Renegade Benzo Buddies member “benzojunkie” posts horrific image of his benzo belly, lets loose torrent of saliva

Post-withdrawal Recovery Support / Re: Dry Mouth
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just the opposite…. drooling like a wolf eye balling a doe. a doe who’s sleeping in the snow…i have to change my pillow case every day as i wake up drenched in saliva spray.. the lower in dosage i get, the more things around me get wet. if i turn my head real fast, local objects get a blast. forget about my constant burping. now it seems to be never ending slurping….



  1. Benzo Buddies may suggest criminal or sexually abnormal ideas: attending cult urine drinking orgies, hurting oneself and/or a medical professional, pill seeking, mental rape, illegally trading drugs with other “buddies”, drugged driving, going against doctor’s orders, stealing for drugs, doctor shopping, etc.
  2. Benzo Buddies creates a mental preparedness or readiness for temptation: forced readings of the cult’s Bible – the Ashton manual, cult lingo (benzo belly, benzo brain, benzo flu, taper, protracted, wave/window) that enforces group think.
  3. Benzo Buddies suggests the forms a delinquent impulse may take and supply details of the latest techniques for its execution: providing unsupervised and harmful Ashton taper plans, organized cult attacks on doctors.
  4. Benzo Buddies may tip the scales in the behavior of an otherwise normal addict and act as the precipitating factor of delinquency or emotional disorder: causes more severe mental illness masked by denial of the existence of mental illness, seeks to control every aspect of member’s offline/online life.
  5. Benzo Buddies supplies the rationalization for a contemplated act which is often more important than the impulse itself: promotion of the Scientology cult’s beliefs, “we’re right, all doctors/psychiatrists but Ashton are wrong” etc.
  6. Benzo Buddies sets off a chain of undesirable and harmful thinking: feelings of doom, suicidal impulses, micro-tapering for decades, mass psychogenic illness (MPI), fear of butter.
  7. Benzo Buddies creates for the addict an atmosphere of deceit, trickery and cruelty.


Upset Benzo Belly. What do you use to feel better?
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I dont know if this nausea is from my last cut, its a new sx for me. Maybe just upset stomach but Im hurting.
What is safe to use? Can we take a simple anti acid like rolaids??? Or will it interact somehow. Seems everything does!

Re: Upset Benzo Belly. What do you use to feel better?
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I take pepto, marshmallow root and slippery elm for upset gastro issues. Ginger tea works well too – use fresh ginger.

Kooky Monday: Someone/something pulling from inside addict’s stomach

Bellybutton/naval pain. Weird
« on: April 22, 2014, 08:04:55 pm »


Hi all. I am a little over a month of being benzo free. All in all in feeling good besides a few bumps in the road but that is to be expected. But this threw me for a loop.

I have been having not quite a pain but more like a discomfort right behind by bellybutton, almost like someone is pulling or stretching it back from the inside and it goes all the way down. It is not constant, just comes and goes especially when I stretch. I’ve been to the doc before and show not a darn thing wrong with me anywhere except for acid reflux and IBS. Has anyone else experienced this?