This site is dedicated to exposing those who masquerade as drug withdrawal support groups, but in reality are dangerous pro-Scientology, anti-doctor, anti-psychiatry, anti-Western medicine cults.

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  1. Excellent website people! I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Keep up all the great work!
    LOVE to ALL (MOST),

  2. I understand your stated mission statement but why all the personal attacks on individual people?

    When I google names mentioned here I keep coming across intense fighting between the activists here and those that helped start this website. Is this escapo’s or Donna’s site? Did it used to be moderated by banana101 from ceasefireofmadness?

  3. DITTO. THis is truly the most interesting site i’ve seen in years here folks . I’ve just messaged it to all my best friends and know they’ll thouroughly enjoy it as well. Please keep up all the great work people…let’s try a real tapering off of all the intense hate though folks. I love ART.

  4. I don’t argue with you that hypochondria and “cyberchondria” are the cause of some of the benzo withdrawal symptoms appearing in benzo withdrawal support groups. However, are you claiming that benzos are ok to take indefinitely, and cause no addiction or withdrawal symptoms? In my state, doctors are only allowed to prescribe a 30-day supply of benzos, with no refills. Anything beyond that requires a new prescription. Furthermore, each prescription has to be hand-delivered to the pharmacy by the patient – it cannot be faxed or sent electronically. So apparently, even some states governments are concerned about addiction potential. Can you cite reputable medical literature showing the efficacy of benzos for long-term treatment (beyond say 4 to 6 weeks)?

  5. Challenge accepted. I just Googled this, which most people are capable of doing. Unsure why you didn’t, but then, from dealing with clients all the time in my graphic design business, some people just don’t “get” the Google… (or more commonly, they don’t want to do the leg work. Not making fun of you, but this took me 3 seconds. Read. You don’t have to agree with it, as we all know that opinions are like assholes… and I’m an opinion.) 🙂


    The American Journal of Psychiatry is published by the American Psychiatric Association, and is one of the most influential psychiatric journals in the world. The journal is published monthly and contains peer-reviewed articles on the latest research findings pertinent to mental illness. In this review, I highlight some relevant considerations related to patients using benzodiazepines (also known as ‘minor tranquilizers’).

    In the course of prescribing antidepressant medications for patients with depression, I have often found that accompanying symptoms of anxiety or insomnia were best treated with medications such as lorazepam, alprazolam or clonazepam (benzodiazepines). While antidepressants have anti-anxiety effects and ultimately help to restore normal sleep, they take several weeks to take full effect, while the benzodiazepines bring about more rapid relief of the very distressing symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Although these medications are generally advised to be prescribed for short-term use only, I have found that some of my patients have continued to take these medications for longer time intervals than anticipated, and have done very well.

    The development of this class of medications (e.g., Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin) represented a major advance over older anti-anxiety drugs (e.g., barbiturates) in that they are relatively very safe and rapidly effective medications. Although most treatment guidelines recommend the short-term use of these medications, many patients benefit from longer periods of use than is generally recommended (more than 60 days).

    Despite the safety of these medications, many physicians correctly worry about potential risks associated with long-term benzodiazepine use: psychological and physical dependency, uncomfortable and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, impaired concentration and coordination and slowed reaction time, and an association with a higher risk of falling or of being involved in automobile accidents. These risks are particularly worrisome among the elderly, who are especially prone to side effects, particularly if high doses of medication are prescribed.

    Writing in the April, 2004 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Marcia Valenstein and colleagues, from the University of Michigan and the Veterans’ Administration Hospital there, looked at benzodiazepine use among over 46,000 individuals who were treated for depression in VA mental health clinics.

    Even though the study population was restricted to veterans, the findings of the study would not be surprising to most psychiatrists, in that at least one third of patients who were being treated with an antidepressant for depression were also being treated with a benzodiazepine. Patients who were more likely to be prescribed benzodiazepines were of Caucasian or Hispanic ethnicity, were more likely to have co-existing posttraumatic stress disorder or another anxiety disorder, and were older than those not being prescribed benzodiazepines. African-Americans and individuals with a history of substance abuse were less likely to have been prescribed these medications. Patients who were prescribed these medications usually received supplies of medication that would allow long-term use. Dispensing of less than a 30-day supply of benzodiazepines, a practice typically recommended by practice guidelines, occurred for only 6% of all patients whose records were reviewed.

    Reassuringly, patients were not prescribed very high doses of these medications, and most patients seemed to take less of the medications than their doctors prescribed. However, the fact that more than 30% of these depressed patients were being prescribed benzodiazepines, and for more than a short time period, suggests that this is a very common prescribing practice that may, in some patients, raise the risk of adverse events. It is important for the patient taking benzodiazepines to work with his or her doctor to find alternative strategy to control anxiety or to work toward ingesting the lowest effective dose possible. While there may be some discomfort in lowering benzodiazepine frequency and dosage, the decreased risk of adverse side effects is, in my opinion, well worth it.

    The views expressed in the above article are those of the author and do not reflect an endorsement by the Greater Long Island Psychiatric Society of any medications or treatment plans.
    Dr. Schwartz is the Director of Residency Training and an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

  6. It seems to me that you’re only after the benzo people. I could be wrong but what other “cults” have you gone after? Why take such an interest in them? If you are hopelessly addicted, than that’s fine. You have accepted your fate. Do you think you’re going to convince everyone that benzo addiction is awesome? Lol.. Get over it my man.

  7. Btw, i never used any of the benzo support groups and i’m sure there is a lot of misinformation there but i believe their intentions are good. Trying to help people kick a shitty addiction. Leave those nut jobs alone.

  8. Have you ever been addicted to benzo’s, or indeed other drugs? The current Health Minister in the UK (right wing, Conservative) has acknowledged that over prescribing has left 1 – 1.5 million people in the UK physically dependant. It’s embarrassing enough for it to dawn on you that if you miss a dose every step will send an electric jolt through your brain. That you are dominated by a yellow pill.

    Why piss on people when their down? I think the title of your website my be a little more than self-reflective.

  9. this site is runned by a sick person prob on this mind fucked drug her/him self and anti psychotic’s PYCHOPATH

  10. I know you going to read this(admin) so here my message you are not going to WIN never you FOOL

  11. Dude, what in hell are you doing? I know nothing about all the benzodiazepine support sites you seemingly believe are property of Satan, but I’ve been seeking a support site given benzodiazepine drugs are just too difficult for one to quit on their own, and doctors have no clue with regard to assisting those of us who don’t withdraw (not sure what you’d like to hear), uh, “good enough?” My doctor took me off 3mg (triple dose) of Klonopin after 8 years of daily use as prescribed by my old doctor. I took them because I thought a patient is to be compliant. 5 days after quitting cold turkey, I wound up in the ER. I’ll spare the details because you clearly don’t believe what could happen when quitting this stuff. Why, you may wonder, did I want to quit? Perhaps 5 medical specialists who are trying to help me with 5 new physical health condition I did not have prior to benzos all concurred Klonopin use at that dose for that long is the root of my afflictions. Uh, that’s 5 doctors. Are they all incompetent, then? God, man. Whatever your agenda is, it is arguably the most jacked up thing to put time and energy into.

  12. Why on earth would you care how people get support during withdrawal from this evil drug. My son is living in a place no one should have to be in, all in the name of klonopin. Are you nuts? Have you ever tried to get support from a doctor or worse yet, a psychiatrist? You need to mind your own business and let the people going through this hell make their own decisions on what support works for them. If someone is so ill that suicide is what they choose that has nothing to do with the support given in good faith from this website. Again, it is not for you to decide and make decisions on someone elses life. If sharing experiences as well as support helps people that is their choice, not yours. You need to mind your own business, simple as that.

  13. Hi Scott and Ruth

    I care because I lost a person I cared about very much to this cult. My friend took their own life after being convinced that their doctor prescribed medicine that they were dependant on, was actually ” a toxic poison” that must be discontinued at all costs…….

    I think any caring person who has seen the damage this cult has caused would do what they can to put a stop to it.

    Nothing good can come from visiting benzo buddies and listening to mentally ill people talk about crazy conspiracy theories, hateful and violent plans to harm health care workers, psycho somatic health issues, blaming others for their own drug addiction, etc. etc.

    It is my sincere hope you both wake up and smell the coffee before you are both ensnared in the benzo buddies web of deception, fear, and hate.

  14. Although there are many people who do have good intentions in these groups, I also see the bad. Grown people intentionally hurting other members for no reason other than trying to gain some kind of mind control. It’s unfortunate that this is how it is, and you all can deny it, but it is the truth! There is good information in some of them, but when you hear a person who is saying that they can’t do it! That they are way too sick, or they don’t want to go on, then instead of feeling compassion, we hear “YES YOU CAN”! I am not saying this is the case with every group, but if not watched steadily by moderators, this can be an opening to a door that can no longer be closed.

    We’ve lost another one because he was to ashamed that he couldn’t go on, but let’s keep going on! How can you? Does not anyone take some accountability for their actions? Did you ask him if he wanted to talk, or explain that if he feels this way that it was okay, and he didn’t have to continue tapering off the drug, or if it wasn’t working for him, that maybe his doctor could try something else. What is more important, life or feeling all powerful? Put yourselves in their shoes and don’t give advice when you clearly have no idea what this person is about to do by telling him to keep dying…I mean going! I have a serious problem with this. We are not doctors, nor therapist, but we are supposed to support one another on how they feel and they need to be able to make their own decision but it should be theirs and not encouraged to do what he feels he can’t. Some deaths were not seen, or even able to have been stopped, but to have read four that were, and actually pushed over the edge is WRONG! When I have looked at some of these posts after, I was ashamed and hurt! I felt guilty that I wasn’t there to give sound advice and lend them my time. So you all can go on about who’s hurting who or why this site sucks, but before you do that, have you ever mistreated anyone in group? Have you ever once felt like you yourself was? Do you hate doctors? Are you so mad that you will blame it all on them? Is it not time to accept and get help? If you decide to, first think of what was going on before you got on the pill, and what other medications you may have been taking. Is there something more than just benzos that are affecting your well being? Have you seen a regular DR and been examined? If someone is telling you that they are scared because their heart is hurting, jaw is clenching, and they are really frightened. Would your answer be “don’t worry it’s benzo wd” or would you recommend him to go to get looked at? If you answered yes to the first part, and then this person dies of a heart attack, wouldn’t you be responsible for his death? People get sick! Everything can not be just regarded as wd when you don’t know for sure.

    Now let’s get back into the backstabbing. You see it happening all the time. You see one person who is trying to help while others are throwing stones of lies, but you do not nothing and even worse, you join in! Would you teach your children that? There are just a few that I truly care about in these groups, but that’s all. They have tried to kill me with their words and wickedness. Gossip and drama fills the air and then you start getting messages of this one and that one talking about you. This used to hurt so bad, but not I’m just sick of it and fear for others. Being an admin is not being a King/Queen, and yet I only know a few who acted as a member, but with more responsibility and care.. You can just cut right down to big Facebook groups except one, because their leaders are hypocrites and it’s too bad that you will have to see it for yourself. When you are being told to avoid all medications because of the Ashton Manual, and you listen, then you are not thinking for yourselves. Open your mind, and think! If you really don’t believe in mental illness, then you never saw it, but maybe you yourself are, and that is the reason why you were put on them. We need to look at ourselves and face the truth, because only then can we get healed, and that should be the goal. If I am bi-polar and you tell me I’m not, then you do not know what mania is or what it looks like. You have no idea what you are telling others just because you don’t have that disease! There was a time that I thought this site was the enemy. I was taught that and saw blogs from groups on here, but within a month did I start to see how groups would do things. Damn, I was new, and the mods just called someone out by name to embarrass her and if she didn’t agree with them, she would be thrown out, and she stood her ground, and so did they, but the one who was thrown out, I see and understand her point, and she then instead of getting revenge wanted to have a group where next to none would be kicked out, and was against bullying. Yet she herself got blasphemed in other groups and on people’s walls because she was off of benzos for 23 months and for the first time felt depression, and when it hit her, she was going to do something about it. So instead of yelling keep going, which most of them did still, some thought it would be best for her not end her life and go back on the pill. All her hard work soon will be nothing because there are some wicked people who would rather crucify her and blame it on benzos. You jealous fools! Death means nothing to the evil ones. You form your own private groups, oh Hail The Ungrateful Wolf! Bow down Nicole and add your five cents with the rest of your cult! You will be exposed!! You should not be envied and your not, but you got Sleepy and now your in protracted wd, but hey let’s live in suffering as you say you do, and let’s gather our strength together to bash the one who refused to join you and reinstated!! How fun is this? So although once I was for group support, I find myself disgusted with most of the people I have met. It also makes me sad because some of them are speaking the truth and telling you how sick they are and you got sick of hearing one of them and destroyed her in right in there. Then we find out she killed herself. How could you do that to someone? Oh that’s right, it was the benzos! I believe it is Involuntary Manslaughter! So go ahead and yell in here all you want when you have all witnessed these sort of things while in group. Hate me, that’s fine, but you can’t kill someone who has no respect of what your opinions are or how you choose to use your words. Really, this is just how people should behave! This is YOUR life, and don’t allow your minds to be fooled into thinking that you are not worth it, or it’s to hard to keep living. I know, I also did this, and tomorrow I might feel this way again, but I will keep moving forward and if that means that I have to take my medication to do so, then I will and maybe one day I won’t need them anymore, but I will live the way I want to now! How gross it is to see a war from support groups and this site when you all know that benzo wd does exists, but you are doing more harm in your own support settings! Let’s give everyone another excuse to use vulgar language and act like a punk? Again it’s up to you, but you make yourselves look really bad when you do this and people who read his wall will see how he reacts and you! Think before to write.

  15. Hey I don’t know what the hell you are trying to do here , it says something about you and this site when you call bb and other sites names like hate groups crazies and and a long list of insults, I think just showsyou are the one spreading hate as I myself have been thru terrible painfull w/d and bb and sites like it really helped me as I was haveing many strange painfull symptoms before I found bb and the help to get thru this from people that have been there and done that and encouraged me along the way . I do know people have come to there end and killed themselves as they did not know what was happening, the pain and length of time as it’s long, kill themselves as they think it will never end, without bb people that telling to just hang in as it get better , I have been thur this it’s very reel , what u r trying to do here will cause death ,

  16. I’m a member of Benzo buddies and have been for 4 years. I’ve written many comforting posts to encourage other in my years of recovery. I have almost finally fully recovered and have had people as far as New Zealand write me and say how much my messages have helped them sustain through recovery. At least one of these was actually a doctor himself who utilized my messages to help a current patient in Benzo withdrawal (as he was not familiar with how to support him). And one was from a nurse. I never offered any senseless medical advice, but did explain the process of recovery. Please do not discount those people in the world that may be intelligently utilizing that space to make it through the challenging recovery process. There are always a few bad eggs, but there are also many gems. Not everyone must be your enemy. To lump everyone on a forum in that category is not accurate or kind. Many folks are there to give and receive appropriate encouragement WITH a doctor-managed program happening concurrently. 😉

  17. Have you got an email address for hot gossip which deserves to be published here. Be nice if you had a link to one on this site. Thank you.

  18. Mike,

    Do you think you may ever begin a “success stories” page for those who have completed discontinuation responsibly and come out the other side? I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to simply cease their medications, but where necessary and under the guidance of a medical professional – as in my case – it may give hope to those who wish to press forward without the use of Benzo Buddies and its ilk. I’m now 4 1/2 months out and am over the worst. It would be wonderful to tell others that not everyone suffers for years on end, and not everyone tapers, either (I’m extremely thankful that I didn’t on the latter.)

    Thanks for your input.


  19. I need a techworm to get my computer up and running and get me on Facebook.

    Or your also liars and hypocrites

    Because I won’t get anybody in trouble. I’m ging to be very very nice.

    I won’t lie.

    I won’t be the tattletale.

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  20. Because if I dont say What I have to say, people are really going to get hurt.

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  21. I’m sane. I am going to go have a ciggarette,

    But if you abandon me now, in my time of need,

    Then your child does’t know you

  22. Anonous is a lie. So you expose it. Big deal. Everybosy already knows. We’re just putting up videos like the black rapper

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    Your THE FRAUD

  23. Dude, anyone who dedicates all of his time to trolling a website, ANY website, obviously has some major mental issues of his own

  24. This blog is not trolling benzobuddies. It’s an independent blog, raising awareness of a harmful online cult.

    What else ya got?

  25. I am interested in how you create the link between benzobuddies and scientology, cults, and malice. I get that you think maybe they are misinformed about psychiatric drugs and having group hysteria about their chronic pain and psychiatric symptoms being linked to benzos and have developed a disdain towards psychiatry. But where does scientology come in? I don’t see any articles here where you explain this stuff and expose identities of malicious scientology cult leaders. Could you please inform us here.

  26. Hello and Good Afternoon,

    My name is Marlon Johnson and I manage the affiliate program at Addiction Recovery Now. We own rehab and detox facilities around the US and offer our partners generous revenue streams based on many campaigns that are based on pay per call and pay per lead models! We would also be interested in advertising on your site if you offer advertising options.

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  27. As a PhD in research biopsychology I have personally dealt with many symptoms associated with benzodiazepine use. I suggest everyone visit cesspoolofmadness.com. Neither they, nor I, are Scientologists. Please do your homework, and then ridicule people who resort to self-help websites, like Benzo Buddies.

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