Leo H Sternbach

Inventor of benzodiazepines. He was born on May 7, 1908, in Abbazia, formerly Austria (now Croatia), and died in Chapel Hill, NC, USA, on Sept 28, 2005, aged 97 years.

Leo Sternbach loved chemistry. He would become best known for his synthesis of diazepam (Valium) in 1963 and other benzodiazepines, which revolutionised the treatment of anxiety and played a large part in the commercial success of the drug company Hoffmann-LaRoche, for whom he worked. But it was his synthesis of biotin in the 1950s that most impressed his chemist colleagues. “He developed a commercially viable synthesis of a chiral natural product that took 50 years to replace”, said Jeff Tilley, a Roche colleague since 1972. “It was robust, practical chemistry that presaged a lot of interest in natural product synthesis that really emerged 30 years later. It was just a tour de force in chemistry using the crude tools that were available at the time.”

Sternbach earned a master of pharmacy and then a PhD in chemistry in 1937 from the University of Krakow, Poland. He then worked in Vienna on colloidal chemistry, and went to Zurich to work with Leopold Ruzicka at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Throughout his childhood, Sternbach had faced discrimination because he was Jewish; this intensified as Hitler’s power rose, although his mentors and employers in chemistry always looked out for him. In 1940, he joined F Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel, Switzerland, but the plan was that he would be transferred to the USA to work in a new facility in Nutley, NJ. With the assistance of Roche, Sternbach and his wife, Herta, made the difficult journey to the USA, landing in Jersey City on June 22, 1941.

His first few years in the Roche laboratories at Nutley were disappointing, but in February, 1943, he began work on the synthesis of biotin. After his success with that compound, he developed trimetaphan camsilate (Arfonad), a ganglionic blocker used in bloodless surgery. The next 4 years were spent on the development of chlordiazepoxide (Librium) after executives at Roche became interested in creating a product to compete with the anti-anxiety drug meprobamate (Miltown), which had been brought to market in 1953. For that, Sternbach reached back to his student days in Krakow, according to Hans Maag, a Roche colleague. “At the time we were looking for new azo dyes or interesting dye stuff intermediates, and we came across some substances known as 4,5-benzo-[hept-1,2,6-oxdiazines] in the German literature”, Sternbach would later write. “From a chemical point of view, they were very interesting. They were formed in good yields and by interesting chemical reactions, but unfortunately did not lend themselves to transformation into usable dyes. With regret we dropped this group of compounds and turned to other things.”

Sternbach’s team in Nutley turned back to those compounds, but would have dropped them again because of poor results were it not for a chance event that occurred while they were cleaning the laboratory to make way for other projects. “During this procedure, Earl Reeder, my co-worker, drew my attention to a few hundred milligrams of two products, a nicely crystallized base and its hydrochloride”, Sternbach wrote. Those products, after testing by pharmacologist Lowell Randall, would become chlordiazepoxide. “He decided to re-examine the chemistry of his student period in Poland and resurrected the benzodiazepines into the most important series of drugs to combat anxiety, at that time a newly defined mental disorder”, former colleague Milan Uskokovic once said. “He became a grand master of modern medicinal chemistry.”

In addition to benzodiazepines such as diazepam and clonazepam (Klonopin), Sternbach would develop clidinium bromide (Quarzan), an anticholinergic, and hypnotics, including nitrazepam (Mogadon) and flunitrazepam (Rohypnol). He held 241 US patents. Speaking of diazepam in 2003 on the drug’s 40th birthday, he told the Associated Press: “It had no unpleasant side-effects. It gave you a feeling of well-being. Only when the sales figures came in, then I realised how important it was.” Sternbach would test many of the compounds on himself, Tilley said. He would serve as director of medicinal chemistry at Roche until his retirement in 1973, although he was a consultant at Roche until 2003, visiting nearly every day. As recently as 1994, products he patented accounted for 28% of the company’s worldwide pharmaceutical sales, Roche said.

Sternbach was recalled for his kindness. “He was proud of what he had done, but he wasn’t really arrogant about it”, Tilley said. He was always interested in the welfare of people who worked with him, said Maag. He is survived by his wife, Herta, and two sons, Michael and Daniel.

Additional material honoring Dr. Sternbach

Good Chemistry
The Life and Legacy of Valium Inventor Leo Sternbach

Fifty years ago, when it came to treating acute anxiety and related disorders, the cure was often worse than the disease. Other than “the talking cure,” sufferer’s options were limited to a handful of toxic substances, such as barbiturates, which, in addition to causing significant impairment of cognitive and motor functions, were highly addictive and potentially lethal. All that changed suddenly in 1960, when the healthcare company Roche introduced Librium, the first of the benzodiazepine class of drugs. Offering the promise of a s fast-acting, effective and safer alternative, the benzodiazepines revolutionized the medical treatment of anxiety and convulsive disorders and ushered in a new era in psychopharmacology research.

The invention of the benzodiazepines is now viewed as one of the greatest accomplishments of 20th century pharmacology.. Now, for the first time, Good Chemistry tells the fascinating story of the benzodiazepines and the genius behind the invention.

Beginning in 1908, in the Adriatic resort town of Abazzia, now a part of Croatia, Good Chemistry traces the life and career of Leo Sternbach, the pharmacist’s son who, in the face of withering anti-Semitism and financial hardship, followed his passion for chemistry to become one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, or as he was dubbed by U.S. News & World Report, one of the Twenty-five Shapers of the Modern Era. We learn about his early years as a student in Europe prior to joining Roche in Switzerland in 1940, and how the company aided his flight from Nazi persecution to a new home in the United States. It was there that, , in 1958, while working as a research chemist for Roche, he made his momentous discovery in a discarded test tube containing a few crystals from a long-forgotten experiment. And we learn of his no less impressive accomplishments in the years following, for which he holds an astonishing 230 patents.

The second half of Good Chemistry is a compelling medical and social history of Valium and its rise to near-iconic stature in our popular culture. The authors offer a lively account of Valium’s uses and abuses over the past forty years and explain how its evolution from “panacea” to “Mother’s Little Helpers” was based on a common misconception of Valium’s effects on the human nervous system. They also review exciting recent research into the psychopharmacology of benzodiazepines that has revealed how, unlike virtually ever other class of anxiolytic, sedative, and mood stabilizer, the benzodiazepines work in harmony with the body’s own natural system for inhibiting anxiety and managing stress.

Each day, tens of millions of people around the globe take some form of benzodiazepine to calm their fears, to help them sleep, to overcome life-threatening seizures, or to assist them through the trauma of surgery. Good Chemistry tells the captivating story of the development of these medications and of the remarkable man who introduced them to the world.

The fascinating story of one of the most important breakthroughs of 20th century pharmacology and the man behind the invention

The development by Roche of Valium and the benzodiazepine class of chemical compounds was among the greatest accomplishments of modern pharmacology. Good Chemistry combines a detailed account of that momentous development with an engaging biography of Leo Sternbach, the brilliant chemist who invented Valium and whose achievement heralded a new era in research and therapeutics.

A thought-provoking biographical history, Good Chemistry reveals the fascinating story of a gifted young man who, forbidden to follow his passion for chemistry because he was Jewish,, fled the persecution of his homeland for the United States, overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to become one of the 20th century’s premier chemists. It also traces the surprising and often dramatic developments that led to the invention of Valium, and traces the grim history of previous drug therapies for anxiety that made the invention of the benzodiazepine group of drugs such a revolution in drug treatments. And it offers a fascinating cultural history of one of the most praised and maligned drugs of modern times and its impact on society.

Valium Saved My Life
Published: October 5, 2012
To the Editor:

Re “Valium’s Contribution to Our New Normal,” by Robin Marantz Henig (Sunday Review, Sept. 30):

After serving in the Army in Vietnam and suffering from what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder, I found that Librium, and then Valium, definitely saved my life.

Whatever negatives there may be about the use and overuse of Valium, it has saved many lives and improved the quality of millions of lives.

Its positives dramatically outweigh its negatives, and right now, there is really no adequate substitute for the psychoactive drugs.

Whitestone, Queens, Sept. 30, 2012

29 thoughts on “HERO

  1. ATTN: Mike59 – Please contact me.

    Just so there is no mis-understanding in regards to the motives I have for desiring contact with you – I am someone that absolutely supports your cause, rather than someone that is upset and looking to spew vitriol in your direction because of some unwarranted & ignorance fueled negative opinions of you as a result of a negative perception of your cause.

    I realize that it may seem absurd to see me making such an attempt at validation in regards to something so specific that appears completely unprovoked. I assure you that it is simply a result of an assumption in my mind pertaining to the fact that it seems quite probable that you would be in a position in which you are forced to deal with such personality types and frequently.


    I hope you will contact me at the email address that I have been required to provide in exchange for the permission to post comments on your site.

    I strongly feel that I am in a position in which I can help your cause in the form of offering you some information that I believe will help prove what it is that you are standing for to be objectively correct as well as noble – rather than malevolent. At least aside from the reality surrounding the fact that it DOES appear as if you are standing for said cause for the sake of supporting your own personal needs rather than because it is the right thing to do. If I am wrong then I sincerely apologize.

    Either way, I have strong negative feelings towards these benzodiazepine withdrawal ”support” forums and as a person that wants to be righteous and help to make this world as great of a place for its’ inhabitants as possible, I feel strong ethical/moral qualms with the idea of not helping this cause in any way that I can outside of verbal attacks towards anyone.

    Please send an e-mail my way and in response to it, I will provide detailed descriptions of some experiences as well as some speculation surrounding this whole topic that I genuinely believe that you could use to help silence the ignorant people whose words discredit the validity of what you are standing for here…

    I would also like to say that whether you truly do have a personal vendetta against some of the members of these communities or you don’t – it doesn’t matter because that’s not the point.

    The point is that you should be praised for the nobility and bravery that must be a prerequisite to taking the time to create this site – which I am quite sure you KNEW would upset a lot of people and very realistically cause you what are potentially numerous problems that affect your life outside of the internet. (Death threats, defamation of character, etc.) I am being quite literal when I say this;

    You saved my life. This site saved my life. I am positive that what I gained from this site translates to lots of other people as well that may not be trying to contact you. I can confidently say that if YOU hadnt decided one day that you were going to make a difference in regards to this, I may have never snapped out of a nightmare world of unimaginable suffering and the thought processes that come alongside it that would have likely become permanent or closer to it as more time passed.

    During periods of vulnerability, people are more likely to be affected by the power of suggestion. I am a fairly intelligent young person and I used my sense of logic to determine after a month or so of living in BB induced horror some truths that would set my mind free before it was too late… but because of the existence of this website the positive thoughts discrediting the legitimacy of everything I was reading there became solidified enough for me to have faith in them and escape an amount of suffering that is simply unbelievable… which was the result of what I was reading during a time of slightly heightened anxiety. Not benzo withdrawal.

    I would really like to talk to you, Mike. Please email me.

  2. I need to correct something that I said in my previous comment.

    When I said that it appears that you are doing what you are doing due to personal desires, I made a mistake and therefore potentially offended you.

    What I meant to get across is that it does seem like you may have a personal vendetta against some of these people (which I understand there exists a large possibility that I am wrong about that) BUT I would imagine that if true it simply ADDS to your motives for running the site ALONGSIDE fighting for a very noble cause.

    I mentioned it because I want people to take you seriously and so anyone reading my comment is aware that I have already considered that yet still believe what you are doing is noble.

    The way I worded it it translates to me saying ”The reason that you are running this site is because you don’t like these people.” I did not intend to say that and I apologize.

    Whether or not you have a personal vendetta against anyone from BB, you are evidently going out of your way to support an amazing cause that will help a lot of people and IF you have a strong disliking towards any of those members it is irrelevant when speaking of your motives here and even when speaking of your sense of ethics/morals as there are obviously very strong reasons as to WHY. I don’t think that you are running this site for your own personal satisfaction regarding acting on the opportunity to attack those that you dislike. I think that it may be something unavoidable (since these people are screwing with your REAL LIFE) that causes it to LOOK like you are hateful to those that talk condescendingly to or about you when in reality – the point is to help people that are susceptible to the dangers of those sites.

    I understand that this may cause me to look dense, lol, but I cant seem to find wherever it is that your email address is posted. I am sure it is right in front of me somewhere but if you could respond to this with your email address I would like to email you as I only want you to see what I have to say at least at first.

  3. Yeah, sorry for making it look like that is what I was saying. That is what I intended to correct upon with my last post.

    I think that it might APPEAR that way to many people that read this site (thus all of the hate you receive) but I think that people need to truly open their eyes and see that like you said – it would be extremely non-nonsensical for your motives for making this site to equal a result of something like that rather than genuine outrage that you have felt in response to these sites… as have I.

    I honestly find it hard to believe that no one else has taken a stand for this cause. There have got to be lots of people who have experienced these sites while maintaining a sense of logic that would allow them to see things the way you and I see them… I imagine the thing that is stopping them is a fear of being painted as the bad guy as you have been, perhaps not being computer savvy enough with computers/the internet. The point is I think there has got to be lots of people who feel as you do and I am wondering where they are?

    I strongly encourage anyone that happens to read this that feels the same way to say something. Help make it known that the people speaking against these sites are not ”vile little men” but people who are risking appearing such a way to the majority at the expense of how their own character is perceived for the sake of SAVING PEOPLE FROM UNNECESSARY TORTURE.

    I have no ill intentions towards any of the people that are running that site and if they mean well then respect to them for that. I am 100% sure, however, that whether they mean well or not that the power of mass hypochondria and a mass of people all in such an uptight situation when it comes to spreading unnecessary horror is huge. I am kind of frustrated because I am having a hard time summarizing an adequate verbalization in regards to how and why this is objectively true in a space that would be appropriate for a comment section like this… So I am going to email mike at some point today when I have the time with as much information as I can provide and hopefully he will take on the responsibility of determining how to present it so it makes the most sense.

  4. Ok, so. I made a stupid comment here last week or so but I’m sure we all make stupid comments here sometimes. I found this site while I was researching a drug called ativan that the doctors gave me in the emergency room while having a siezure last week. I actually started having siezures on october 23rd 2003 and was prescribed dilantin. I never could understand why I started having these damn things and why they keep happening but I’ll just get right to it. I’m writing to share an “EXPERIENCE” that I had the other night (2-1-2014) while watching the news and trying to recover from 1-25/26-2014 after waking up in an emergency room after a siezure the week before.I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden the dog started freaking out majorly and could hear the other dog doing the same. He was barking loud, running aruond my room scratching at the door etc. I could tell that something must have been happening with the other people like me.MUST have been. I truly thought the world was over, aliens here or something. Anyone else feelin “weird” or anything??why do my ears keep ringing?? why do these damn things keep happening ?? are aliens here already??

  5. I am very glad to see that a site like this exists. my brother was FINE coming off of his benzodiazepines under his doctors orders until finding benzobuddies (which I just learned about recently as a friend of his that attended his funeral was telling me) and suddenly becoming convinced that his whole life was over and wouldn’t come out of his bedroom at my parents house for about a month before taking his own life with my dads shotgun.

    I guess he learned that he would have to be sick for years and that his doctor had ruined his mind. in his last days he was devastated that his doctor would not switch him to a longer acting tranquilizer and his note mentioned 3 times that the doctors don’t understand how this permanently would ruin him

    rip justin

  6. what do you mean if its true you think i would lie about my brother dying… that site is responsible because he SHOWED me all he had learned when he became tormented and i remembered the name of it.

    now my dad also has to go to court for leaving his shotgun in his own garage meanwhile his son and my brother is dead and my mom might be mentally damaged as well as my 2 sisters (they are younger)

    i wouldnt lie about this. i cant believe a site that tells people their lives are ruined forever and that their doctors are wrong EXISTS without being shut down!

  7. We’re working on it, Jer. I was part of the problem, and saw the light (so to speak). I do not want anyone else to die because of idiots on the internet (including myself). I lost several friends during my tenure as a moderator/admin, and while I don’t think I gave them bad advice, I’ll never know if I could have done more, but I know this much… I’m not a fucking doctor.. With voices like yours speaking out, something might happen. Or, we just drive them into the darkness. It is inevitable. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

  8. is there a chance that those people are right or do you think it is reading about that stuff that does the damage?

  9. Here’s my opinion on the matter, and take it as such… it’s like an asshole. We’ve all got one. 🙂

    People who are going through withdrawals seek other people who are going through a similar situation to try to find a way to cope. The problem is that people who are not doctors think that they know more than they actually do, or they listen to idiots like that Ashton creep. During withdrawal, which is something 59 and I know a lot about, as we’ve been through it, people are susceptible to suggestion, because obviously, their brains aren’t right.

    The boards that still exist teach people that doctors are the devil. It’s a victim mentality… blame the guy or gal who tried to help you, because obviously, they are the bad guy! How could anything else be the problem? Oh wait… perhaps you were mentally ill and some fucker on a message board convinced you that not taking your prescribed medication was a good thing. And, not being in your right mind at the time, you agreed (not talking about you personally, jer16; I hope you realize this)

    That’s why these boards have to burn. I believe that while the intent is good initially, it becomes a cult/group mentality. Everyone is very happy to talk to other crazy people, but more harm is done than good. People die because they were taught to hate their doctors. I don’t like that. I know you don’t.

    Doctor bashing is the silliest thing that ever came about from this whole silly mess. Sure, hate the person who is trying to help you… brilliant. I only joined the forums because I was having a hard time in my life, and they embraced me because I was able to make them laugh and they listened to me, to my shock. That doesn’t make me an M.D. That is the exact message that needs to be put out there, in my personal opinion.

  10. I was on alprazolam and klonopin for 3 years eery day and got off. I would like to see these people try to deal with fucking cold turkey methadone withdrawal AND benzo withdrawal at the same time. I didn’t even notice the benzo withdrawal but I tapered at 1 quarter mg per 2 weeks for 12 weeks. thank god I didn’t find a site like BB back then. funny my bro believed them over me. its because I didn’t tell the family back then and had my own place.

    I wonder how these assholes would act if they got METHADONE withdrawal from 95mgs no tapering ON TOP of their benzo tapers. give me a break. my brother wasn’t in withdrawal or nothing serious he was convinced his life was over and upset about it

    ps mike fn is funny as fuck lol

  11. You do come across as hate. Seriously, are you really doing this to help others or are to hurt them? You don’t believe in benzo withdrawal, but how could you not? Jer c, i’m sorry that your brother passed away. I don’t go on bb, but I don’t believe that is why he killed himself. Something happens to a percentage of people who take this medication. I was very suicidal and over dosed a couple of times. The depression that occurs in some is insane! You do feel hopeless because it seems like you can’t find yourself anymore. My heart is for people who feel this way. I have seen to many people that I love die by their own hands. Some of the stuff that Mike writes I understand. I read what some people go through and I don’t know if it’s true or even why they would want to embarrass themselves this way. I am in a group, but I also come in here to check out some of his stories. I take the positive from him and my support group. I am not against most Dr’s, but some I have no respect for.. They are human, but the ones that rub me the wrong way are the ones who forget their position and it becomes just a job to them. There is hope for anyone going through this, but I didn’t feel this way at one point. I need to keep living and doing as much as I can because it’s tough and it’s long, but to be around negative people all the time, I can’t. I do listen to some of their concerns, but when it’s about something so radical, then I have to step away. Most can’t talk about suicide but I think that people should speak about it. I guess they are worried about lawsuits, and they should be when people would think it’s somehow the fault of a group that a person takes their life while in this mess! It is important if you are thinking of killing yourself to put it out there. Most people after talking about it won’t. It’s the ones that hold it in that may eventually do it. I don’t blame my Dr for what is happening to me. I guess I could, but I knew at a certain point that I had a problem, and of course the internet was right there. If I go out and take my own life, it wasn’t because of any one thing, but my own decisions. We can’t keep tossing the blame. As much as Mike hates these groups, and so he must also dislike me, I find some things in here to be interesting. Most people in the benzo community know of him. They despise him and some have good reasons. Then again, the ones he pretty much talks about aren’t really nice anyways. I mean there are a lot of people in these groups that are fantastic, but I’m speaking of three people that he names off more than others that are heartless. People can be inhumane whether in withdrawal or not. This is how it is in the world. Good luck!

  12. 13 suicides – far too many which is why mike 59 is here.

    Mike 59 (as opposed to the psychologically crippling in vulnerable people, scientology worshipping malignant minds at benzobuddies) is the type of guy that doesn’t think it’s good when people get brainwashed by some website into not trusting their doctors or anyone else and live in some nightmare world because of it until they commit suicide.

    The thing about Mike 59 that I have noticed is that when he reads about people being brainwashed into living in some sort of living hell as a result of the power of suggestion from a collective sum of unwell, dangerous and stupid minds until they feel like there is no escape and decide to end their lives, he doesn’t see it as something good.

    In fact, if I had to guess, I would guess that I don’t think he sees it as something good AT ALL.

    That’s the thing about mike 59 and people will suggest that he is the one with bad intentions but he is just a regular guy that doesn’t stand for brainwashing sick people into living in some hellish nightmare until they brutally murder themselves and he’s here to let people know that.

    I know you will read this Mike 59 so once again, respect to you for doing what you’re doing. Even if most people don’t see what I am explaining in this post about you, rest assured knowing that some people do see it.

  13. Mike, yes I believe that 13 is a lot! Unfortunately fifty percent who commit suicide had a drug or alcohol problem. So that needs to be kept in mind when you look at the 13. Jer16, did you ever see what he posted or what advice was given to him in bb? I’m glad that you got off of benzodiazepines and methadone! You tapered off of xanax and Klonopin at a rate of 25 percent every two weeks. What I am about to say next, I hope you don’t take this personal, but seeing as though you went through this, did you explain to your brother how to taper? Everyone is different with the withdrawal of benzodiazepine. You try to reinforce positivity, but to the person going through it, sometimes hope seems impossible! Back to Mike, why would you allow a capture.png on your site regarding a woman who lost two brothers from heroin overdose? Clearly you could see the hate the other girl had for benzo groups, and especially towards this individual (without cause)! You say that 13 is a lot, but do you realize what this person is going through right now? How would you feel if she took her own life because of your non-stop posts about her? Sometimes what you put in here is out of context! Suicide sucks! I don’t need to be on a benzo to know this! Mental illness runs in my family. There have been to many funerals related to this that I’ve had to go to. You go through a lot of mixed emotions when this happens to someone you love, anger being the most! I hope you will consider who or what you post in here.

  14. Anomaly, your post is refreshing, because you gave your point decently without threatening anyone. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it (excepting the grieving part… on that we are in total accord), but thank you for stating your point clearly. I wish more people who were posting on here were so succinct.

    That’s why I still come on here… conversation without rudeness. It’s rare, but nice. That’s the only way anyone’s gonna learn anything… communication. 59 sees a problem, so he’s trying to fix it in the only way that he can. We don’t have to agree on stuff, but through discussion, common sense will eventually prevail, even if it ain’t all that common anymore. 🙂

  15. Hey Mike – I don’t even remember making that comment. WTF?

    It was definitely, DEFINITELY just playful trolling that was intended while I was drunk or something. I’m not a drunk or on drugs… but as a 25 year old male from Southern Ontario… Well, I’m a product of my environment and allow myself to get stupid once in a while. I have no idea what I was doing on this site on that night but I DO apologize for posting stupid shit on your site.

    It definitely would have been intended to be read as a joke but Jesus Christ… sorry man, lol.

    As you have probably seen from my other posts on this site I strongly support what this website stands for and I will try to make sure that any other posts I make on here are of value. I do have a lot of interesting takes on this stuff. I’m wondering what was contained in the blanks that you edited out?

    Hope you’re not pissed off at me or thinking lowly of me. Ttyl.

  16. Mike, I think the greatest benzo cult on the web is Jana’s benzo detox recovery site. It maybe small, but it has fervent cult like devotion to Jana and her foolish notions about “micro” tapering and her false promises of salvation if her mad theories are strictly and obsessively adhered to.

    These poor souls actually believe that a multi year taper will result in a pain free WD where you step off your final dose cured and are completely healed to enjoy a perfect life. The magic and proprietary “dual titration” method mysteriously removes all the damage caused by drug use and abuse. It also corrects all the problems you had that lead to drug use in the first place……really?

    Is her site just about toast? I hear she is no longer posting there. I had a couple of acquaintances get hooked into the insanity over there. The obsessive mixing and measuring that went on for years had a negative effect on the individual and their families. Sad really.

  17. In checked out your website because I am going through klonopin withdrawal and joined benzobuddies. At first I was excited to discover them because I am having a massive withdrawal and wanted to give and get support. I was very disappointed because the website is negative and discouraging. Everyone is sick for a very long time and I don’t plan on adopting that belief. Also I find the site full of cliques, VIP people, and people bashing each other for actually getting better. I took the liberty of researching about benzobuddies and how it’s negative. I found this website. Initially I was happy to find you. I appreciate the honesty and the humor and I agree about benzobuddies being negative and keeping a person sick along with the cult aspect blah blah. Yes totally

    However just now I read your article on the “hero” and my fingers can rest.

    No words can compete with this hatred and disgust. No competition with that one. You get to live in your skin. I’m just happy it’s not me.

    TW the internet sucks. I will recover from benzos without one.

  18. I’m having quite a difficult time attempting to understand how the existence of this page and its contents is being equated with hate. The above articles were not even authored by Mike, and their inclusion is profoundly humorous. I fail to interpret any of this as sinister, but perhaps there remains much to which I’m not privy.

  19. I’m sorry after the secon comment I skipped to the bottom of the page, My desire is to wake up the world. The parenting video was a parent joking around and calling their kid stupid. The little kid laughed. The other one is a teenager pointing out stupid tweets.

    I want to make sure my anxious friends, who could barely get through a birthday party tring not to cry, now that I am going to be alright.

    The history videos are from Anna Sparkman, a nervous new teacher, who is talking about really good way to deal with kids.

    I want ALL parents to see some cartoons. My child was watching a cartoon and I couldnt stop laughing because it was teaching him about the government. There is even a Spongebob Meme with the seven deadly sins. I am hoping that if they see that kids are really going to be okay, even if their house is a mess (Chanel-Hague) their views are challenged (Jessica Bianca) and their eyes are open, then I can go to these co-ops with their anxities relieved (they talk to me nervously now) but they are asking questions. They are getting answers. The goverment is using T.V video games messy rooms etc. about adult life, that’s why my kid is smart. I let him watch T.V. And it exposes the hypocrisies of our government (the FDA) without coming rght out and saying it,

    I want to post songs like “everbody knows” so that iKNOW EVERYBODY KNOWS) our kids wil be okay if we openly act like smart-asses around our kids, call them stupid no stupid no stupid game. It toughens them up with lay=ughter.

    I am not doing this for just the cause, I am doing it for my friends.

    The reason I was mad on the plane was because I knew I could never comunicate anymore with that game you played. Showing me two memes that contradicted eachother etc.

    I was sad because I would never see you again, my mom friends are nervous around me, amd I wsant them to know our kids are going to be okay.

    Posting stuff like HeY Chanelle look, a clip of spongebob teaches the seven deadly sins etc.

    I want to expose the good goverment we have — anonomous. Without stating it out right.

    This isnt just a cause about benzodiazapine use, it is about fear. And forgiveness. And god.

    Im in a homeschool co-op that bores the beejesus out of me. Mom’s selling pyramid schemes (and they are suddely your friend) I want them to know we ARE friends. THE KIDS WILL BE ALRIGHT.

    I just dont know how to post them. I WANT TO FURTHER THE CAUSE OF HUMANITY.

  20. Goping to smoke npw. I have benn taking my meds I just remembered you and missed our time together

  21. You fell in love with bb but you were naughty. The adults over there were upset and chased you away because there was not anything else they could do on the internet. Now you are hurt and upset. It is ok, mommy still loves her little genius. Mommy will go and see a doctor and find out if some candy will make you smile for a few minutes…. we are dependant on doctors now to tell us what and how we are feeling. My little Genius!

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