Man who can’t remember why he started Klonopin given Lithium, Pregabalin, Depakote, Risperdal, Latuda, Invega, Nortriptyline, Remeron sandwich

My FINAL Klonopin Taper & Use of Benzos
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Hi All,

I wanted to share my current experience on my taper, as well as other plans I’m considering.

– 50 yrs old
– Suffered from anxiety my whole life
I can’t even remember which quack put me on Klonopin at this point, but it’s finally time to end this nightmare. I’ve been on and off it for 20+ years.
– I never suffered from depression in my life until about 3 years ago. I’ve currently been in a MDD episode for a year and a half – yes, you read that correctly. And on work leave for the second time in one year.
– Have been diagnosed with GAD, MDD and CPTSD
This go around with another pill pusher shrink, I’ve been given Lithium, Pregabalin, Depakote, Risperdal, Latuda, Invega, Nortriptyline, and Remeron. NONE of these did anything for this MDD episode.
I am now off every medication they gave me, except Klonopin of course, and I am actually feeling better than when I was on them.
The only remaining medication I take is Prazosin at night, which is very helpful for nightmares, but I don’t consider this a neuro drug, because it’s not, so I’m comfortable still taking that.
– My goal is to never take a neuro medication again. The majority of neuroscientists, shrinks, etc. will readily admit they STILL know very little about the brain. So, how in the world can Pharma companies and doctors responsibly dole out drugs to help when they admittedly know very little about how the brain works?? Hence, no more neuro meds for me again if humanly possible.

– Beginning dose: 2mg Klonopin daily. 1mg morning | 1mg night. I’ve been on this level on & off for a long time. I’ve taped to 1mg with no problems at all. I’ve tapered completely off Klonopin before with very little symptoms along the way. I can’t remember why I started again (thank you benzo memory killer), but I think it coincided with a highly stressful job I just started, so it’s difficult to tell whether the symptoms were withdrawal or situational.
– First step: 1mg morning | 3/4mg night for 21 days. Some symptoms, but very manageable
– Second step: 1mg morning | 1/2mg night so far for 5 days. Will hold here and see how it goes. So far, so good.
– Next Steps: Will keep you posted

*Side note: I am seriously considering a Flumanezil-based more rapid detox at The Coleman Institute. I have read very mixed reviews about this, but I am still considering as another slow taper will just not work for me given my leave from work and other factors. Of course, a rapid detox could result in my condition worsening and maybe even causing me to permanently leave my job, but I’m willing to take this chance.

Addict becoming increasingly paranoid as abusive mind control cult-enforced benzo taper drags on for years

*Friends* who KNOW I am tapering & have anxiety disorder seem to be instigating.
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So my ex-landlord missed the 30-day deadline to file for damages against my security. He MAY have gotten to the post office in time so I still have to check mail this week to be sure the weasel didn’t send something via certified mail at the last minute..

However my concern is the other tenants in the building. They WANT to *stir things up* because they believe they can win money in a lawsuit against this slumlord. The guy just spent 1/2 hour trying to convince me to go in with them on a lawsuit.

I don’t want to. The entire issue should be settled by my leaving the security deposit for the landlord to use for legitimate stuff we left behind and one repair I did not get to.

Now they (the tenant’s) have me suspicious that they tipped the landlord off about the Friday deadline and if I get something in the coming week asking for damage $s beyond the security deposit, my anxiety is going to go through the roof!!!!! Should I just cut all of these people off? I am so glad I didn’t say a word to anyone about the deadline until AFTER the deadline passed.

I moved to a quiet small town in Appalachia to get AWAY from BS and start my taper. Now they have me all worked up again, saying the landlord probably went to the post office at the last minute and I will get some kind of billing this week . (My landlord is not the brightest, so I would suspect someone helped him make the deadline if I get something postmarked by July 30.) I guess I just have to distract myself AGAIN for 6 more days of stress waiting on this week’s mail. Thanks buddies for working the anxiety up again!!! (That’s directed at the other tenants in the building.)


Benzo confessions...feel free to add yours
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Sometimes, I’m afraid to open my email because it might be more than I can handle.

I have a phobia of my phone and checking messages

Sometimes, I go weeks without going to my mailbox.

I’m kinda terrified of my mom because she knocks too loudly and comes unexpectedly.

I strongly dislike the smell of food cooking like bread, cookies, garlic, and most everything.

The smell of my neighbor’s barbecue is too strong.

I strongly dislike the smell of fabric softener and dryer sheets in the air outside.

When my neighbors slam their cupboard doors, it makes me go crazy in my head. ???

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Re: Do you believe in afterlife??
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I personally believe in a God that created the entire universe and sent his only son Jesus to die for us to save us from our sins. That when we die we either live for eternity in heaven or hell depending on whether we have accepted Jesus as our savior. That gift of salvation is free to us all, if we chose to accept it or not is up to us. God gives us free will to chose and will never force it upon us.

Re: Do you believe in afterlife??
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Quote from: [Buddie] on July 01, 2021, 04:58:45 am
I certainly hope there is a better life after this one. Because this one has rather sucked.

I agree.
Hope there is no reincarnation as do NOT have any interest in coming back.
I kind of think there is nothing that I can possibly imagine.
I think the Heaven/Hell thing is childish concept and used to control people.

I listen to Alan Watts and think he is brilliant but don’t understand it! Hope there is some universal consciousness or something that gives this meaning…


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I’m not scared to go into stores but when I’m in the store my body and brain reacts by sending adrenaline and I get flushed and panicky is this even normal and will it ever go away? Like I’ve never been agoraphobic