Woman joins Benzo Buddies to finish off sick sister

I'm needing help...
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I’m hoping to join this site so that I may support my sister in her ‘fight’ (and what an awful fight it is). She is 65 and has taken Klonopin for many years (15 is what she told the psychiatrist yesterday, might be more). 1.5 years ago, she detoxed off opiates and the klonopin at an inpatient program… only to be REstarted on the klonopin (at a much higher dosage) 1 week after discharge. She was just beginning the hell called detox, but was started back on it and was in no condition to say no thank you.

Fast forward to her current situation… she was hospitalized in a psych unit and weaned from 2 mg of Klonopin a day to none within 6 days. She was discharged on day 8. Her withdrawals started on day 7 but she was assured by the psychiatrist that she had only been taking a teeny tiny piece of klonopin the day before so these symptoms were purely anxiety related… NOT withdrawals. That’s the information we were given. We have pushed and pulled and kicked and screamed (not literally) to get her to eat, drink, sleep and live. Until I found this site last night.

I finally googled how to support her as we have been told by many medical professionals that she should be thru the withdrawals and what she’s dealing with now is psychological… NOT medical and there’s nothing they can do. She was given fluids twice in the ER (dehydration) and admitted for 2 nights because we basically said we didn’t know what to do. Now, my heart is literally broken that I have questioned her so much. This stuff stinks. Badly.

She is currently living with her daughter (surviving… I wouldn’t call it living) but she works full time (the daughter), has a medical issue, 2 kids and is a single mom. We have tried to be there around the clock for her but I’m traveling to be there and it’s just not always possible. We need help knowing how much we should push, how much we should love, how much we should just sit with her, how much we should………………

She has ALWAYS been catered to and taken care of… she NEEDS to be pushed or she will not do anything (that’s what basically brought her to the psych program, she was totally isolating herself and not taking care of her own needs). Can she be alone? Is that recommended by those of you who have been in the throws of this awful situation? She doesn’t WANT to be alone, but truly, it’s just not possible to hover all the time.

I have probably 12 million questions but I guess that’s a good place to start. If anyone has any advice, I would be ever so grateful. We live in a state that obviously has nothing to offer… and she has state insurance so that’s a little hindering as well (a LOT hindering).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Please (PLEASE) help, if you can.

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Diseased cult witch Jana Hill closes hated Benzo Detox Recovery site

What's happened to www.BenzoDetoxRecovery.com?
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What’s happened to http://www.BenzoDetoxRecovery.com? I went to the site but there are no posts and no explanation. Has it been closed down permanently?

Re: What's happened to www.BenzoDetoxRecovery.com?
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Re: What's happened to www.BenzoDetoxRecovery.com?
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Hi Barban, As you know I have a very powerful computer and it runs auto searchers on a wide variety of benzo topics daily. About 60 days ago it ran across court papers. I am pretty sure they are in a law suit and one of the key words was ‘suicide’ as I was glancing through it. Maybe they got sued but I have no idea as I just glanced at it and filed it. I am mainly interested in searching for cures and advanced treatment for benzo w/d.
I will try to look for the data but it’s thousands of pages and hard to find in my data base as I did not organize it as a document of any interest to me.

If they are in a suit their lawyer probably gagged them from speaking. If they can settle the suit they will also be under a nondisclosure order most likely so the flow of true information may be obscured now and in future.

Re: What's happened to www.BenzoDetoxRecovery.com?
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What’s interesting was the key words. CURE and BENZO so those words must have been in the court papers for me to find it. One can only imagine how those words fit into a legal complaint document?????

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Just FYI, Jana’s BDR website is no longer up.

Jana has not been very involved for quite some time, due to dealing with some other life issues.

I know Jana and BDR is a controversial subject here at BB, but regardless of what you think about her activities (copyrights, patents, etc.), I personally feel she provided a lot of help to number of people. She really got me started down the path I have been following for the last year and a half.

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If it were not for Jana I would not be where I am at now, I would still be on the benzo’s at my original dose.

I will thank her at some point, she is amazing, sad the site is down.

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There is another link in it’s place, it is a forum for heroin withdrawal but it has a benzo board also. I will post there later.

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The defunct BDR website, and the current opiate WD website are actually owned/managed by Scott Gonzalez, an M.D.

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Jana spread hypochondria and hysteria on that board.

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I have to say I agree with you [...]. If I had gotten sucked into that last year I would still be tapering instead of being healed.

But that being said I do believe to each his/her own.

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I literally got kicked off BDR because Ms. Hill allowed a person to join the forum who was a former BB member named tortoise.

He joined under the name of “Ray” and it was her decision to let him join as members had nothing to do with that at all.

Right after joining, he started contacting members through PM about doing a detox at Johns Hopkins as he had done. I do not know how many people he PMed, but I was PMed in the early morning of 4/4/13. I PMed him back wanting to know what he wanted. And since I had 4 Drs. appts. that day, I was in a hurry and then gone all day.

By evening, he had apparently contacted plenty of members through PM and was at that point on the open forum. Jana called me that evening to “alert” me that there was a “troll” on the forum. I told her that he had PMed me that morning, but that I had been gone all day, and did not realize what had been happening all the time I had been gone. We actually had a very friendly conversation that was ended in good spirits by both of us.

However, within days I was locked out of BDR, and I then had a conversation with another BDR member who said that Jana was convinced that I too was a “troll” working with “Ray” to recruit members to detox. From what I was told by this person, she would not be convinced otherwise.

I frankly found and still find this whole thing ridiculous and flabbergasting. She is starting a new website. I do know the name of it, but I do not know if she will actually be able to get it up and running as it requires a lot of data transfer.

Well, we shall see won’t we? I am not a troll of any kind. I can name what kind of thinking that this qualifies as, but enough said already I suppose.

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There are one or two replies here when I posted about BenzoDetoxRecovery.


2011′s Jana vs. Colin cage match (with Donna lurking in the background, hoping to pick up the pieces for Benzo Exodus)

At the now closed Benzo Detox Recovery, the hateful and bitter Jana ranted to her flock that Colin didn’t own Benzo Buddies any longer. She raved that her dual milk micro titration method would finally be taken seriously. She denounced the tapering methods of “old woman Ashton” (Jana’s words to describe the professor) and salivated over the prospect of the permanent shut down of Benzo Buddies (and the former members that would flee to Benzo Detox Recovery).

In the only reply to Jana’s delirious utterances, one of her paranoid cult members blamed Big Pharma for Benzo Buddies being temporarily down! Of course – it’s all a Big Pharma conspiracy to stop the world from knowing about Ashton and microtapering with milk.

Unbeknownst to almost all at the time, Benzo Exodus owner and multiple personality Donna worked to turn Jana and Colin against each other in a mad race to the bottom of the benzo forum barrel. She won. (Donna’s site was later shut down by our efforts. When she later attempted to start a new cult site - benzowithdrawal.org - she was forced to do it from hiding, using aliases to make it appear the site had more members than it actually did. Colin got the word out that Donna ran benzowithdrawal.org - that was the final nail in her coffin.)

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BB’s is not just down. The domain has been bought by someone other than Colin Moran. The old place is no more. This seems to account for the sudden increase in new memberships. This is a surprise, of course, for many reasons. Anyway, it would be good to say that what we have been doing here is very different from what BB’s or other sites have done. We do not support the old and failed methods. We focus on how to get better as a taper progresses. BB’s site had stated that this was impossible. New people may notice that we have no arguing or attacking of people here. Different views are encouraged to be discussed. The owners of the ideas are not the issues.I believe that the people who come here want the different kind of help that is offered here. These people would have no reason to participate at these other sites. Mixing methods has no good outcome.One site is claiming the results of the MicroTaper as its own. This issue may come up. Be aware that I began this work in 2005. That is long before the imitatiors had heard the word, benzodiazepine. Google caches these things. Also be aware that I have coined terms to refer to benzo phenomena. These original terms are misused by some sites to send traffic to them instead of this intended site. I expect some things to change soon, but the focus will not change. This thread will be added to. Anyone who has input can place it here or in a new thread. Honest and earnest discussion is encouraged. This helps all of us to learn. We don’t want to be so satisfied with a status quo that we don’t seek new knowledge. Jana

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I was from there. I have friends there too and we do support each other (more on moral support). I am going to miss them; not sure why the site is closed; hopefully not because of the drug company. This is absolutely immoral if that is the case.

Fear of… ingrown toenails?

Podiatrist plans to use phenol -- harmful?
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I have to have an ingrown toenail partly removed in about a week. The podiatrist would use phenol to kill the nail bed. I’ve had this done before, but not while I was tapering.

Some of you have PMd me that the local anesthetic (novocaine) will not be a problem but I wonder about the phenol. I don’t actually know what phenol is except that it’s used to kill the nail-growing potential.

Of course I could have the more conservative procedure done in which he just cuts out a portion of the ingrown nail. I’m inclining to do that as I am unsure about the phenol.

Fortunately it’s not infected so no antibiotics need to be used — just Neosporin on the wound.

Opinions? I won’t have the more radical procedure done if anyone thinks the phenol would be bothersome to my taper.

Thank you.

Kooky Monday: 21 months off drugs brainwashed cult member terrified of having boil removed

Having a minor surgery tomorrow..
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They will be using a local numbing agent injected via needle.. I am fearful of a setback. Still symptomatic at 21 months off.

Re: Having a minor surgery tomorrow..
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A local won’t affect more than that local area – assuming you aren’t allergic to it, of course – so put that worry out of your mind. Good luck with the surgery. Hope it isn’t too painful. 

Re: Having a minor surgery tomorrow..
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Quote from: [Buddie] on Today at 06:14:25 am
A local won’t affect more than that local area – assuming you aren’t allergic to it, of course – so put that worry out of your mind. Good luck with the surgery. Hope it isn’t too painful. 

Thanks, [...]. I am having an extremely painful boil lanced. I’ve been in pure misery for days.

Re: Having a minor surgery tomorrow..
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Try not to worry about it (easier said than done I know). I had to get an anastethic at the dentist a few months ago and like you I was worried about it. In the end it had no effect on me whats so ever.
All the best


Rahke’s Ramblings: ‘Casual marijuana use changes the brain’

Heavy marijuana use has been linked with impaired motivation, attention, learning and memory, but common beliefs maintain that casual use of the drug does not result in any negative outcomes. Now, a new study suggests young adults who smoke marijuana at least once a week have altered areas of the brain involved in emotion and motivation.

The researchers, from Northwestern University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, publish their results in the Journal of Neuroscience.

According to the most current National Survey on Drug Use and Mental Health, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the US, with nearly 19 million people having used it recently.

In previous studies, animals repeatedly exposed to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive element of marijuana, have exhibited structural changes in brain regions involved with motivation, learning, attention and memory.

But how low or moderate marijuana use affects brain structure in humans has been unclear.

To investigate further, the researchers, including Jodi Gilman, PhD, used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to analyze the brains of 40 subjects between the ages of 18 and 25 years old who smoked marijuana at least once per week. They then compared these brain scans with the scans of individuals with little or no history of marijuana use.

Marijuana use prompted changes in brain region involved in reward processing

Each marijuana user was asked to estimate his or her drug intake over a 3-month period, providing the number of days and amount they smoked.

Psychiatric evaluation ruled out the chance that the marijuana users were dependent on the drug, however, the MRI images showed “significant” brain differences.

Compared with the non-smokers, the marijuana users had a larger nucleus accumbens – the brain region involved in reward processing. Additionally, it had an altered shape and structure in the brains of the marijuana users.

And the more marijuana the smokers used, the greater the abnormalities in both the nucleus accumbens and the amygdala, a region involved in emotion.

Dr. Hans Breiter, a co-author of the study, says their findings raise “a strong challenge to the idea that casual marijuana use isn’t associated with bad consequences.”

Speaking with Medical News Today, Jodi Gilman explained the impact these brain changes could have:

“Abnormal neuronal growth in the nucleus accumbens could be an indication that the brain is forming new connections that may encourage further use of marijuana.

The study results fit with animal studies that show when rats are given THC, their brains rewire and form many new connections. It may be that we’re seeing a type of drug learning in the brain.”

She said she and her team believe that when people are becoming addicted to a drug, their brains may create these new connections.

Commenting on the study, Carl Lupica, PhD, who studies drug addiction at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and who was not involved in the study, says the findings “are particularly interesting because previous studies have focused primarily on the brains of heavy marijuana smokers, and have largely ignored the brains of casual users.”

Gilman told us that future research from the team will investigate “how these structural abnormalities relate to functional outcomes.”

“For example, how changes in the shape of the nucleus accumbens relate to behaviors such as memory, reward sensitivity and motivation is unknown,” she added.

In 2013, Medical News Today reported on a study that suggested marijuana use is linked to schizophrenia-related brain changes.