridicule the site for allowing certain inappropriate behaviors to exist then I applaud that but copying posts from members who are clearly unwell only to publicize them here is you being equally abusive. It takes a special kind of ignorance and denial to not realize that makes you quite a hypocrite yourself. What kind of person or group behaves this way, seeing themselves superior while mocking others for their problems and even publicizing them? Always there, always watching indeed. Not unlike a cyberstalker. You might want to seek help for that. Clearly whatever drove you to create this site is still deeply troubling you and has left you quite damaged if you cannot comprehend that your behavior is in fact equally as bad as those you attack.

  68. “What kind of person or group behaves this way, seeing themselves superior while mocking others for their problems and even publicizing them?”

    Um, that is precisely what benzobuddies do with doctors, pharmacy reps, psychiatrists and other buddies they dislike.. but they do it with a venom and a hate so powerful that they call for people with medical degrees to be ignored, mocked, ridiculed, insulted, fired, sued, imprisoned and even killed.. and other budies to be stalked and harmed in their private lives and for things they have not placed in the public arena on the internet!

    Do you see that happening here? Thought not, Mr Supercillious.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  69. I have been a fan of this site for a while for humor purposes but have still not found the answer I am looking for. I see all the posts ridiculing BB members, and I see some posts about scientology, but I dont see anything linking the two. The members of BB are very diverse in their religions and it is not a topic that they talk about. I have read most of this site already. Is there a specific page I have missed that you can point me to? Thanks.

  70. I get it. Half of BB has become anti-psychiatry. Scientology is anti-psychiatry. But it is a logical error to say that therefore benzobuddies is scientology. I was on BB for a year myself before discovering I had Lyme disease, and not once did I read references to religion or scientology, or cults. I cannot find this religion section you speak of. I just searched for ‘scientology’ and all I can find are references to cesspoolofmadness.

  71. BB members becoming anti-psychiatry is a process that happens one member at a time. Usually the member is not anti-psychiatry on arrival. Then, upon enduring months of painful symptoms and reading anti-psychiatry information from other members, half of them become anti-psychiatry. The other half reject the idea and continue to try to use antidepressants (or anything but benzos) to treat their symptoms and they spend their lives on an endless drug merrygoround wondering why they never feel normal.

    As far as scientology, scientology is a religion and has numerous concepts other than anti-psychiatry. The only thing benzo buddies has in common with scientology is that half of the members are anti-psychiatry, often for different reasons than scientology itself, such as their personal suffering. Meanwhile everything else – the majority of concepts in scientology, are nowhere to be found on benzobuddies.

  72. Further, I would not say that anyone on BB ‘worships’ ashton. Some respect ashton like a scientist, and many have no idea who ashton is. In general, the Ashton Manual is just used as a reference guide for drug equivalencies and taper schedules. Not everyone even follows it and most have their own customized taper schedule.

    There are many other groups on the internet for antidepressant withdrawal such as Cymbalta Hurts Worse, who advocate nearly the exact same taper schedule or slower, except they have no idea who Ashton is or what the Ashton Manual is. Ashton did not invent microtapering.

    Nobody goes to Benzo Buddies to join a cult or worship anything. It is a very hectic chaotic place where desperate people stop by one by one looking for any advice to lessen their suffering. Some group think occurs and over time most tend to end up supporting microtapering and hating their psychiatrist, but it ends there.

  73. I agree that this is tedious. With over a year of experience on BB, I have tried to explain the best I can your that BB is not a scientology cult, that is all. You have made a logical error that because two groups share an attribute (not even consistently), they are the same group, which is wrong. Scientology is definitely a religion, even though the gov denied their application. I give up. You are probably the site admin, who launched this whole site just to troll, who now is trolling me, and who is the only person in the world who believes BB is a scientology cult. Good luck.

  74. Regarding Lyme, I think the latest medical research would disagree with you there, and I never even mentioned “chronic Lyme”. I simply have Lyme that was never treated thanks to fucking Benzo Buddies so it developed into late stage neurological Lyme. I have positive blood work from Quest and even my psychiatrist believes the symptoms are due to Lyme.

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