Are you in a pro-Scientology cult?

“Drug users who are trying to kick their habit are perfect prey for cults like Scientology.” – Arun Arora, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Birmingham

If you suspect the drug withdrawal support group you belong to is harmful, and is associated with Scientology, via its front group CCHR, but are not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • do they claim to have a special corner on the truth, something no other group has?
  • are you told to not question what is being taught and you must trust them?
  • are you discouraged from asking questions as to why members have left, or died, and expected to accept the reasons the group leadership gives you?
  • do they put down other groups while pointing out their faults and errors to build themselves up?
  • are you made to feel your failures, as though your performance is not up to par to their standards?
  • do they recommend for you to be around their people, expecting you to attend all group activities? if you do not, are you are questioned about your dedication?
  • do they stop you from reading anything negative about themselves?
  • do they call those who fall away enemies, dogs, cancer, etc?
  • do they declare that the world outside is a threat to the group?
  • do they defend themselves in every area?
  • do they give importance to a goal that has no real tangible way of being measured?
  • do they operate in humility, or seem arrogant, and make demands on you to obey?

Be aware of:

  • an instant bonding or friendship without even knowing you
  • being told you have a special calling or potential and that if you join you will move further ahead; flattery is used often in cults
  • claims that only one doctor, in the entire world, has all the answers
  • when you ask questions about the history of the group, the answers are vague or avoided altogether
  • feeling that something is being hidden from you

57 thoughts on “Are you in a pro-Scientology cult?

  1. I spent some time on Benzo Buddies while withdrawing from Xanax and never encountered any mention of CCHR or scientology. Terms like “benzo belly, benzo brain, benzo flu, taper, protracted, waves and window” describe phenomena that I personally experienced. If these terms constitute “a language outside the norm of society,” then that’s because everyday language cannot adequately convey the nuances of withdrawal-induced mental and physical suffering. And really, aside from “benzo brain” (which, like “brain fog” and similar terms, is the kind of qualitative mental state that everyday language is totally unequipped to express), all of these terms are pretty easy to translate. “Waves,” for example, simply means that withdrawal symptoms do not progress linearly but rather ebb and flow.

  2. Alf,

    A major characteristic of a cult, is that it seeks to insulate its members from any opinions that are contrary to cult dogma. Benzo buddies has this going on big time!

    If you state that you quit CT and are doing well, you will be attacked and banned.

    If someone states that taking a little plain tylenol “caused a wave” and you respond that is nonsense, you will be attacked and banned.

    It is like a backward twilight zone were if you are sane and point out the insanity, you will be attacked and banned. Only the cults sheep can spiral down the BB toilet of madness. Dont let them suck you down.

  3. I am inclined to agree with this free-thinking opinion. I can’t even register. Claims I did not answer the questions correctly. I am not that stupid
    I tried 3 different times. So what to do? Admit I am stupid and email for help? Seems cult-like to me. Already taking the power away from the individual before one can register to be able to make a comment about anything
    Is cult-like mind control. I have read copious amounts of dialogue on this site and does seem to be Ashton worship. We are all different and not one source of information should be our only source. It sets one up to become dependant on that one school of thinking and therein lies the danger of cults.

  4. WOW!!!…. just wow! I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this site….. but I’m amazed to read all of this. I recently visited Benzo Buddies and thought perhaps it was a place that might be of help. Not sure now, I will continue to read this site a bit more.

  5. I was not on the forum long and left for many reasons, one of which was that I simply was not experiencing the common prevailing WD symptoms that were described there. Also, I never bought into Dr. Ashton’s theory hook, line and sinker.

    Interestingly, when I asked to have my account deleted the moderator’s response was “Are you sure you want to leave? We are going to keep your account open for 48 hours since we have found that most buddies chose to stay upon second thought”. I didn’t even dignify that plea with a response.

    Then last week I received a PM from a buddie asking about my disappearance and health. Since when I set up the account I activated the ability to read PM’s from a dummy email account I created with a non de plume which they kept record off. This begs the question: was my account really deleted? If it wasn’t, I find it very slimy of them. Of course I could trying logging in and find out. Apparently, Colin is changing the board: he is closing the existing one, archiving the contents and replacing it with two new boards, screwing with the boards is a Christmas present Colin deserves, wait do Scientologists celebrate Christmas?

    But I do require 48 hours to decide whether I want to test the status of the account. If my account is still active, it is awfully tempting to start posting nonsense symptoms or simply tell the truth. My preference is to stay far away from these nut jobs. Although, I have no problem aiding in bringing that forum down. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

  6. Mikey,

    First off I want to’re mad cool! I agree with what you say, and it’s refershing to see someone mentioning how the 90+(she that old by now) and outdated, just like her website is by the way is ljust totally without scientific proof at it’s best, extremely dangerous at its worst.

    To her and her cult benzo buddies out there, I ask you this question; do you really believe tapering to a 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs, hell lets make it just an entire life time of using valium to get off a short acting benzo, which btw in my non-medical opinion if anyone wants a different and possibly much easier time consuming wise(2-3 weeks) as well as getting an actual doctors approval, asking for baclofen with small dosage clonazepam as much more realistic than what Dr. Mrs. Professior whatever Ashton claims. Since she is not able to answer the message, I’ll target the Sr. guru masters(they have different levels, stars you attain if you contribute enough pointless, and sometimes it seems dangerous false advice to others on that site?), whether they know some of the mechanisms that diazepam works it’s magic?? While most of the time and in most cases, people will not have disastrous effects and lifetime Post acute nonsense(valium isn’t the suboxone of benzodiazepines, but seems to be with Benz Buds) from getting off their benzo either cold turkey or with a taper plan as the one stated above, it is the worst benzo to use long term. It seems these peeps over there use valium longer than the amount of time they were actually taking their benzo of choice. In fact Diazepam in a few individuals, mainly those predisposed with certain conditions such as neurological issues, liver dysfunction such as elevated liver enzymes to cause more problems. It can lead to abnormally high apoptosis hence cellular death do to it sticking around and accumulating in those fatty deposits of ours. It penetrates(got I love that word:) the blood brain barrier, hence breaks through neuronal cell membranes into the blood where it eventually sits it’s fat ass down and builds up time reading the paper as the unfortunate souls continue to taper and taper and taper off diazepam….

    On a serious note, I wish those who do honestly break the grip from benzo buddies success in realizing they can do it. Benzo withdrawal for some, if not I’d say for long term users perhaps like myself can cause some acute withdrawal symptoms. But if there is anyone over at benzo buds that feels it is worst than the physiological properties of long term usage of strong opiates, they are trullllyyyy lying and have not either used benzos at all, which means their job is to troll the internet, or have never went through the kind of opiate withdrawals I’m talking about. Got off a five year maintenance of suboxone using Kratom powder for two weeks, along with certain herbs like skullcap, valerian, passionflower(btw this with clonidine for some like me worked well decreasing mental and physical anguish to an extent). I was using diazepam(go figure, huh?) didn’t know better and took for five years thinking it would crush my anxiety which only did nothing but well..nothing eventually. Got off, experienced some withdrawals such as slight burning sensations in upper back, along with lower back aches, digestive issues like disgusting burps, burning throat, abdominal pains all of which fluctuated and were not constant for maybe 1-2 weeks total. Slight olfactory sensations which while I was aware it was not real, had a sense things smelled always slightly like nicotine. The headaches, and the insomnia were I’d say the two worst parts of the withdrawals experienced. Got off 20mg diiazepam cold turkey. I will say that I am all for those who want to taper for a couple or more weeks of their benzo as I mentioned above a good plan to speak with doc about possibly. I am just impulsive and unless it was unbearable, I just couldn’t even taper down the valium and wanted it out of my system. To each their own though. Just as long as you hopefully realize benzo buddies as was discussed in another good article on this site is not the way to go. Surgeon generals warning;benzo buddies is hazardous to your health!!

  7. DG if you ever read this please post an email i can reach you at.

    I have been trying to get off of long term opiates while at the same time stopping long term valium and my brother was in a similar situation with even less problems and then killed himself after finding benzo buddies. now i have been reading the site and i feel TERRIFIED today because i had no idea that the benzo side of things was so serious. i want to believe that it is all BS like mike is suggesting here oh god can someone please reassure me that those people at benzobuddies arent right i am starting to feel what i imagine my brother must have felt

  8. Benzodiazepenes, pharmacology-wise, are ideal for treatment of acute anxiety and panic disorders and should not be prescribed long-term. Any doctor who does so is irresponsible and should not be practicing medicine. Every anxiety disorder has an underlying cause and while benzos are effective in treating the acute symptoms of these disorders. They do not cure them and should not be regularly administered anymore than morphine should be regularly prescribed for recurring headaches without an attempt to identify and treat the underlying disease.

    To the poster who stated that benzo withdrawals were no worse than opiate addiction and kicking diazepam was a breeze, I’m glad that you were able to successfully get off both drugs with relative ease. The problem with your comparison is opiates and benzos have no relation in pharmacology with the exception that both are central nervous system depressants.

    Opiate withdrawal is unpleasant, but it is bearable and after the 3rd or 4th day when the symptoms have reached their peak, every day after that is better than the day before. And unless you have a serious heart condition, you’ll survive it. Benzo withdrawals can last for weeks and, just like alcohol withdrawal, can result in fatal seizures. A more accurate comparison would be cold turkey withdrawal after extended diacetylmorphine (aka heroin) use rather than a weak agonist such as buprenorphine.

    Furthermore, diazepam is a relatively mild benzodiazepene compared to alprazolam, lorazepam, and oxazepam and knowledge of the properties of these chemicals IS THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS for Dr. Ashton’s recommendation that patients be transitioned to diazepam from the stronger-acting drugs. 30 minutes of reading is all it takes to educate yourself on some of these extremely basic ideas of phamacology.

    The blatant logical fallacies and absurd misrepresentations of the Benzo Buddies forums (you can read the actual guidelines and content yourself by visiting their website instead of the strawman displayed here) have certainly earned this site it’s hilariously ironic name. If I was going to spend so much time putting something like this together that attacks a relatively-obscure but scientifically sound method of safely discontinuing the use of a mind-altering substance, I’d at least try to cobble together a semi-coherent logical rebuttal. Instead, you reached into the easily accessible grab-bag of appeals to emotion, authority, and absurdity to make your point and have only succeeded in proving yourself to be an emotionally unstable authority on absurdity and logical fallacies.

    In conclusion – for the sake of the tortured souls who died attempting to escape the vicious cycle of substance dependence and the ignorant, irresponsible malpractice of those who enabled it (what do you call a doctor who graduates in the bottom half of their class??? Doctor), please stop using their images and memories to further your ridiculous agenda. It is absolutely morally repugnant.

  9. Wow Mike!

    Re your first paragraph, man you are judgemental of these doctors! So you know better than all the thousands of doctors who prescribe benzos longer than a couple of weeks? Really?!? Please write all the journals of medicine and straighten all these ignorant doctors out, lol. You must admit your contention here sounds rather silly….right? Who are you to judge?

    Please try to understand the complexity of the patients these doctors see and how futile it would be for a doctor of medicine to attempt to get to the “cause” of the patients anxiety and then remove the cause, during the brief visits they have with them. I am sure that in many cases, this would be virtually impossible. Have some empathy for the patients seeking these drugs and the doctors who make them available through legitimate sources.

    Please post here more often, you have some good thoughts.

  10. Trying to figure out what the point of this site is. Clearly you don’t care for Benzo-Buddies (or Colin). While it’s easy to see what you don’t like, it’s difficult to see what you (seriously) espouse other than an unhealthy dose of cynicism. There are people who really need to get off benzos. I was one of them. I didn’t taper, just quit. Rough ride for a time, but I’m pretty much through it. I found Benzo-Buddies helpful. Not perfect, but helpful. Yeah, there are some ‘interesting’ people on the forum, but most of them are honestly trying to help themselves and others. Like any forum, one must separate the useful from the whacko. This site seems to focus almost exclusively on the whacko. If you look for the useful, you’ll find it too. I suppose I should be pleased that none of my BB posts ended up here.

  11. m59 is running a cult here
    he is nothing but a coward hiding behind a pc keyboard
    any girl could kick this coward’s ass in real life
    he tries to bully people into submission
    but he is really a coward at heart
    ain’t that right mikie
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  12. Working, anonymous. Not that I don’t miss your insightful posts about how cowardly and foolish we all are. Missed ya, buddy! 🙂

  13. wharfrat
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  14. just for you,
    I’m going to imitate you…

    “m59 has no life
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    or colin tells me to
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    People like YOU are the only reason I visit this place occasionally, Twinkie. Granted, that was a lot longer than your usual intellectual diatribes, but I thought you’d enjoy a brief look in the mirror. You’re welcome! 🙂

  15. Those forums saved my life. How is that cult like? I have been off benzos since ’08, and whatever their flaws (and there are many), I do not think I could have done it without them.

    You are welcome (author of site) to contact me by email and have this discussion. I fear what you are doing here may be dangerous. I suspect I would be permanently incapacitated had I not found support on the web.



  16. I def felt the cult vibe there, the trick is to find a doc that knows whats up with benzo tapering. Most of them think they know, but they dont. There are alot that do though, it just takes some digging. And no one out there can say how hard or easy it is to get off that crap, cause everyone is different. Some can get off quick, some it takes along time. Its all about your brain chemistry, i learned a hell of alot during my year taper. I came off of 30mg valium, and had to go .5mg every 2 weeks. Anymore than that and i couldnt funtion. I tried believe me. I didnt want to be on that crap any longer than i had to. Any more than .5 and i felt like i had the flu, shakes ect. couldnt sleep for days it was AWFUL. It can be done, but BB is not the way to do it.

  17. Good man. Never ask the fellow inmates in an asylum for advice on how to get better… ask people who are trained to do such, like those “evil” doctors. Benzos aren’t for everyone, but for those that they do help who have a condition or an anxiety issue, they can be a good thing. I’m glad that you are doing well without them… everyone’s different. Cheers and may your life be good… or something inspirational like that. Not my field of expertise. Go find a Congratulations card in the CVS or Walgreens and pretend like I said whatever it did. Add an English accent just for kicks… everything sounds better when a Brit speaks it for some reason. 🙂

  18. stfu wharfrat
    you are always trying to appear more intelligent than your actually are
    you are just a druggie who can’t kick your benzo habit
    admit it
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    just like your idol m59
    i am surprised m59 still has this hate site going
    this idiot just can let go of the past and move on
    funny actually because no one cares about this stupid hate blog
    BBs is still going strong
    what happened mikie
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    looks like you failed in your mission
    Colin has defeated you, lol

  19. Well, you still respond on here, so at least YOU care! I think somewhere, 59 is weeping in joy at your continued participation in irrelevant debate. 🙂

    I’m an alcoholic, not a druggie. Let’s get the inference as to what sort of beast I am straight. I’m not ashamed that valium helps me prevent myself from drinking binges or harming people who insult me as people like you do quite often behind the safety of a keyboard. Be glad I’m not living in Alabama anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re Donnie or not. I know that you’re just full of noise. Keeping typing, bub. Nothing to worry about here. 🙂

    I guarantee that my 150 IQ probably beats yours. Doesn’t mean I have any common sense, though. I’ve embraced that, and it makes me a tad more dangerous in the real world.

    Now then, I have retorted, as you wished I’m certain, you attention-craving silly person. Have you enjoyed my reply? Or shall we talk about the issue that this site is built about, instead of seeing whose dick (or twat) is bigger? What’s your opinion on people dying because of bad advice, my intelligent hater? Answer that one… I’d love to hear your ideas on that matter. I know that it’s a bad thing, and I’m a fucking diagnosed psychopath. What are your deep thoughts on this issue? Try not to type them in Retard Haiku.

  20. Great site! And thanks for the laugh! One minor nit to pick…doctors really need to make it clear up front that long-term use of benzos causes physical dependence. So many of them don’t. Sure we need to educate ourselves, but most people read things like benzobuddies and not medical journals… again, yeah, doctors need to say “this might help you, but there’s a risk of physical dependence if you stay on it for more than a few weeks” not “hey, take this.”

    Outside of that though…this is a much needed counterbalance to the benzo “cults.” Pretty much everyone with an experience like mine gets kicked off the forums, giving a very skewed impression to viewers who take these things at face value and overlook the factors that bias online sources. I was on .25mg of Klonopin for about a year during a time of severe stress. Once the stressful experience was over, I started feeling tired. My doctor suggested the fatigue could be from the Klonopin, and that I stop it…because I didn’t need it anymore! I did. No withdrawal symptoms whatsoever, because I was only coming down from .25mg.

    Fast forward to the present…I have been on a much higher dose of Klonopin (1.5 mg) for a little longer (16 months), and I don’t need it anymore, but cold turkey isn’t recommended by any source at this dose, so I found the Coleman Clinic rapid flumazenil detox program. And then I found all these forums, with people saying that flumazenil detox “has never worked for anyone” and “has caused several deaths.” I couldn’t find any specifics or sources for these claims, only dozens of people complaining that the only thing that works is the Ashton protocol, or even slower, and that despite following Ashton’s manual, most likely you will still be condemned to years of suffering! Um… something just didn’t sound right.

    General tip for people outside of North Korea: if you believe something you read online, and there’s no specific source provided for the claim, or the source is very obscure and/or unverifiable…statistics are not on your side.

    Have fun everybody with your long torturous tapers, I’ll be done with Klonopin in three weeks…

  21. Hi Katherine

    Good luck with the flumazenil. I could never understand the scientific theory for why a rapid flumazenil detox from a benzo might work, can you?
    Blind faith can be a bad thing. I prefer a healthy scepticism when it comes to “miracle cures”. I have seen them disproved time and time again.
    May I suggest speaking with your prescribing doctor, your pharmacist, and the drugs manufacturer to gather information on safely discontinuing your medication.
    I am sure this will be less costly and provide you a better and safer WD.

  22. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

    If you hop off the sucker pills once or twice with no problems, stay humble. These drugs do have a way of catching up with people, often when least expected, and in ways never imagined…..

    Keep playing with fire and you might just get burned.

  23. Interesting site here. All I know is I’m really struggling to come off of benzos and fortunatley have a good Dr that is working with me and believes in coming off these things slowly, but insists on making steady progress. It is the worse thing I have ever experienced. I developed tolerance and started having a bunch of unexplained neuro symptoms that couldn’t be diagnosed. Your right on about Ashton…good Dr’s have advocated slow tapers for years and have never heard of her. But I also believe many Drs don’t know much about benzos either. My advice is to seek out ones that specialize in addiction and have some specifc training in this area. I had a nurse practioner abruptly discontinue me from Cymbalta and I was sick for a very long time. Even the manufacturers of these meds call for gradual tapers, nothing new here.

    It’s too bad that when one Google’s up websites on getting help during withdrawal that web forums come up on the top of the list as opposed to a slew of sound professional medical sites with the researched and proven methods. You have to dig for those. I also discovered the linkage to many “help resources” are clearly linked to scientology and that is frightening. Don’t walk from that but run like hell.

  24. This seems to make some good points but scientology? Really? I’ve limited my exposure to benzo buddies as I know enough about the nocebo effect to realise that you can give yourself side effects, but searching through I found no scientology-related material, which really undermines the point you’re making here. While Prof Ashton does have a prestigious position and has had a long career as a professor, her publications are not remarkable and her most recent comment on benzodiazepines in 2005 seems to be simply the same as everyone else is saying. These days she seems far more focused on the adverse effects of cannabis, and makes a lot of wild claims.

    It’s hardly the academic resume of one of the top psychopharmacology professors in the world. You’d expect something more along the lines of this:

    I have no doubt that a lot of the forum members did get shitty doctors, I’ve seen my fair share who said things that were flat out wrong according to the BNF or recent studies, largely out of laziness (there’s a widespread lack of knowledge about the withdrawal syndromes associated with various antidepressants, but plenty of evidence in the clinical databank of knowledge for instance). However, there’s a selection bias in play at places like benzobuddies where it’s often the people who are struggling most with withdrawals or have a lack of proper support from their doc, giving the impression this is the case for far more people than it is. The idea of tapering over years and having protracted withdrawal effects did not appeal to me, I still don’t know if that’s the case as I’m nearing the end of the process, but reading about other people spending 5 years recovering did not at all seem typical given the vast amount of people treated for benzodiazepine dependence in clinics do not appear to have such trouble. People who had an easy time aren’t going to register and post about it, they’re just going to want to move on with their lives.

  25. Is it a cult… is it pro scientology?


    Does it have the potential to prolong cessation, expose you to sincerely dedicated sociopaths, leave you open to serious off-forum attacks from disturbed members, and inflame hypochondria and imagined symptoms when there are far more logical explantions for things like a cough (smoking, for example)?

    You’d have to be in wilful denial to arbitrarily be scared of or dismiss exploring those ideas, because they’re ever-present and prestigous on benzobuddies.

    It certainly promotes the notion of toooootally unnecessarily long tapers including microtapering with absolutely unreliable jewllers scales.

    That is medically stupid, dangerous to some, very propaganda-based and certainly not sensible by any standard, other than the standard of it being beneficial to remain sick for some other reason or gain.

    I do not like the way this blog asks its questions, but at leadt you’reallowed to adk them here.

    Try it on benzobuddies and see how long your account lasts!

  26. Who is behind this silly website? Obviously a hateful, vindictive evil little person. Get a life.

  27. Well, someone who a) lots of people don’t like but b) someone who isn’t trapped in the mindset of being in need of being a benzobuddy for life.

    I kmow which I find the sadder of the two. Cough.

    Ps, your comments are purely vindictive in nature so… mirror time for you, maybe?

  28. ^^ I don’t KNOW if it’s a cult or not, but it’s feeling more and more like a fundamentalist church to me, ‘bbinsider’ (sorry I mean Fake Jake ?):

    Yet again we see a generalised forum culture of militancy over anything but a long taper.

    Maybe it’s just her hubby pissing her off and imposing his will, but she can’t say so? I’ve known more than one taperer in that situation.

    It isn’t always black or white, long taper or suffer scenario.. as benzobuddies continually reinforces!

    CoM isn’t entirely crazy after all. One just needs DECONDITIONING and some time away from daily bb propaganda and their supertrolls to see it.

    It’s outrageous how they (just as I did) all-too-often self-regulate to avoid upsetting the apple-cart and facing overwhelming criticism.

    Ergo a pointlessly long and difficult time tapering, with shit & unscientific methods that increase the chance of serious health problems that are often hidden from doctors out of a fear of another prescription.

    I can NOT believe I bought into it so heavily. It’s embarassing and makes me feel stupid, but there’s nothing like facing facts and our real problems if one wishes to feel better sooner rather than later.

  29. I wondered if there’d be a price to pay for posting here..

    Now I know there is, and the price is that certain benzobuddies group together and start targeting me off the forum, contriving a complex bunch of bullshit in order to slander me, personally.

    Did CoM do that? Did I?

    Nope. It’s certain benzobuddies (a small group of them in particular who I’m going to start naming soon) that join forces with their admin and do it to rubbish people they target, hiding behind lies and alternate account-names to achieve it, and I’m seriously reconsidering whether it’s a cult or not. They do seem more and more scientology-like in the way they target people off of the forum, invent disgusting ad-hominems and fake accounts to blame others for things they themselves are guilty of! And they’re the ones talking about projections and cyberstalkers? That’s a joke!

    Surprisingly, it isn’t CoM doing that, it turns out its benzobuddies projecting it here and faking troll-accounts to create plausible patsies

    Very interesting.. more to follow.

  30. Yup. What’s even more interesting, actually more funny, is that the little group of friends there don’t really seem to understand the concept of having a rat in the house, or that Colin (their protector) is traceable in the UK, where I live. In other words, they don’t seem to think double-agents exist in their (world) cult, but what if one of them was not really on their side, after all? Lol.

    Wait, did I just shift to calling it a cult? Guess I did, because what else do you call an organised group who all change their account names to reflect their clique-leaders personal details so they can take cheap shots at certain ex members, which is actually now proven to be rubber-stamped by the forum admins, made up of them and their global mod who lies to extract information, and has Colin and xerxes protecting said clique?

    It’s pretty weird behaviour in my book. Pretty cultish.

    Let’s see how they like THEIR secrets uploaded to youtube for a change.

    I did warn them not to bring chequers pieces to a chess match, their hubris prevented them from listening, so what comes next is totally on them.


  31. I very much like having my photographic memory & full cognitive function back, and a couple of people still invested in me & other victims on benzobuddies. Total sobriety, living alone and being able to handle myself is pretty much a fun time for me.. I’m SO glad I didn’t listen to benzobuddies advice about a ridiculously long taper or the feminists would probably have acheived their goal to have me kill myself by now, literally. No, I’m serious, that was their leaders aim all, along!, she gets off on watching you suffer and be in pain over skype, ESPECIALLY when youre physically at deaths door!

    Fortunately blackmail just doesnt work with men like me as I have feck all to lose. I’m also REALLY glad they offered me a team-members position while I learned how things work there behind-the-scenes. Thanks for the insights, ladies. You didn’t think I was giving you my REAL thoughts when you we SO obviously insincere and working together to dig up dirt on me, did you? Ha. Told you all I play chess.

    I suppose that’s one advantage to having a blog like this.. that cannot possibly happen here, and I bet Colin feels a bit of a desperate pratt right now, as I suspect does Vcharis, smiff, Moodle, or as they now go by, brunetescorpio, Dutchess & whenwillthisend, along with megan, pg, benzos-r-cruel and a few little-dogs.

    Watch out, fellas, they hate us just because of their prior experiences with men, and their leader, Moodle, or as she’s known in real life, Annemarie Tsung (skype profile is available with further details on her) is quite the obsessive, stalking sociopath!

    Like I said, be careful there, fellow brothers in withdrawal, since these girls are fierce men-haters!!

    Well, we’ll see if they change their ways or not, I suppose.

  32. By the way, I should remind certain benzobuddies that hacking people’s home networks directly after posting here is internationally illegal, hency why I’ve just reported your not-so covert intrusion activity to Interpol.

    Naughty naughty.. it’s a nice setup, though, right? ☺

  33. Sorry, I meant to say that if you want to write to the leader of the man-haters, her address, photo and home address are kept online by her at different social media sites and claims I was paranoid when I suggested she remove them from public view, but they’re still there, where I found them, so they’re not private in any way nor is it illegal to republish them, unlike mine which are not kept online and are private, for the same reason.

    The skype profile I created and collated then on is:


    Perhaps if you wrote to her at home she may reconsider her disgusting treatment, lies about revealing highly personal secrets and 12 months of extreme stalking of men at benzobuddies.

    Good luck!

  34. Do scientology followers send threatening mail in the post? Yes.

    Do benzobuddies feminists share your email and home address among each other and send threatening and blackmailing communications? Yes.

    Is cult behaviour, therefore, pervasive on benzobuddies? Yes.

    Does Colin Moran support these activities by-proxy? Yes. Does he project this behaviour onto others and brainwash the vulnerable into believing it? Yup yup.

    Therfore, is benzobuddies acting as a hub for and indeed aiding & abetting stalking, death threats, man-abuse and the pushing of members to attempt self harm and suicide?

    Oh yes.

    The cat is coming out of the bag, and I’m making it my business to go throughout the interwebs and contacting members to show them the evidence.

    Do I find it weird contributing to CoM? Sure I do, because I’m still affected by the cult brainwashing even after a full year away from the forum, and a year of severe stalking by the man-haters.

    Have I ever even heard from Mike personally? Well, yes, once, when he commented above using three words. Has he ever tried to harm me? Well, no. Could he gave done so? I firmly believe so.

    So, who’s the lying sociopath that projects onto others? Well, I don’t have evidence that CoM stalks anyone outside of what Colin tells us. Mike, on the other hand, hasn’t even said anything more than three words to me, when he certainly could glue done IF he were so inclined!

    It’s hardly the actions of a sociopathic stalker. In fact it’s crazy benzobuddies who’ve been doing that with Colin’s protection!

    You decide for yourself. THINK for yourself, too.

  35. Yep, it’s a pro-scientology cult, alright. I’ve concluded it’s just very good at hiding that fact.

    That said, for the first time in over a year, I’m pretty sure it’s a cult that’s going to leave me the fuck alone after I stooped to its level after being antagonised for a year+ and ignored its death threats, blackmail attempts and poor attampts at faking my I.D. across the internet.

    Ps, thanks a lot for proving them wrong, Mike, I discovered *for myself* that the worst thing about you/this blog is your sense-of-humour and alternate point-of-view, which isn’t exactly the crime of the century and has significant value as a counter-balance and alternate voice in a diminishing world of free speech and free-thinking!

    I was BADLY hurt by benzobuddies and some of its members, NOT by CoM, and CoM had every opportunity to do so even when I handed it the opportunity on a silver platter more than once, but even then you still didn’t take cheap shots like Colin & said minions and you didn’t try to intrude upon my home network, they did!!


    JB ☺

  36. Lol.. one of them is back but capitalising her old username.

    Subtle but also highly telling haha.

    It’s too much fun for me, and way too weird, too.

    I have some work left to do., it seems.


  37. Wait, in the following clip from prof Ashton her holy self, even she states a drop of 0.5mg a week (**MINIMUM**) and that it should be relatively easy from there, but it’s fear of perceived symptoms making it seem worse.

    What am I missing, as this is TOTALLY contrary to how benzobuddies continually market benzo superlong tapers?

    They aren’t representing Ashton taper advice correctly at all. Ashton herself says it’s a few weeks to taper and pretty minimal wd profiles!!!

    What the…??? What reason, if it isnt legit or because of keeping people addicted to the cult itself, not the drug, are they promoting extra long tapers for?


  38. Well, abc, said people post themselves with their pictures all over public social media sites so, they obviously don’t mind them being public as they agreed to that disclaimer.

    The person in question, however, posted personal details and shared highly personal data of others recored from mobile and skype, with several others in an out of context and misleading manner. This is both illegal and habitually occurring on benzobuddies and Colin aids & abetts that behaviour. As was already explained.

    Why are you here other than to tell people to get a life? If that’s the level of your contribution perhaps you should look at your own lack of life?

  39. Really, WK, was there any need to reproduce abc’s name on this site?

    I think you also need you get a life when I go get mine. 😀


    “I make no claim I’m the last word on benzodiazepine withdrawal..” (Ashton quote)

    No, you don’t, Ms Ashton, but cult-members at benzobuddies perpetuate the grand lie that you are so they can keep people dependent on the cult for unnecessarily long tapers, though!

    They’re wrong, building lie upon lie, and that’s from the horse’s mouth itself!

  41. Interesting, one cannot add a review for the benzobuddies forum on Jabber, because “reviews for that site have been disabled”, but the one for this blog remains, or should I say the HATE attacks made upon people, as the reviews basically are just that.. hate and spite.. while calling this a hate blog. Hmmm.

    Seriously, do those people even know what a projection is?

    Seems more and more scientology-like the farther away I get from it!

  42. Quote from: [Buddie] on June 16, 2016, 08:26:07 pm
    Yes, you hear gun control, gun control when you should be hearing psych meds, psych meds.

    Finally, we’ve determined the true cause of terrorism. Psych meds. Thank you for this insight. Now all we have to do is round them all up and take their pills away!

    ^^ Lol, I like that post pointing out how it isn’t the pills it’s the guns. Interestingly that thread was locked by admin because colin doesn’t want a gun debate until “after the election”:

    Colin – “Although I am loath to disallow specific topics for discussion, I think these type of subjects (especially in the present climate) are (at best) a distraction from the BB Mission, and are (probably more likely) a hindrance for many members.

    So, please avoid comment on the US presidential campaign, Obama, Trump, yesterday’s tragic events in Florida, guns, gun control, terrorism, religion, and any other incendiary topics.

    We will review the situation after completion of the US election.”

    Really? That IS interesting. Is it a critical mass slowly developing?

  43. I know I will be attacked for this….
    « on: June 26, 2016, 10:28:22 am »


    I know I will probably be attacked for saying this. However I think it’s important to tell the truth about something that could save many people so much time and pain coming off benzos.

    I know I will probably be attacked for saying this. However I think it’s important to tell the truth about something that could save many people so much time and pain coming off benzos.

    My father who has now passed away was a pathologist. Being a patholigist he had many friends who were doctors and some of them were specialists in addiction. I have spoken to one of them who specializes in opiod addiction and has helped thousands stop using heroin and other opiods.

    I have a friend who was addicted to Xanax for years, recently I gave her the Drs phone number and she had an appointment with him. She asked him if he would do a taper plan with her to taper off Xanax. In Australia Xanax was moved to a schedule 8 drug in the last couple of years which makes it harder for Drs to prescribe. He told my friend there was no chance in hell he would prescribe her Xanax even if it was for tapering reasons.

    Instead he told her since Xanax is a short acting benzo the tapering process was not needed and that switching to Valium for one week only was all that was needed to overcome the acute withdrawal phase. She was skeptical and so was I when she told me over the phone. The plan was this. 50mg valium the first day, 45mg day two, 40mg day three then 10mg drops every day after until you reached 0mg which would take about a week.

    The amazing thing is neither I nor her expected this to work, but it did. After a week she stopped all Benzos and did not have any acute withdrawals, she was basically free of addiction with some minor anxiety (relatively speaking) due to being off benzos.

    He uses the same method with anti depressants that cause a weird withdrawal that isn’t similar to benzos in intensity or symptoms but for example If you’re stopping a short acting SSRI like lexapro you would take a longer acting SSRI like prozac once or twice and you would bypass any withdrawal.

    I know I will be attacked for this post, but think about it. Why would I post this unless Ive seen it work? Why would I invite ridicule unless I now someone who it has worked for? I don’t care if I get attacked, if this opens a discussion and helps one person I will be glad.

    The Drs name is Dr Donald Tan who has helped my community for decades here in Sydney, Australia. He is very well respected and this is how he gets people off short acting benzos. He has done this for decades.

    « Last Edit: June 26, 2016, 02:52:59 pm by [Buddie] »

    Schism in the cult? Seems an increasing number of buddies are applying science of late.

    Then again someone says it isn’t true that most don’t have benzo wd problems because ‘a girl told her a medical person said so on a training course’. Lol.


    ^^ Ah ha.. user ‘benzoland’ pre-moderates her youtube posts and approves comments promoting cchr in that video and elsewhere, and she also promotes the class action lawsuit, and is also on benzobuddies promoting an anti-psychiatry agenda and promotes benzobuddies.. she isn’t the only one takung this approach. Notmall youtubers on bb’s are the same but she’s definitely full of anti-doctor, anti-pharma conspiracy-speak when she gets going.

    She’s associated to many benzobuddies and won’t approve comments that state anything remotely true about benzos or withdrawals, only coments that promote nonscience and hate.

    Proof positive there’s a whole system of buddies who are pro scientology.

  45. Ok, so even when SEVERAL members are now drawing attention to a scientifically-dangerous pile of propaganda in a thread created by a WELL-KNOWN charlatan and liar.. THIS is the typical response from admin:

    “We don’t review every post made, there just aren’t enough of us. We rely on Reports to Moderator, so feel free to push the button anytime. Thanks!

    Note the winking emoticon? It’s showing quite typically that the admins really don’t care to act when people are being put at risk from charlatans.. just so long as they can protect the status quo of nonscience.

    I can tell you now with certainty that there is NO way at all that the admins were not aware of that thread as they DO in fact keept tabs on new threads and the sorts of members posting in that thread. After 5 pages, FIVE PAGES, the best they can offer is a defence of their own selves, with a sneering wink emoticon?

    Hmm. How caring!

  46. I started to get lured into the benzo buddies gang but red flags were going up left in right. “More dangerous than heroin!” I live in a lower middle calss white neighborhood and when someone dies from drugs or pills around her it’s opiates virtually every time. I’ve never once heard of anyone dying from benzos. Yes they give you withdrawls but these horror stories are either due to high doses or compounding the benzos with other drugs. These people (like myself) are anxious people prone to anxiety and depression and those two mental issues mimic every symptom of benzo withdrawl. When you’re nervous and inactive due to scaring yourself to death in front of a computer screen you’re going to get tired and get palpitations from it. Even beyond the benzo support groups stay away from mailine anxiety support groups. Talking to other people who are down and out will only make you worse. It doesn’t help. If you want to get off benzo’s talk to your doctor and get off of them under their supervision. Stop scaring yourself to death with these sites that’s what’s killing you not benzo’s.

  47. That’s a succintly-made set of points, Mike, (I wish I could say so much in so few words) and I’m glad to hear that you didn’t get lost in the benzobuddies vortex.

    I find it educational to apply hindsight and see that had I not been deeply involved at the forum I’d have quit benzos far sooner (a key reason I kept taking them was to numb ongoing pain & anxiety caused by other buddies that attack in packs) and I wouldn’t still be repairing the emotional / psychological / financial damage to this day.

    The small number of people I’ve helped to leave benzobuddies and the “benzo commmunity” are all doing far better without it; in our collective view the ‘misery-likes-company’ culture is just as addictive to many as some of the street-drugs available!

    For the most part I find it more accurate to view benzobuddies as a mental-health forum, populated not by “innocent victims of an alleged global conspiracy to drug us all” but largely by malingerers, attention-seekers, scam-artists and groups of friends who like to label themselves as part of “the benzo community” for something to do (they also see to have a collective affinity for cheesy music for their youtube videos).

    When several, not one, not two but several buddies have killed themselves or have even just developed worsening psychoemotional problems soon after joining benzobuddies, one has to ask the question.. “is benzobuddies a cult? Is the “benzo community” just code for “attack-group”?

    I think they are and they’re clearly invested in keeping their members insulated form the outside world.

    I don’t think the majority of buddies are bad people, I think they’re victims not so much of benzos, or doctors, but are saturated by the minute-to-minute propaganda / misinformation / pseudo-science / hate-speech that is widely promulgated & disseminated by the sub-organisations that run benzbuddies and make-up nearly all of the fake lone-warriors on Social Media these days (the “benzo community”)!

    I believe there’s a momentum occurring, though (it’s going to snowball eventually), not in the fringe-group “world benzo awareness day” or the insurance-scam “class-action lawsuit” groups (the “benzo commmunity”), but in the consciousness of the people online who are victims of the groups that claim to be helping them.

    Genuine people don’t tend to stick around at benzobuddies for very long and when they leave I find it no coincidence that they all seem to leave for much the same reasons, and those “benzo warriors” on other Social Media seem to be the same old group of 20 or so friends backslapping each other’s pages & videos that have the same cheesy music overlayed.

    There isn’t an international crisis with benzos like it’s claimed (there is organised mass-hysteria & hyperbole dishhed-out like candy) nor do their action-groups ever gain any traction because they don’t actually have anything but conspiracy-claims & anecdotal stories, all protected by hate-speech and personal atttacks for anyone that dares challenge their incorrect assertions!

    The reality now coming more-often into people’s awareness is that people suffer far more from the “benzo community” itself than the drugs they’re taking, and the groups calling for ‘legal-action against doctors’ and ‘awareness days’ are largely being seen as deluded conspiracy theorists!

    I think they should be careful not to suffer the wrath of the sorts of lawyers that dotors / pharmaceutical companies can afford! After all, defamation and hate-speech are crimes in most countries, and I fear that the most-vulnerable & gullible names they keep asking for for their petiitions are going to become a list of names that are sued by the big lawyers working for drug manufacturers and hospitals!

    **If their goal was sincerely to help people withdraw from benzos, the best thing they could do for others is to shut up and stop spouting nonsense over the Internet because as things stand, they’re just giving genuine benzo-users a very bad image!**

  48. Re: When writing the government…
    « Reply #2 on: June 27, 2016, 02:58:23 am »

    “If this were something we could really prove it wouldn’t exist”

    I think that prettty much says it all about bb culture!

    Ever so slightly a logic failure there.

    How would you go about convincing them that you have no proof because…

    It DOESN’T exist like they believe?

  49. Let’s face it, most of the people on benzo buddies and the like, are mentally ill drug addicts. I can tell you from experience that being on line with such people causes a significant increase in anxiety. The cult members fearful and often irrational beliefs can have a detrimental effect on all who are exposed to them. For some, this fearful cult think can push them over the edge and they take their own lives. Think about how you might feel if you were convinced that your doctor has harmed you, and the medicine they prescribed for you is actually a toxin, but you are totally addicted to it, and you actually need it to function? This is no exaggeration as it has happened to people I cared about.

    There are somethings that draw people to the cult, classic cult stuff. It is us against the world, no one else has learned what we know, only we at benzo buddie can help you, the only doctor who gets us is Ashton, etc., etc. It is easy to get lured into such sites by the drama, “sexy” girls, “good” new buddies, and some surprisingly bat shit crazy individuals to provide some laughs. It can be highly addictive, for sure. None the less, braking free from such sites is imperative for those who seek a balanced and sane perspective on life.

  50. I really have no idea why you created this website. Before I found benzo buddies I had many of the horrific symptoms you outlined on your site (which you seem to think are false or brainwash). The only brainwash I received is from my very doctors who insisted that my brain zaps and other horrific symptoms were due to my anxiety. This is honestly impossible considering I had ZERO of those symptoms prior to ever taking Klonopin. Before finding benzo buddies, I figured I was alone in this and having some rare freak reaction. I was astonished to see that so many people had the same symptoms as I did. Maybe you don’t have bad intentions, but clearly you’ve never felt the inhumane suffering of benzo injury. It makes heroin look like a complete cake walk. None of us all got together one day and formed a cult. We found each other due to immense suffering the same way chemotherapy patients form groups after being diagnosed with cancer. Are there drug addicts on the support sites? Maybe but they compromise like 0.5% of overall users on there. Most of us had anxiety and took the drug as prescribed. There’s a TON of evidence in the literature that proves brain injury due to psychiatric meds. Sorry but you’re just wrong if you feel Psychiatry isn’t harmful. Read Anatomy of an Epidemic. Also ask yourself why with the rise of psyc meds we only saw the suicide rate increase as well as the number of people on disability. Not a coincidence. Obviously you’re very married to trying to promote this group as a cult (and I don’t understand why). People committed suicide because benzo withdrawal is that fucking awful…. it has nothing to do with the group. Also I’m not even active in the group so I have no hidden reason to defend it. I just think it’s really sad that you’re discounting the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. People like you are probably why benzo injured people commit suicide since our illness is so invisible. I really wish you’d do your research and see that this is real. For what it’s worth I have ZERO ties to Scientology, don’t believe in it, and do not support cults. I also have a PhD in Computer Science.
    Wishing you well.

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