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Psychiatry remains a science whether you like the DSM5 or not

Quick—which screening test or instrument has greater specificity for the target condition: the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test for prostate cancer, or the BSDS (Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale), for bipolar disorders?

Wait, one more question: Which physicians are more likely to agree with one another regarding a diagnosis: 2 radiologists inspecting a renal angiogram for arterial stenosis; or 2 psychiatrists using a structured interview to assess a patient for possible major depression?

Those of you who are used to “trick questions” on Board exams will probably not be surprised that the answers are, respectively, “The BSDS” (specificity 0.93 vs 0.33 for PSA); and “the 2 psychiatrists.” (kappa [inter-rater agreement]= 0.73 vs 0.43 for radiologists)1-5 (Disclosure: The BSDS was devised by the present author, then refined and field-tested by Dr Nassir Ghaemi and colleagues; it is available free of charge on this website).

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Doctor-bashing benzo petition fails to net 1000 signatures

Benzo Buddies admin and staff love to brag they have nearly 20,000 members (19,694 as of August 18 2015). If that’s the case, why has this ridiculous petition only garnered 544 signatures? Because, in reality, there are only a few hundred active Benzo Buddies members – at best.
Re: The Benzodiazepine Scandal PETITION PLEASE SIGN
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I’ve heard from Caroline today and she won’t take my case as there’s no certainty of a win. I’m leaving it for now, finishing my book and concentrating on helping others.

I will have to remove my petition as there isn’t enough support to use it in presenting to anyone. Just as others before have tried and failed so did this one. It’s a huge and horrible problem that’s not going to go away until laws are changed in the UK or anywhere else. It us up to those of us recovering to do our best to spread the word and get noticed.

A sampling of the hateful comments from this delusional petition:

Name not displayed, NC 24 days ago
Benzos and SSRIs have ruined my life. My withdrawal from an SSRI has taken years and I never was told of its addictive properties. Ditto with a benzo. Big pharma and doctors have made money off of my misery–every time a doctor prescribes a non generic drug, he/she gets a kickback. It’s a horrible, shameful situation for people to profit off of our misery.

Bill Poling, OH 26 days ago
This is my second withdrawal. I was not told about the dependence or withdrawal. Most doctors say withdrawal is impossible. It is very real, brutal reality. Off 16 months and still not right.

CS H, BC 30 days ago
I spent 2.5 years on a Lorazepam PRN and 1.5 years with added Zopiclone, for insomnia related to a chronic disease. My GP prescribed the Lorazepam in spite of my concern about addiction issues and later withdrawal, stating, “We’ll worry about that when we get there.” I ended up quitting cold turkey, without any advice or knowledge about tapering, or even an awareness of the medications’ long-lasting side-effects, which I’ve just had identified for me. At least I now know I’m not going crazy! I’ve managed to stop all benzo use with the aid of all-organic medical cannabis, (specifially Rick Simpson Oil / Phoenix Tears), kombucha tea, water kefir, and juicing. Benzodiazapines should be banned from use for any period of time longer than a week. If I knew then, what I know now, and what my prescribing doctor (I’ve switched, thank you very much) still hasn’t learned…

Name not displayed, PA 2 months ago
Doctors definitely do not understand the nuclear mechanisms behind benzodiazepines. They should be prescribed for no more than 1 week and only when people’s health at stake. So many people’s lives are being destroyed just by taking benzodiazepines as prescribed. These drugs create a neurochemical imbalance where there previously was none. And and there is no professional help or financial help available to people who are suffering from benzo withdrawal – NONE. (Except for the thousands of rehab/detox facilities. – Editor)

Trudie Altit, CA 2 months ago
My daughter failed three times to withdraw from this POISON and had to be fully reinstated. Nevertheless, we don’t give up until she will be freed from these ‘sick making’ drugs and get her life back. What an horrible experience and suffering for her and ALL of you being on benzodiazepines. Definitely, they should be banned = a big financial loss for psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry. May be, one day, we’ll get to it. It’s my deepest wish…

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Kooks add female baldness to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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I’ m 11 months and change free of Klonopin, and still in W/D. It is definitely getting better, but veeeeeeeery slowly, and there are still certain sxs that get severe. My question today is about hair loss. I am a woman, so it’s scary for me. Before ever taking benzos, I had a full, thick head of hair. I can honestly say that right now I probably have less than half of the hair I once had. Is anyone experiencing this, and does it grow back? If it does, how long does it take? I’m not a vein person, but every woman want to keep their hair. My hair actually began to fall out while I was still taking Klonopin, but REALLY fell out while I was in wd. Does it continue to fall out until it’s ALL gone? If anyone can give me any advice on what to do about this, please let me know. I was told to take biotin, but I’m afraid to take ANYTHING. PLEASE HELP. thank you so much.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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Hello Teresa, some ppl. lose hair from thyroid w/d. Have you had your thyroid checked? I have hypothyroidism and if my TSH is too high, with my thyroid functioning too low, my hair will fall out a bit. I’ll have dry skin, gain weight, be tired and sluggish, weakness, etc. The stress from the benzo w/d could bring out some autoimmune problems with ppl.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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There is often some temporary hair loss during withdrawal. But it will grow back as you heal. There’ve been many threads about this in the past, and the consensus is that it DOES grow back. I thought I was going “bald” during acute withdrawal, but by month 8-9 it had all begun to grow back. Hair grows slowly of course, about .5 inches per month.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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Oh dear. I have all those sxs. I haven’t been to a Dr. In the entire 11 months of Hell I’ve been living. (Not counting the 3 trips to the ER when I was in acute.) I know I need to, but I’m procrastinating because I’m so afraid of what they’re going to find, and I’m afraid they’ll want to put me on meds. I’m terrified of ANY kind of medication right now. If it is hypothyroidism, will it just go away after wd is over, or do you suggest that I bite the bullet and make an appt. with my Dr. ? Thank you for your quick response.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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Thank you Megan918. I hate to sound vein. After all, the thin hair is the very least of what I’m going through. I just needed to hear it from someone, and know that it does come back. Maybe I should get a sharp new short do, and start over. I will consider it part of the “new” me.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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Senior Moderator

This topic comes up from time to time. During my first withdrawal my hair fell out in clumps. I dreaded taking a shower and dreading even more combing out my long hair. This with on for about three or four months. I truly hated it. Finally it came to a stop and over time my hair’s thickness has all but come back better than ever. I had read the return of healthy hair from other members here who lost it as well. I know, it is devastating, but it will come back.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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Teresa, I had a lot of hairloss after my detox, scared the hell out of me.
Long strong black hair, some turned grey, had to cut it short.

Re: Has anyone lost their hair from W/D?
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I have been losing hair as well. I’m certainly not a vain person either, but it is really scary for a woman. I was also wondering about thyroid issues because I too am afraid to take anything, at all! I pretty much refuse to even take a multi-vitamin at the moment..

Can anyone answer the question about thyroid? Has everyone who found a thyroid issue come up during wd have it permanently ever since? Did everyone have to treat it with hormones? Was there a more natural way to regulate it? Has anyone felt that their thyroid levels went back to normal eventually? I’m pretty afraid of this because my mother has hypothyroidism, and I really don’t want to have to take hormones every single day to feel ok..

On a positive note, I’m pretty confident all our hairs will grow back! I’ve had the pleasure of losing my hair in the past, when I recovered from anorexia nervosa, it started falling out when I started gaining weight back and continued for months.. while I was going to cosmetology school! It was awful, and I was so afraid it would never come back, but it did! I think any time out bodies go through stressful or unhealthy experiences, it can be really damaging to all parts of the body. Then, when we start taking care of ourselves, it is as if our tissues and proteins want a fresh start, to get rid of the old and weak structures that were built before and start completely anew with better, stronger materials. I didn’t ever lose 100% of my hair, it started to grow back before that ever happened, so I’m pretty confident I won’t go completely bald, but will probably have much thinning until regrowth happens.

For now I think all we can do is try to be kind to our bodies, feed them nutritious meals, get light exercise to regulate hormones, and most importantly.. Try not to stress out too much! I know for me, this makes the hair situation so much worse. I have to practice some pretty hardcore acceptance and just let it go, knowing that it will get better eventually and worrying about it won’t help a thing!

In the meantime, I’m going to se my doc and rule out and hormone or nutrient deficiencies with some blood work. I know the fear of doing anything about it has held me back from that for a while now, and honestly I may not do anything to fix any abnormalities if I have to take something to make good things happen.. but at least I will know what is going on! I hope it helps you to know you aren’t alone in this struggle! Try to relax a bit and not dwell on it too much if you can!



KlonopinKills’ ex-lover believed she was possessed, wanted an exorcism

Re: In The Process of Healing - TimeForAChange's Blog
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I believe in demonic posession it is real. My family is Catholic, they have seen me dose and hear me talk in voices that were not mine I do not remember this, so tell me what the hell is going on then?! Tell me! There is nothing wrong with me wanting an exorcism and seeking help from spiritual means because I feel like something has attached itself to me and it’s not okay. This is not just the benzos now it’s about saving my life and getting rid of whatever it is messing with me.

I want my account deleted.


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Grandpa joins online pity party, claims accidental addiction

The Accidental Addict
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I didn’t think I’d wind up here. A father & grandfather with a successful career, I never was the druggie type. But here I am, in the scary situation of being a lorazepam addict in need of help. I want to get off this drug and am turning to BenzoBuddies for support and guidance. My saga began about 3 years ago. I was under a lot of work stress and turned to my doctor for help with anxiety. She prescribed Valium, initially a 1-month supply at a fairly low dose, then a refill for a 2nd month. It was effective at relieving my work anxiety. At the time I was totally naïve, I had no idea that this doctor-prescribed drug was so addictive and that it would lead to so many problems down the road. When the Valium ran out, my anxiety level spiked to 10 times worse than it had started out at, to the point where I was not sleeping at all or able to function. I failed to recognize that at the time as a symptom of benzo withdrawal, instead mis-interpreting it as renewed work anxiety. I sought out the help of a psychiatrist, who also failed to recognize my plight for what it was, and who in fact prescribed Ativan to relieve my anxiety. It worked, and under her care I took 1 mg Ativan daily, later increased to 2 mg daily, for over 2 years… Not too long ago, I moved to another state for a job change, and stopped seeing that psychiatrist. I knew my supply of Ativan would run out, but I naively did not expect the drug withdrawal would be a huge deal. On my own I stopped cold turkey, and … wham. I don’t want to go into detail at this point, let’s just say I went crazy for a couple of weeks. I still had a supply of Ativan at the time I went cold turkey. To restore my sanity I had to go back on it, 2 mg / day, which is where I am now. Since then I have been reading a lot. I now know what I need to do is a long slow taper. I have not started the tapering process yet. This will be very difficult. I haven’t yet found a supportive doctor, so at this point I am on my own. Any suggestions on how to find a doctor willing to support benzo withdrawal would be welcome. Also I cannot afford to lose my job during this process and therefore cannot do an extended inpatient kind of thing. For privacy reasons I don’t want to say publicly where I am, I’ll just say in the USA but not in a major city. This is going to be a challenge. Any help & support will be appreciated.

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Re: The Accidental Addict
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Thanks for the replies. I am glad I found this group and appreciate the quick responses. Now let me get more specific and see if any of you can offer more specific help. I’ll post a series of questions over the next few days that I need help with. Let me know if it’d be more appropriate to post these question to a different topic than Introductions and I’ll move them. I’m a newbie here.

It would be good to find a supportive doctor. 2 replies here have pointed me to an extremely out-of-date list (2007!?) which is completely useless. It lists 2 doctors in my state, listing them both as working for the same counseling center. Well, Googling and phoning reveals neither still works for that counseling center (left so long ago it had never heard of them), and as far I can tell neither still works in this state or anywhere nearby. That counseling center said they now have nobody who can or will treat benzo addiction. Subsequent phone calls to every shrink in the region turned up a series of flat “no”‘s when they heard the problem I wanted help with. This was even after initially promising conversations (“taking new patients?” “yes”, “what problems do you treat” “a great variety of psychiatric problems”). But when benzo addiction came up, it’s like I said a forbidden word… “ah, well, … , no I don’t treat for that”. I was astonished. My own primary care also flat-out refuses to deal with it. Honestly don’t know where to turn at this point, as far as getting it from the medical profession.