83-year-old’s life ruined by cult’s anti-medicine dogma

Coping - I feel like calling the ambulance so I think I'll go for a walk.
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Hey Buddies! I’m an 83 year old geezer who was on 2.5 mg/day of Klonopin for 25 years as prescribed and have been off for about 22 months. I decided to wean off after realizing that the strange symptoms I had been experiencing for several years were due to tolerance withdrawal. The docs merrily prescribed this stuff without the slightest indication of the inherent risks involved. In any case, I thought it might be useful to my fellow sufferers to learn about my current circumstances given my history.

My typical day starts at about 6:30 AM after a night of fitful frequently interrupted sleep. My bed feels like a war zone. Feeling a bit dizzy and light-headed I make breakfast and sit down to read the paper. About an hour into it I begin to feel like a pall is settling over me; my brain feels leaden (physically) and my thinking becomes wooly. My whole body feels heavier and less responsive and my dizziness increases. I feel faint. An icy-hot sensation blooms over the skin of my arms and legs. With growing agitation I ask myself what the hell is going on? Do I have some horrible tumor like a carcinoid (which causes flushes) or pancreatic cancer? Do I have MS or lupus? I feel like I can hardly move, should I call the ambulance? Then, what’s left of my cerebral cortex sends a directive – Screw this! That’s no way to live! If you’re gonna go, go down swinging; get your ass in gear! (I need a bit of bravado at that point.) So I struggle to my feet, put on a jacket, unlimber my outdoor walker (My back is so bad I can no longer walk any significant distance without one. I wrecked my back running 12 miles/day in my 40s as a means of coping with job stress. I switched from running to Klonopin. Alas.) and head out. I take my driver’s license so I can be identified in case I keel over along the way. But amazingly I start to feel better almost immediately. My head clears, my spirits lift, and the leaden feeling disappears. I go as fast as I can up and down the hills in the neighborhood, covering about 2.5 miles in about 40 minutes, puffing all the way. People stare – who’s this decrepit old weirdo race-walking with his walker? But hey, when I get home I feel much better than when I started out and this exercise-induced window lasts for a few hours, after which that pall, somewhat less intense, begins to settle again. If I could only keep going flat out physically I think all my symptoms (except the skin sensations, which continue to come and go during the exercise) would be alleviated but, alas, this is impossible.

So folks, this is what one benzo sufferer’s life is like. It’s doable though not easy and at my age I don’t feel sanguine about the possibility of completely healing. The most beneficial coping strategy for me is to keep exercising as much as possible. Keep the blood flowing to all those damaged neurons! That will facilitate whatever healing is going to occur.

I don’t know if any of this will be helpful, but I hope so. Best of luck benzo-warriors!

Stevie Nicks blames psychiatry, not abuse of illegal drugs, for her decline

The anti-psychiatry cult venerates Nicks as an anti-benzo apostle yet Stevie was an out of control drug addict:

  • Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was so addicted to cocaine, alcohol and Quaaludes she blacked out and nearly overdosed repeatedly
  • She wore gold and turquoise bottle inlaid with diamonds around her neck so she was never without coke
  • To avoid body searches by customs in Europe, they hired Hitler’s private rail car complete with the elderly attendant who served the Fuhrer

She quickly descended into drug hell and became addicted to cocaine, alcohol, Quaaludes to sleep, and cigarettes – until her system broke down and she started having nosebleeds, falls on stage, blackouts and near overdoses.

She bought $1 million worth of cocaine and it burned a hole in her nose the size of a dime. Rumors spread that she had to have the drug blown up her derriere by an assistant.

“There was no way to get off the white horse and I didn’t want to,”  the now 66-year-old Nicks said.

She only slowed down her drug consumption when her doctor warned her she was risking permanent mental and physical damage as well as heading for a brain hemorrhage or an early grave.

The group called for an intervention and saved her life by urging her to check in to the Betty Ford Center.


Can anyone blame Big Pharma, or psychiatry, for that?

In a March 2017 Rolling Stone interview, instead of advising her younger self never to take illegal drugs, and thereby help other addicts, Nicks irresponsibly blames the psychiatrist who tried to help her recover:

What advice would you give to your younger self?
“How about my early-forties self? That’s when I walked out of Betty Ford after beating coke. I spent two months doing so well. But all my business managers and everyone were urging me to go to this guy who was supposedly­ the darling of the psychiatrists. That was the guy who put me on Klonopin. This is the man who made me go from 123 pounds to almost 170 pounds at five feet two. He stole eight years of my life.”

Look at what this poor, brainwashed, slob at Benzo Buddies says about Nicks:

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Start fighting back folks. No more suicides. Lost jobs and homes. No more drugged toddlers and babies, elderly and infirm. Come on guys! This is a grass roots effort! If Stevie Nicks still has the balls to stand up against big pharma and the drug dealers that push their poisons, so do you!

Love you all,

Talk about delusional.

Doctor-bashers turn on each other less than a month away from W-BAD – World Benzo Awareness Day

“We HAVE to stick together. We cannot NOT support any initiative that has even the remotest possibility of eliciting positive change. Please put any personal differences aside. Unless a proposed activity is illegal or unethical, please support it.” – Bliss Johns

“Preach!!! We are on the bleeding edges of a history making grass roots effort. We cannot afford division.” – Heather Solimine

“Also at issue here is how often I observe the benzo community turning on its own, hurting both well-meaning individuals and the larger benzo effort. Once judgment is declared, the conversation can turn so, so vicious. I think of Baylissa Frederick and Jennifer Austin Leigh, who have both given so much of themselves over the years to help people get through their hellish benzo journeys. They are positive, healing voices; both are highly knowledgable about patterns and methods involved in each person’s unique benzo journey and recovery. They both offer one of the few legitimate services for benzo discontinuation counseling and coping skills available. Yes, they do charge fees; but the costs are barely enough to sustain them. They do their work from a sense of purpose and need, with zero intent to exploit a vulnerable community. Yet over and over they are judged and attacked. And they always forgive and return because they are wonderful, deeply committed people who represent what is best about the community. But I worry; what if the day comes when one or both of them throw up their hands and say, Enough! ? Let’s protect our protectors. Let’s honor our warriors. All of them, which means all of you too —all who have or are experiencing benzo hell.” – Holly Hardman


Nostril damage from snorting pills causes nose picking leading to liver failure? Huh?

Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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I posted earlier about how I have reached bedrock as far as my nostrils go. Going on 6 months and I dont ever think I will regain anyutyp of lining in my nose. And the roof of my mouth is raw also.

Re: Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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Ive been complaining about something like this for weeks. When I breathe in, the air feels too cold and sort of raw. And Ive had a runny nose for 9 monthes. (Watery, harmless but annoying.) The inside of my mouth feels raw and burns, even my throat and my gums itch and burn. Sometimes my teeth feel sort of metallic.
Is this anything like what you are feeling?

Re: Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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Yep. My mouth has cycled through many changes from one end of the spectrum to the other. After c/t I had burning mouth as if I had a few habrenero peppers. My teeth feel like they contain a electrical charge. I tap them together and they feel hollow but echo in my skull. My biggest problem is my nostrils. I had a cold last week and for the first time in many months I had some color blow out. But i have pardon the pun but I have picked up a nose picking issue. This watery stuff summons me to constantly go after it. My finger has been in there way to long and so when i say I hit bedrock I mean I down to bone. And these intense violent sneeze attacks.

Re: Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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I couldnt help it…I laughed when I read this. A nose picking habit! A friend and I have an ongoing joke about this as we both admitted to secret nose picking.
I live with a box of tissues in every room.
Unfortunately I lost a few teeth after my cold turkey…old crowns, mostly, one large filling (where food always gets stuck! Yeek!) and I broke one tooth. I know dentures are in my future but hell, I cant afford a dentist, even.
Could you possibly have allergies???

Re: Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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My entire life its been nuts and cats. No offense I know you have several cats. I cant single cats out, I am allergic to many breeds of dogs. But yes I have developed allergies. I started to get more concerned when I started to itch after i ate. It was Greek yogurt which I have never had befog9re. A member replied check your liver. Well I cant pop the hood and take a look so I did a follow up on some other blood work. Enzymes are in range and so are kidneys but that is not a real check. All of my intense reactions to smells and chemical sensitivity and also new allergies just adds to the pile of liver problems namely cirrhosis. I went on another forum and read those with end stage cirrhosis and all complained of weakness and debilitating fatigue which I no longer have. I can work 10 hours and the fatigue has been gone for about 2 months. My liver pain persists so I just live and eat as if I did have a serious problem. If I turn yellow I am going in and say look now doc, what do you think.

Re: Anyone dealing with terrible nose problems??
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My sinuses feel like I have cement stuck on the walls of my cartilage. And everytime I sneeze it jolts my whole head and makes my whole body ache. It’s like when you have the flu. I also find myself digging for treasure constantly throughout the day. I’m obsessed with trying to clear it out that I have run dry of mucus in my nose. And to top it off it feels like the sinus muscles are swollen and adds to my list of breathing issues.