FDA MedWatch Program campaign failing, only 277 kooks fill out complaints to date

“277 reports may not be enough!” – panicked Benzo Buddies member

Benzo Buddies claims to have 33,085 members yet can’t rouse a paltry 1% of them to fill out a complaint to the FDA. The tiny, secret Facebook groups have perhaps 2000 members combined (most join multiple groups in order amplify the self-pity they can wallow in everyday as they talk about how bottled water can send them into a wave) but despite hounding by zealots can’t get more than a handful of their members to do this.

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition erects shrine to Ashton, only 71 worshippers show up

“It was even suggested that Valium should be added, like fluoride, to the drinking water. Together people would be blessed both with tranquility and strong teeth.”

Prof. Heather Ashton, December 2011

Thank You Heather Ashton



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Thanks, […]! Good detective work! Did I miss it on the website? I thought perhaps there was some reason why I couldn’t find any specific names and biographies attached to this project. Why wouldn’t the names and bios be listed in the “About Us” section? Why wouldn’t they introduce themselves formally — especially if they’re asking for money? Am I missing something?
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I know Lapis, I thought the same thing. No, you didn’t miss it on the website. It’s not there. This really should be information on the website, but apparently you have to be a Facebook member to find out everything, like members names, 24 hr fundraising event, not sure what else. I’m a little disappointed by this. I don’t like Facebook. This is how I found it (in bold):

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I can’t seem to post the link, I think because it’s Facebook. I’m not a Facebook member, but if you Google “who runs the benzodiazepine information coalition”, a Facebook return comes up called, “Benzodiazepine Information Coalition – Timeline | Facebook. Click on that and the above quote comes from the comment section and you can click on “Jocelyn”. You’ll recognize her from the videos.

Kooks salivate over new, useless benzo site

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition's Website
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Thanks to Baylissa Frederick (Bloom in Wellness) for posting the link on her Facebook page.

Here is a link to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Website, a new resource for the community. It has comprehensive information which will benefit everyone and the “Many Faces of Benzo Withdrawal” video is excellent! Thanks to the founders and contributors: