Passing gas every ten minutes, no erections added to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Not able to recognize yourself in the mirror
« on: September 01, 2019, 10:09:22 pm »


Every time I look in the mirror I see something different. I can’t visualize what l look like either. I’m constantly looking to try to figure it out and it makes me freak out. Why is this. It makes no sense.

Re: Not able to recognize yourself in the mirror
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Bro I had this it will pass I promise. And to give you relief of what I had and haven’t came back since…

Bleeding nose
Swollen nips…yes I’m male lol
Cramping legs
Eyebrow rash
Waking up after nap with heart thumping still tired as shit
Hair scalp rashes
Teeth pain
Jaw pain
Bleeding gums
Mouth sores
Passing gas damn near every 10 mins
No erection
Hand tremors
Ringing in ears
White hairs( turned back to my dirty black natural color)
Wavy lines in vision/sensitive to light

Don’t be surprise what will pop will pass. I’m 22 months off

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Women: Breast pain while K withdrawal?
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:21:09 pm »


I have been on a [mostly] steady tapering plan since December 2018 – I am tapering .125mg at a time and before my most recent cut was at 1.75mg/d. I have noticed in the last 3 months(ish) that I have extreme breast pain between ovulation and start of my menstrual cycle. So for about 2 wks straight per month! I never experienced such a long time for breast soreness (besides during pregnancies)!
It has been suggested to me that my estrogen may be increased and that donating blood could help.

Anyone else deal with this? What did/do you do about it?


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dry scalp
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so i had dry scalp for months when i got off klonopin, now ive got it back again for no reason i dont get it .
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Re: dry scalp
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I have dry everything. Constantly drinking water applying moisturizer and lip balm. My spouse asked yesterday what was on my face. I looked in the mirror and the skin was pealing off my face

Re: dry scalp
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Lol Jospeh your posts make me laugh. Same here though. My face literally just peels constantly. If I run my hand across it, skin just sloughs off. Non stop… 🙄

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Anyone else have weird bruising?
« on: May 25, 2019, 10:26:03 pm »


A few months ago I found a “bruise” on my leg. It was a dark spot almost like a bruise is trying to heal – kiinda like a light brownish/yellowish color. its noticeable at a distance.

fast forward to now and its still here. There are a couple other bruises that are new below it. They are the regular dark bruises.

It worries me that the one has not healed. I searched on here and found lots of threads on people who were easily brusing during tapering but none really stated how long the bruises would last.

So I’m curious if anyone is getting weird brusing. If so, how long are they starying around?


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Has anyone experienced diarrhea during taper?
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:10:03 pm »


Hello. I’m tapering off of 8mgs of klonopin. Ever since I started I can’t stay out of the bathroom. I have tried Imodium and lomotil(prescription) with nothing working. I also have had a burning feeling in my stomach and gut. Could this be benzo belly? Any advice would help greatly.

Re: Has anyone experienced diarrhea during taper?
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yes. every single day. get used to it my friend.

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Here's a new one! Crazy sweating when laughing! Taper Side effect?
« on: March 23, 2019, 08:58:41 pm »


Let’s face it, we’re all hyper aware of every physical symptom throughout this tapering process but my new one? Crazy sweating when I laugh really hard (which isn’t often these days). I never noticed this before as I’m not one to perspire a ton. But lately, it’s kind of freaking me out that after a really hard laugh, I find that I’m sweating like crazy. Any thoughts?

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Body Odor Change!
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:34:03 pm »


One week has passed since I stopped my last Xanax dose. I can smell my body odor has changed to a faint smell that other are also noticing. Is this Xanax coming out of my body?
I can also smell it in my urine and color.
How long will this continue after stopping Xanax.
I just took a small dose for 9 days.