Benzo Buddies labeled a hot mess in the disguise of help

Benzo buddies is a hot mess of gloom and doom stories that the admins and moderators only pick on those they feel like. Heaven forbid you don’t go the ashton manual exactly, and if you convey that you follow your doctor’s suggestion and don’t commit to the group hate of the medical community.

You will be bullied and told you are wrong. I know, I have tapered successfully off loraz. I spent the biggest part of my taper there, when I knew spending day after day on that site reading horror stories and being told how wrong I was day after day was destroying me. In the final weeks of my taper I asked for my account to be shut down.

Thank God….if I had stayed there I would have been convinced that I am still not healed and post there everytime I get a headache, toe ache, a cold, need to use some sort of housecleaner, break out in a rash…have a butt ache.

It all would have been withdrawal. If you have a delicate manner about you, stay away from BB!

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Maniacs at Benzo Buddies add tender breasts to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Tender breasts
« on: May 15, 2018, 05:29:16 am »


This is directed towards the girls :) but I suppose it could happen to men too.

I have had tender breasts for some time now and wondered if I should get this checked out or if it is something that resolves spontaneously. Have been really fatigued, and hot flashes.

Best to all. :smitten: