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Folk hero Mike Fiftynine called “Ground Zero of pain” at Benzo Buddies

Re: Please remove my membership and blog
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BB Team

Quote from: Dukesmommy on Surprise! at 12:04:05 PM
I have tried my best to stay clear of the drama but I see no other way to separate my site from all that has happened.

Then why, Donna, is Mike59 still a member of your site?? He is the Ground Zero of all this ‘drama’ and pain.

Ignored hypochondriac made sicker by cult freaks

Squeaky wheel
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It sure does seem that the squeaky wheels get the grease around here. I understand that some folks here need more support than others. But, with my hypochondria, the only thing I get lately is everyone else’s symptoms. I need to take a break.

I started out at .25 mg Ativan at night for insomnia due to perimenopause and two years later was up to 1.5 mg at night. Tapered for 7 months by dry cutting. Jumped from .25 mg and Benzo Free on November 24, 2014!

There are moments that mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. And time is divided into two parts, before this and after this.


Re: Squeaky wheel
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can do

Quote from: Slimfemmie on April 23, 2015, 03:43:40 pm
It sure does seem that the squeaky wheels get the grease around here. I understand that some folks here need more support than others. But, with my hypochondria, the only thing I get lately is everyone else’s symptoms. I need to take a break.

Slim, stop reading the posts that are negative to you there are some good threads on here feel free to join a couple we even get scolled by the moderators to stay on the topic of Benzo`s but the Mods do need to keep the order i guess so IMHO jump into a couple of threads and at least talk to people who are going thru the same as you are as we try and keep each other positive and laugh etc! ~CD

4mg c/o 9/7/14 K-V
9/7 3.5 k + 5mg v
9/21 3.0 k +10mg v
10/7 2.5 k +15 mg v
10/21 2.5k +20 mg v Hold
11/21 2.0 k +25mg v feeling bad W/D
12/7 1.5 k +30mg v ok
1/6/15 told to drop to .5 k +40mg v
1/20 .5k 40 mg v holding and bad w/d`s up dosed back to 1.5 k on 1/22 cut on1/28 down to 1.25 k still taking 40mg v 3/5 .875mg k ~ 45 v~ 3/18 .75 k +45 mgs V 4/3/15 .687 mg K+45mg V


Benzo Buddies busted directing members to Scientology cult front group CCHR

Read the 3rd post! I feel so helpless and want to help
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Re: Read the 3rd post! I feel so helpless and want to help
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Quote from: [Buddie] on November 07, 2015, 01:12:13 am

Hi, although it seems to be published by Scientology which is actually not
appreciated on BB……there is some truth to it……in my opinion.

I can’t understand why you feel helpless now. We are lucky to get so
much valuable info and support on this Forum…..we can pass our knowledge
on to Doctors ( who are willing to listen ), people on the outside world etc.

Knowledge is the power.. which will help to change the current corrupted
system one day…..keep spreading the word please…it will help
our next generation to be more educated and cautious. 


Uncaring cultists offer crossword puzzles to bedridden addict disabled by five-year-long Ashton “cut and suffer” micro-taper

being in bed 2
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I asked earlier if it was okay to stay in bed sometimes. I got some answers, thank you to the people who did that. The general consensus was do what your body feels like doing. The thing is, it is more that I want to stay in bed because I feel depressed and can’t see that I will ever get better. I am staying at my mum’s house at the moment and it is good to have someone to talk to and just be there. But on Tuesday I have to go home and I will be on my own again. I don’t know what to do. I have been stuck on these drugs for five years.

Re: being in bed 2
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Hi Gilly

I think you are coping as well as you can in this situation. You get up when you can, you get dressed, you watch TV, you do puzzles, you go to the shop, etc etc. You get a meal ready at night for your boyfriend. You do housework. When you can’t do these things you stay in bed. That is absolutely OK. this is not going to last forever. I know some people think you should just force yourself to get up – family I mean, not buddies. But it is okay to be in bed. I am sorry you can’t stay longer at your mum’s and can understand that you are worried about being at home on your own again. Try just to focus on today and tomorrow maybe. By Tuesday you may have a window.

Big Hugs


Benzo Buddies fanatic FinallyJoining63 a menace to sanity

The following Public Health Warning (with comments from an anonymous helper at Benzo Buddies) about one FinallyJoining63 came across my desk today:
Here’s one of many nasty posts from self-proclaimed benzo junkie FinallyJoining63 (who’s trying to sell her book based upon Benzo Buddies accounts).
FinallyJoining63’s still having a tough time making friends on Benzo Buddies. Here, the bitter narcissist offers harmful “advice” to a suffering buddy, and says he should “beat himself up” for taking a one Z-drug rescue pill:
Re: My Declaration
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Since Drew already said it, maybe I can agree with him without people who stalk me jumping on me for it.

People! Like Drew says, please avoid rescue doses! You are hurting yourself when you do this and just dragging out your healing. People saying “Don’t beat yourself up” are doing you no service. Maybe you SHOULD beat yourself up. The suffering, healing side of you should take a stand to the boss person who’s making the decisions and authorizing and justifying the rescue doses. Say “Hey, knock it off! You aren’t doing me any favors with this!”

Please, no lectures about not being “supportive.” Saying it’s okay to treat yourself this way is not supportive, it’s enabling.

PS Princegbrett–I love the language of the Bible.

Please beware of this dangerous Benzo Buddies member. 


Are Benzos Causing this?
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I joined to get more info on Benzos.

I have been taking Alprazolam for 7 years.

I take .5mg to .75mg a day, my dosage is .25mg

I have not started a taper.

I will write a full description of my issues later but a short on it is I was an self medicating alcoholic for 13 years and for the last 7 of those 13 years I mixed alcohol and benzos. I quit drinking just over 4 months ago (cigarettes as well) and have been having very old neuropathy type symptoms on the left side of my body. I still take the Alprazolam (.5mg to .75mg) daily and wondering if this could mixed with the long term drinking could be there cause of my issues. I will write more later. Thank you for having me.