Cult perversion: Benzo Buddies member Flick Rahke admitted drinking urine after reading about New Age urine drinking orgies

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I prefer the Myrhh  While both are derived from Somalian tree saps, I like the myrhh better, but only as a incense base, not in its essential oil form.

Flick enjoys drinking his own urine as a remedy. He has also drank others urine in a party setting….I kid you not. He has posted this on here.

Thanks littlefeather for sharing,


Re: Remedies that have worked WONDERS for me
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Marky is full of crap as usual. yes essential oils are great and can be very relaxing to inhale.

As far as urine goes , drinking it sometimes is an old ayurvedic remedy that many in India and elsewhere swear by. I did say that I read that some of the new ager types had parties where some people drank other’s urine, but it was to show how harmless and safe it is, since urine is sterile. I never went to one of those parties, although I did drink my own urine in the morning once for a month to check it out as a healing method. It was harmless enough and did not make me feel weird or anything. did not seem to treat the illness I was trying to treat either, so I simply stopped, no w/d or side effects lol.

Marky seems to have pee pee and ca ca issues though. lol Uncle Flicky the Wise

Alleged cult kidnapper KlonopinKills/draklore911 only on benzodiazepines 3 months

Brother Just Put on Paxil
12-19-2011, 03:23 PM


Hi, My step brother was just put on Paxil because he was feeling suicidal and was also given gabapentin. I’ve read much on these drugs and I am really afraid of him having problems with a discontinuation syndrome later. I myself went through a protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal, and I’m still going through it at 7 months off, though much improved. I’m basically afraid of these medications and I’m afraid of him trying it. He claims he is just totally suicidal and can’t take feeling the way he is but he’s been on these two meds for 3 days and says he feels really weird. I found it odd they would prescribe gabapentin for him when it’s primarily used for pain and hot flashes… When he told me he was on paxil I remembered this site that was dedicated to the withdrawal of paxil when I was going through benzo withdrawal really bad. I basically went insane in benzo w/d and it was the most horrifying experience of my life, and I was only on it 3 months. I warned him about this and he doesn’t wanna take it now but he feels he needs some kind of med to help him. What should we do? Can he safely try this or is there another A/D that is less dangerous?

Re: Brother Just Put on Paxil
12-19-2011, 03:42 PM


Can he try more natural stuff like St Johns Wort? Never used it myself but supposedly acts as a mild SSRI.

Note: He should not use SJW together with any other psych meds as there is a risk of serotonin syndrome!!!!


Cult brainwashes members into eating useless supplements in place of food

Don’t be fooled by dietary supplement claims

  • More than half of Americans are taking supplements, fueling a $30 billion industry
  • David Seres: But supplements are not the amazing panacea that we are led to believe
  • He says vitamin E and selenium supplements, for example, may not be safe for men
  • Seres: We need to reassess regulation of dietary supplements and educate the public

Editor’s note: David S. Seres, MD, is director of medical nutrition and associate professor of medicine in the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center. He is a Public Voice Fellow with the Op-Ed Project. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN) — Recently, the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection successfully ignited a public discussion about dietary supplements. It’s about time. But this is only a first step, and of no substantive value without continued careful objective and scientific re-evaluation of how we view these products.

The $30 billion dietary supplements industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, has reason to celebrate. More than half of Americans are taking supplements.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the passage of one of the most skillful pieces of legislation ever to undermine the health of Americans: The Dietary Supplement Health and Educational Act of 1994. The result was to remove from regulation by the Food and Drug Administration any substances labeled as a dietary supplement. The act was passed with strong bipartisan support. After all, shouldn’t we make it easier for Americans to access good nutrition? If it is nutrition, isn’t it good for you? And, if a nutrient is essential for an important body function, shouldn’t more of it improve that body function?

But supplements are not quite the amazing panacea that we have been led to believe. Supplements, which include substances such as vitamins and herbs, but can also include hormones and other pharmacologically active ingredients, can impact the effect and safety of various medications and alter our body’s physiologic functions.

For instance, severe bleeding has been reported as a result of supplements taken at recommended doses around the time of even minor surgery. This is of great concern given that a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado found that 40% of patients undergoing surgery were taking herbal and vitamin supplements that block normal blood clotting and predispose them to excessive bleeding, and 17% were taking supplements that may prolong the effect of anesthesia.

Nutrients are chemicals, and almost all are known to have toxicity when taken in high doses. Look in any nutrition textbook and you will find lists of vitamin toxicities, some of which may even be fatal.

For example, overdose of vitamin A will cause brain swelling and liver failure. This is, fortunately, not common. But intake of vitamin A, only slightly higher than the recommended daily allowance, has been associated with thinning of bones and a higher risk for fractures.

Some supplements, like zinc, may cause harm even at low doses, since it can cause a significant decrease in the levels of copper, another essential mineral for the body.

Vitamin E and selenium supplements have both been proven, in a well-designed randomized trial with more than 35,000 men, to cause statistically significant increases in the incidence of aggressive prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute felt the results were concerning enough to post them on their website, with a strongly worded warning that men should not take these, despite the claims of supplement proponents who vehemently deny the scientific data, based on outlandish theories. Nor do these proponents disclose conflicts of interest, which real scientists are ethically bound to reveal when they are in a position to make personal gains.

Despite the proven risks, the market is glutted with supplement companies and vitamin pushers who argue that supplements, from multivitamins to herbal cures for everything from the common cold to obesity, are natural and thus, safe. They fiercely advocate for keeping access to dietary supplements unfettered by government regulation, claiming that further regulation would unfairly deprive the public of access to these potentially beneficial substances. They cite theory and inappropriate data to support their claims and dismiss any evidence to the contrary.

Proper randomized studies, such as those performed to establish safety and efficacy of prescription medications, are needed to establish cause and effect of supplements. Such studies require large numbers of patients and are extremely costly. Without regulatory pressures, there is little motivation for industry to do the studies, even as supplements bring in large profits from sales to the American public.

The other option is observational or epidemiological research, which is easier and less expensive. But conclusions from these studies can only be used to note the coincidence of events, not cause and effect. Erroneous conclusions are often drawn (e.g., only overweight people are on diets, therefore being on diets causes obesity). And guesswork, which some supplement proponents use to deny the science, costs nothing.

Most people, scientists and nonscientists, are not aware of the weaknesses in the scientific data on supplements. Part of this misunderstanding is the fault of us nutrition experts, who want very much to provide something to slake the hunger of the public for advice on what to do to stay young, thin, fit and healthy, and are loathe to say “we don’t know.”

It is a hopeful sign that this issue has come to the attention of the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection. But there is so much to be done.

Just because a product is brought to market and labeled as a dietary supplements, guarantees neither efficacy nor, more importantly, safety. On this anniversary of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, with lawmakers now willing to challenge this powerful industry, it is time to reassess the regulation of dietary supplements, consider our priorities in how funding is granted for nutrition research, reeducate the community of nutrition experts as well as the public, and be honest about our inability to offer definitive, safe and effective nutritional recommendations.

Manson-Prozeß - Angeklagte

Charlie Manson’s girls didn’t think they were in a cult either

Brainwashed people don’t know they’re brainwashed

A doctor-basher takes on Cesspool of Madness and loses
Diana H

I take offence to the suggestion that I have been brainwashed by cult members. I have a healthy questioning nature when it comes to anything in my life. When it comes to my health, or the health of my loved ones, I take a more active role. I don’t have blind faith in doctors for good reason. When I was a child, my mother was told by her G.P. that she was pregnant when she later found out (from another doctor) that she had a large fibroid tumour. She had a hysterectomy and was not pregnant. A few years later, she had a growth in her left breast and was told by her G.P. (a different one this time), that it was a benign cyst and not to worry about it. She started to lose weight, so went to a different doctor and was told that it was most likely cancer. She had the breast removed because it was cancerous. Thank goodness it wasn’t a fast growing one, or she would have been dead. The first misdiagnosis was in 1967 and the second in 1972. From my own experience, I have been given about 20 different drugs to try for my headaches, none of which worked for any length of time, if at all. Both my G.P., my neurologist and my mom’s G.P. will write a prescription for almost any drug we ask for. Both of my sisters have been treated for depression by their G.P. with antidepressants, and no need for psychotherapy unless they requested it. Doctors don’t normally treat common problems with exercise, or talk therapy or meditation. Their first instinct is to look for a drug that best fits the problem. My friend first started taking Xanax because she was having a hard time dealing with the death of her father. Instead of sending her to a psychologist to give her natural ways of coping with the loss, he prescribed a pill that worked very well for her. Then, when she lost her mother, she found that she needed a little more Xanax to help cope, so her doctor increased the dosage. Because she had been on the drug for 17 years, the pharmacy had no reason to include a drug insert when she had her prescription filled. She had no idea that the multitude of other symptoms that started to pop up were related to the drug that she had trusted for so long. When she became depressed, she was asked if depression ran in her family. She said that her mother had suffered from it. However, the doctor never asked if her mother had also been taking benzos. She had started taking Valium when her oldest daughter hit puberty and was quite a handful. She continued to take Valium for many years, so it could very well have caused her to be depressed.

I also have a healthy skepticism for how much doctors know about the medications they are prescribing because of how little time they devote to drugs during their training. I had always assumed that, to become a doctor, you have to study the practice of medicine for at least 7 years. However, I have recently watched my son’s girlfriend study to become a doctor. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Science, with no medical courses. This took 4 years. Then, she did a year of graduate studies, also not in the medical field. She was finally accepted into medicine, where she trained hard for a total of 3 years. Now she is a doctor of family medicine, with only 3 years of actual medical training! And where do doctors get their information from about new drugs? The drug companies that give them samples to test out on their patients. And how great is it for the drug companies when they can get millions of people hooked on a drug that they never really needed in the first place? And it’s even better for them when it’s almost impossible to wean yourself off of that drug when the side effects start to outweigh the benefits. If anyone is brainwashed, perhaps look at the doctors and their blind faith in the pharmaceuticals manufactured to treat things we never considered a life threatening problem 100 years ago (insomnia, anxiety).

Mike Fifty-nine

Diana your anti-doctor/anti-pharma bias is evident. Perhaps you don’t see it. Perhaps you do and aren’t being totally forthcoming? I have no idea. Are you brainwashed? I can’t say for certain but the brainwashing of drug addicts, and the mentally ill, by this cult is real and a danger to public health. Your messages do contain quite a bit of the exact same language/ideas one could hear from Scientology’s front group CCHR, cult sites like Benzo Buddies, or in DuPont’s harmful book.

You seem to believe drug companies are evil, conspiring to turn us all into addicts who take their drugs for phantom diseases. You ridicule doctors as being brainwashed (!) clowns led around by the nose by Big Pharma.

I’ve heard every anti-doctor/anti-psychiatry rant/conspiracy theory possible in the few short years I’ve been fighting this cult and none of them hold up.

Usually what cult members do is tell a heart-wrenching personal story to get a person’s emotions on their side and then they “go in for the kill” with the anti-doctor message. It’s sickening.

Take care.


Diana, I’m sorry that you felt offended upon reading what I said (or perhaps what mike or someone else may have said) about the cult & brainwashing stuff. I do not doubt that what you’re saying in your story is the truth and you seem like a good person who has been through a lot.

This is not a debate in which we are coming to an either black or white conclusion in regards to whether or not there are doctors that you shouldn’t trust… whether or not there are doctors that when shining a light on their morals/ethics/intelligence/wisdom/ignorance/stupidity/malevolence/whateverelseetc. stand out in contrast to some others.

We’re not trying to figure out whether or not some people really do suffer from benzo withdrawal… deal with ignorant doctors that could have saved them a lot of grief by knowing more information than they did about benzos… this happens. But, I’m sure you know that plane crashes have occurred in this world. I’m sure some people have stories in which they legitimately are good well meaning people that lost good well meaning loved ones in the name of something that could have been so… avoidable if one professional could have done his job a bit better. If a few members of a fictional hypothetical cult that say… didn’t believe in aviation alongside a bunch of horrific beliefs started text messaging the members of a plane, convincing all of the passengers that the pilot is trying to kill them and making outrageous, dangerous claims against the pilot because they were just linked to a google article about planes having crashed throughout history… and because professionals can make these mistakes… by their logic, THEY should overtake the pilot and take control of the plane. They should call the shots. Now what if those passengers being convinced to take power of the plane into their own hands (i realize this metaphor is getting stale but i want to make it clear what is left for discussion here) ALSO had a 1/2 chance of being blind and missing an arm… making them even LESS likely to be suitable to make decisions based on what they’re being brainwashed into believing they should be making decisions about… as the mentally ill have the potential to be in comparison to people who are not mentally ill when it comes to making what could be life/death decisions… what if the people on that plane were likely to have a fear of flying on top of it already in near panic attacks on the flight before the cult members did this… if they exploited these people’s fears and caused them to kill themselves after throwing the pilot out the hatch and taking control of it themselves.

Then… the plane crashes… the passengers end up killing themselves… and the horrible, DISGUSTING people INTENTIONALLY PREYING (I’m not saying anyone in particular is doing this but if anyone IS doing this I stand by my psychoanalysis) on these people while in a weakened state of vulnerability and well… everything… because they know it will help promote THEIR AGENDA even if it’s at the cost of the mental and emotional well being of a lot more people than a plane can hold and the exponential effect it has on their loved ones as well… ugh… it’s sickening. Scientologists believe that doctors are out to poison people. They also believe that there are ghosts living inside the bodies of people that aren’t scientologists but not inside themselves. They have a lot of malicious tendencies in regards to spreading their horrid propaganda.

I didn’t believe the scientology stuff Mike has accused the BB admins of having relations to… but now I absolutely do and it is FUCKING SICK.

It’s just too easy to play stupid for these people isn’t it? “Yeah well what about the person I KNOW that went to the doctor and he didn’t tell her this or that and this or that happened.” That’s not what we’re debating. What we’re debating is whether or not BB is a dangerous, extremely emotionally damaging website and people need to wake up and see it. Please don’t be offended, I offer my condolences to you an I am in no way criticizing you due to intent anyways… I just want to make it clear that what you’re saying is besides the fact. Still, glad to see you sharing your story though and wish you the best, Diana.

Mike Fifty-nine

This site isn’t about whether there are bad doctors. Doctors are human, like the rest of us, and make mistakes. This site is about exposing, and destroying, a cult that has an evil anti-doctor/anti-psychiatry/anti-pharma ideology. A cult that tells its members NOT to take medication – often resulting in their death. A cult that tells its members only one doctor – Ashton – can save them. This cult has to be stopped.

White Knight

Hi Diana

Life is tough, for sure. Sorry about your problems, many of which are almost universal. Doctors, like all humans are imperfect, but are infinitely more qualified to give medical advice than anyone on BB!

There are good and bad people in every profession. It is particularly difficult to tolerate incompetence or immoral behavior from those in a position of trust like a doctor or a religious leader. If you think back, most people and doctors are a mix of good and bad. Most for profit businesses, like pharma, have good and bad things about them. Really very little that is “pure evil” or purely good for that matter.

I have found most people and businesses do about as well as they can. Most are not involved in any conspiracy to harm as many people as possible. Understanding this makes the world a better place to live in. Trust but verify, buyer beware, etc., etc.,

Please do not buy into the paranoid conspiracy theory’s you might find at benzo buddies or in a benzo book. They feed on the vulnerable and to some extent trap and enslave people into unhealthy and dangerously imbalanced thinking.


You just summarizing what I said and making it a bit easier to take in or are you telling me that, lol. Because if you’re telling me that I’ll be annoyed because I feel like that’s the point I was trying to make.

Does that sound like I’m being some condescending douche? I wouldn’t have said it like that. If you could hear the way I would have said the first two sentences in this post… like if you had the body language… the subtext… the tone of voice… the other 90% of communication… you’d know I wasn’t being a dick dude.

I don’t even care. As long as the point is made. I feel great supporting such a great cause after experiencing that hell myself for a month or two last spring. To save anyone from that… even a single person… it’s honestly on the same level as having your life saved or is in a lot of cases. Thanks again for making this site mike59. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Diana H

In The Benzo Book, the author refers to Heather Ashton as a researcher, not a doctor. And most doctors stay informed by reading medical journals that print studies done by researchers. My suggestion is that more research is needed by independent groups that are not funded by drug companies.

Diana H

Benzodiazepines are obviously not 100% safe, as no drug could meet this high of a standard. The list of side effects, reported by the drug manufacturer, supports this theory. My friend did extremely well on them for 17 years, as I’m sure many patients do well on them for a long time. I’m simply saying that, at some point, the side effects can start to outweigh the benefits. Because this drug is so highly addictive, it is almost impossible for some people to handle the withdrawal process, leaving them in a Catch 22 type of scenario. With most other drugs, if a person starts to experience unwelcome side effects, they can simply switch to another drug. That isn’t the case with benzodiazepines.

Since Professor Ashton’s study of just over 300 people, there have been hundreds of others that have used her withdrawal method with success.

Mike Fifty-nine

Research into what? Benzodiazepines? They’ve been around for 51 years (1963). They’ve been researched to death. They’re 100% safe. The vast majority of people who are prescribed them have no issue with them at all. You realize that right?

Hobson-Dupont has no medical credentials at all. He’s not qualified as an expert.

Ashton’s CV (BTW she only had a few over 300 patients in total – most of which were on other drugs; see

Chrystal Heather Ashton DM, FRCP is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychopharmacology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Professor Ashton is a graduate of the University of Oxford and obtained a First Class Honours Degree (BA) in Physiology in 1951. She qualified in Medicine (BM, BCh, MA) in 1954 and gained a postgraduate Doctor of Medicine (DM) in 1956. She qualified as MRCP (Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London) in 1958 and was elected FRCP (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London) in 1975. She also became National Health Service Consultant in Clinical Psychopharmacology in 1975 and National Health Service Consultant in Psychiatry in 1994.

She has worked at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne as researcher (Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor) and clinician since 1965, first in the Department of Pharmacology and latterly in the Department of Psychiatry. Her research has centred, and continues, on the effects of psychotropic drugs (nicotine, cannabis, benzodiazepines, antidepressants and others) on the brain and behaviour in man. Her main clinical work was in running a benzodiazepine withdrawal clinic for 12 years from 1982-1994.

At present she is involved with the North East Council for Addictions (NECA) of which she is former Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee on which she still serves. She continues to give advice on benzodiazepine problems to counsellors and is patron of the Bristol & District Tranquilliser Project. She was generic expert in the UK benzodiazepine litigation in the 1980s and has been involved with the UK organisation Victims of Tranquillisers (VOT). She has submitted evidence about benzodiazepines to the House of Commons Health Select Committee.

Professor has published approximately 250 papers in professional journals, books and chapters in books on psychotropic drugs of which over 50 concern benzodiazepines. She has given evidence to various Government committees on tobacco smoking, cannabis and benzodiazepines and has given invited lectures on benzodiazepines in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.

Diana H

Benzodiazepines are obviously not 100% safe, as no drug could meet this high of a standard. The list of side effects, reported by the drug manufacturer, supports this theory. My friend did extremely well on them for 17 years, as I’m sure many patients do well on them for a long time. I’m simply saying that, at some point, the side effects can start to outweigh the benefits. Because this drug is so highly addictive, it is almost impossible for some people to handle the withdrawal process, leaving them in a Catch 22 type of scenario. With most other drugs, if a person starts to experience unwelcome side effects, they can simply switch to another drug. That isn’t the case with benzodiazepines.

Since Professor Ashton’s study of just over 300 people, there have been hundreds of others that have used her withdrawal method with success.

Mike Fifty-nine

Diana, in the U.S. alone, there are MILLIONS of BZD prescriptions every year. As I said above, the vast majority of those people, have no issue at all coming off BZDs. It is a non-issue (one reason why the online cult sites – Benzo Buddies etc – are minuscule and most there abused BZDs, or have other mental health/drug issues).

The danger is these poor people end up in a cult that harms them.

From my perspective, you yourself have been harmed by cult dogma.

Diana H

To Mike Fifty-nine:
Can I ask what your personal experience with benzodiazepine is? Have you taken them?

Mike Fifty-nine

10s of 1000s of them. I’d take 10 2 mg alprazolam at a time (with coffee). Let’s just say I’ve taken more BZDs than anyone you know.

I am well acquainted with kooky Ashton and have studied her manual in depth. I know all the cult lingo (waves, windows, benzo belly, protracted withdrawal syndrome, fear of butter, Big Pharma conspiracy theories, etc). I am comfortable discussing medical matters with most doctors/psychiatrists.

Did you believe I just fell off the turnip truck?

Diana H

No, I don’t think you just fell off the turnip truck, but your behaviour suggests that you may be under the influence of some type of drug. Perhaps we can continue this conversation in another 15 or so years, to see if you still have the same opinion of benzos. If you haven’t committed suicide due to depression, that is. You’re still experiencing the honeymoon phase of the drug, and I hope it lasts for your sake.

Mike Fifty-nine

High on life Diana, high on life. :)

Concerned Citizen

Was the ‘Virgin Killer’ a ‘Benzobuddie’? ‘Buddies’ are such scary people!!!!



Wow Diana, insults? Honeymoon phase of benzos? Give me a break.

I was on 6 mg a day of K and quit COLD TURKEY. Any symptom I’m having now a year plus out is an underlying symptom of why I was taking them. People have been around MILLIONS of years, and only recently we have invented this “medicine for depression” bull crap. Feeling depressed, get out exercise and do something that makes you happy. Quit living in “depression”… shit before the recent advent that word was used to describe when money situation in countries was bad.


Listen up, Diana. I tried to avoid saying anything that may have potentially upset you. I do still empathize with you and your loved ones that have suffered due to all of this… But I’m going to refrain from sugar-coating what I want to say for the sake of anyone’s feelings and in doing so I’m not acting out of spite or due to any motives OTHER than correcting what I believe to be dangerous, ignorant mis-information.

That comment that you just made towards Mike…

“No I don’t feel like you just fell off of the turnip truck it just seemed to me that based what I had observed in your behavior it must be likely that you’re on drugs of some sort.”

Do you know why Mike 59 runs this site? Do you know why he puts his safety and his entire life at risk to speak against sites like BenzoBuddies? To save the LIVES of people like me… people like anyone as long as they share that common wound… which is accidentally finding BenzoBuddies and being introduced to the Ashton Manual as well as the community of thousands of people that 99% of have ALL been suffering from absolute torture for a fucking tenth or even a fifth of their entire human lifespan and when it comes to these vulnerable people… most likely suffering from the anxiety that comes alongside the benzowithdrawal that most people would experience if their minds weren’t polluted with horrifying, trauma inducing toxic medical mis-information that plants the most terrifying illustration of said victim’s own current life situation in his/her mind because they’re seeing THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE that are all on benzobuddies JUST LOOKING TO HELP SUPPORT SOME OTHER “RANDOM” BENZO USERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD IN GETTING OFF OF THEM… AND EVERY ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN LIVING A LIFE OF PURE AGONIZING, HELLISH TORTURE FOR A TENTH OR EVEN A FIFTH OF THEIR FUCKING LIFESPAN. I’m using caps to help you read this in the proper context. Have you EVER seen a post on benzobuddies saying “Hey, do you guys realize that only a very small percentage of people taking benzodiazepines even long term will get withdrawal symptoms…? Do you also realize that anxiety and stress alone can cause 250+ physical and psychological symptoms? Do you also realize that joining this site and finding out that out of the ten thousand people that have ever seemingly joined this friendly little online withdrawal support site… NONE of them have came to the conclusion that it’s NOT this horrendous life halting giant deal (except maybe in some rare cases I get that and I sympathize with them but even still, BB will MAKE IT WORSE) and tried to spread the word to everyone?

Do you really think no one has ever thought of that? Do you think that no one that posts here may be doing so not because they’re assholes… but because after being horrified after finding benzo buddies (in my own case) and becoming so terrified that the initial trauma of finding it all out, trying to explain it all to my family and a psych doctor who all look at me like I’m nuts blabbing about this ashton manual… the fucking pain i was in because of that FUCKING SITE. I had just kicked methadone cold turkey and I had been tapering from clonazepam for a few months before finding BB and I was in an anxious state, ready to get at my life with no opiates and that fucking site scared me so badly that I almost committed suicide. It makes you feel as if the rest of the world doesn’t understand… they have this “Benzo Leading Expert” (Ashton) who has written a book on benzos… and then thousands of people to back up the idealogy that no one in my situation gets to live their lives now. THE SITE IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO CONVINCE THESE PEOPLE THEIR LIVES HAVE BEEN RUINED, OFTEN COMPLETELY. Do you see how serious this may be if say… only one in… ten THOUSAND patients or some similarly ridiculously contrasting ratio of ruined lives from long term benzos were what actually existed and if 95% OF THE MEMBERS ON BENZOBUDDIES ARE INNOCENT VICTIMS who REALLY ARE feeling horrific symptoms non-stop… you know why? Because that’s what happens when you wake up and enter a state of panic not because you’re in benzo withdrawal… but because you’ve had benzobuddies implant an illustration of… absolute fucking HORROR alongside the depiction you have of your own reality and they DO DO THIS through the power of suggestion… they do it not to help anyone but to SUPPORT THEIR FUCKING RIDICULOUS SCIENTOLOGY AGENDA BECAUSE IT HELPS TO KNOCK MEDICAL SCIENCE AND DOCTORS and they do it at the cost of INNOCENT PEOPLE LIVING THEIR LIVES IN THIS PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE and the power of the mind and nocebo effect is so freaking strong that this IS happening! I’m so sick of everyone being so fucking stupid wake the fuck up. Quit arguing with mike. WE DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF BENZOS. THIS SITE IS ABOUT THE VERY REAL DAMAGE THAT BENZO FORUMS ARE DOING TO PEOPLE AS WE SPEAK… RUINING LIVES.

Benzo withdrawal is real.
Lots of doctors are insufficient and should not have medical licenses.
Doctors would be better off knowing more about benzos (as they would be in regards to any specific field of study in medicine)

WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP PRESENTING THIS ARGUMENTS. Nothing being said here is contradicting any of that.

What is being said here?


omg… it’s just awful. and no one gets it except a few. They also implant through the power of suggestion in the minds of the users a spiteful, angry type of attitude. Anger is IMO related closely to fear.


You didn’t continue to have a civilized discussion like 2 adults about what he was bringing up. What you did was switch to disregarding the topic he proved you wrong about and because you didn’t like it (why do you engage in debate to find the truth so you can help the world with it or to be “right?” AND RESORTING TO REMARKS ABOUT HIM COMMITTING SUICIDE and how you hope to see him 15 years from now when you predict that this will be happening. Asking him if he had been on benzos because the way he’s acting indicates that he’s on drugs?! DO YOU REALIZE HOW DISGUSTING THAT IS? I thought you were some nice woman and I felt bad for you. Do you think saying to someone that they seem like they’re on drugs (and you KNOW that he gave you no reason for it so don’t bother saying you legitimately thought that) could be hurtful?

Did he say anything hurtful to you or was he polite and offering his condolences after you told your story initially… before getting angry BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE’S PROVING EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO BE WRONG. Well… wouldn’t it be better if what you believed in regards to this was wrong if it has caused you and your loved ones so much pain? Why wouldn’t you be happy to read what you read from mike today then?

You’re a lost soul trying to make it to heaven like everyone else but do to some sleazeballs… scum of the earth some of the most disgusting human beings that are alive today… (unless somehow they truly don’t realize what they are doing which I believe sums up to a probability of about 1/1000 000 000 but still I have no idea who the people that run that site are. I HOPE they’re just REALLY REALLY ignorant and dense)… due to these people wanting to use your life and the life of your loved ones to their own advantage… using your entire life and the quality of it and thousands of others to promote their religious agendas… OMG ITS SO FUCKING STUPID and it makes me want to puke. You won’t find your heaven. These fucking… omg, just human filth. They take away your shot at finding heaven alongside ALL of those members there and introduce these innocent people to a permanent nightmare world that begins with inputting ideas into the minds of those in a vulnerable state (real benzo wd)… fucking fear mongering.

You know what, I may not be the biggest saint in the world but I am not posting this to insult anybody. I post it because I care about people and the fact that mike59 on this little site… its all there is to go against this! they make him look like a bully! THIS SITE SNAPPED ME OUT OF A DELUSION THAT WOULD HAVE CAUSED ME TO LIVE FROM 20 YEARS OLD TO 80 IN HELL for the sake of the site owners personal agenda. everyone is so fucking stupid. how can this site exist.

I got off of clonazepam JUST FINE after spending 2 months in a suicidal mess, talking about what ashton said about most doctors not knowing we have to do it her way… i honestly felt suicide was the only way out at one point but I was freaking out from opiate WD and benzo WD mixed and 95% of the hell was due to my new “knowledge” of the realities of benzos that I thought I had learned to be fact at BB. Then I found this site, it got me thinking and I realized there is no way hypochondriac heavens with this kind of destructive potential WOULD NOT be the result of a benzo withdrawal forum set up like this…

I detoxed off of clonazepam, 3mg for about 4 years, 1/4 mg every 2 weeks and felt NO WITHDRAWAL.

During the 2 months between finding BB, getting worked up over it, scared to death, believing I had to put my life on hold and that I would have these HORRIFIC symptoms that everyone claimed to have… and finding this site right here and seeing mike speak some rationality that i already think i knew… i just needed to hear someone else saying… I got so sick from worrying that my body started twitching everywhere uncontrollably for about 10 days. I then posted about that on BB and the mods told me that they have hundreds of people who twitch non stop all day and have for years.

I almost lost my mind in a hysterical fucking… omg… finding that site… the trauma and what resulted over the next while in my mind after believing that stuff about my life… HOW THE FUCK CAN THESE SITES NOT BE EXPOSED! HOW CAN THEY MAKE ANYONE FEEL THE SUFFERING I FELT, INNOCENT PEOPLE SUFFERING LIKE THAT. and everyone is too dense (it seems like?!) TO FUCKING GET THAT ITS HAPPENING they just keep coming and bringing up shit that it seems like mike is trying to contradict when all he’s contradicting is the fact that the creators of BB shoudn’t be charged for torture.

I’m sorry. I’ve been drinking and I don’t drink much and I’m really upset today. Seeing Diana act like such a horrible person to mike… i’ve just seen so many of these people… they were probably always kind. i doubt diana is an awful, ugly human being… BB makes people that way… after they scare them so badly they can mold them however they want to deliver the messages to the world explaining their own fucking agendas. just a pawn. ten thousand human lives… all fucking human pawns suffering unbearably instead of living their lives… so some fucking… DISGUSTING PEOPLE can use the sick or the non-sick before MAKING them mentally ill from such awful use of the power of suggestion to SPREAD THEIR FUCKING CULT PROPAGANDA UGHHH FUCK I THINK IM LOSING IT IM SORRY. I’m going to stop drinking for a bit and hop in the shower, go visit a friend. Not this. Not now. I really am sorry mike but I dont want to backspace this post because it is representative of a powerful type of feeling I have in regards to this topic that the long, rambling style kind of helps give off I suppose. It’s embarrassing but yet sentimental to me. I really feel emotions when I think of the fucking pain this site causes… how messed up it is that its victims will fight for what it teaches without realizing what the enemy is… it’s a fascinating symbolic representation of a lot of crazy things about the human condition… at least presently. k

Sorry for the caps I just want to emphasize certain parts and there’s no italics. I’m really upset right now and I don’t want to upset anyone else I want to make this point clear to the next person that decides to come make a comment here completely missing what the fuck mike or any of the rest of us are saying. We aren’t arguing against anything you’re bringing to the table in a lot of cases and we’re trying to save lives not hurt anyone.

White Knight

Hi Diana,

“Since Professor Ashton’s study of just over 300 people, there have been hundreds of others that have used her withdrawal method with success.”

Regarding your statement above, I am not so sure you are correct. Millions of people have WD from benzos with out using a junk science based micro taper, with no problems. Some people get off benzos using the Ashton method but it is hard to know if using the method increased their suffering or not. Certain people can and do have issues with WD from benzos, no doubt, but it is impossible know which ones will. Many people can not tolerate a long drawn out taper. Again impossible to know in advance which ones-IF ANY- benefit from the “Ashton” method of WD.

Using a cookie cutter approach that all benzo addicts need a “micro taper” over a period of many months or even, God forbid, years, may actually increase the duration and total amount of the addicts suffering. I see many micro tapers suffering so badly that they get off only to go back onto an even higher does of drugs than they were on pre-taper! And then they start a new, slower taper….the definition of insanity!

You mention hundreds have used the Ashton method with success, which is very questionable, but personally know many others that have had tragic results and had increased and unneeded suffering due to following the cult dogma. Many have ended their own lives under the “care” of the benzo buddies!

I admit I do not have all the answers for long term drug addicts who suffer side effects, but the dangerous thing is the cult members at BB who tell you they have all the answers and they are from Ashton. Can you see this Diana?

(Read the entire thread here.)


61-year-old joins cult after year long bender

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I am a 61 year old woman who was prescribed Klonopin for many months up to 10mg day along with other medications. This was prescribed for anxiety. I became cross addicted to alcohol and checked into Detox August 9, 2013. I am now in a recovery program but am still trying to figure out exactly what happened to me physically. I don’t remember much of last year.

4 year bender lands addict in hospital for phenobarb cocktail

50 days off benzos...scared to get too excited yet
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I have come on this forum a few times over the past few years but didn’t post. My benzo use started about 4 years ago when I started getting prescriptions for Ativan to help with the increased anxiety I faced when trying to quit drinking (which was my initial way to medicate my anxiety) after a few months of going between taking 6-8mg a day of Ativan and drinking when the Ativan ran out, I ended up in treatment my first time which was where I found out I was addicted to benzos. I was put on klonopin and rapidly tapered down from 3.5mg of K to .5mg in 6 weeks…it was hell. I couldn’t get off the last .5 and left saying I would with my doctor at home. I ended up upping it again myself because of the tolerance wd’s and under the advice of a specialist, was switched over to Valium and started a long taper off 40mg a day. After about a year I was down to my last .25mg of Valium a day and stopped completely for about 10 days. But the anxiety was so crazy I ended up going back to drinking. Got back on the Valium and went back and forth with the 2 for another year or so. During the last 6 months I was back up to 10-20mg a day or higher, drinking most days, and feeling depressed, unmotivated and most of the time like giving up. I knew it was a dangerous combo but started mixing in high amounts just assuming I would be ok. Ended up back in treatment. Stopping drinking was the easy part. With my history and the amount of benzos in my system the doc decided the only option was to put me on phenobarbital for 6 days and cold turkey the Valium. Slept away the first couple days. Then felt great for ether next 3-4 days. Then wow….hit me like a brick. Every wd symptom I could think of from metallic taste in my mouth, muscle twitches, muscle weakness, crushing pain in my chest, pounding heart, sensitive to sound, all over tenseness, clenching jaw, crazy bad anxiety, and the list goes on. The next 4 weeks were complete hell….worst thing I have ever gone thru…but in the 5th week I started having relief. Would still hit me randomly thru the day…but slowly I starts thinking clearer and feeling better. It’s been 50 days now and while I am feeling a little better every day I’m cautious because I’m not sure what is around the corner. Benzos took 4 years of my life away and I’m soooo glad to be done with them, but still unsure if I’m out of the woods. Just looking to find out if anyone has been given phenobarbital to get off benzos and how it worked for them. Thanks!

Kooky amino acid therapy

Interested in Finding Safe Alternatives to benzos
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My name is [...]. I was on Adivan and klonopin for three years before I tapered off last year using mostly amino acid therapy. I am interested in reading other success stories to strengthen my own recovery and to help others who are still in the throes of dependency or withdrawal. Thank you for creating such a worthwhile tool to help people in need.