Patients pushback on MA benzo bill (read comments section)


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My name is Danny. I created End Psychiatry. I’m also a musician. I play guitar, write, sing, scream, and rap. If you want your voice heard, please donate so I can scream it from the mountain tops.

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If you’re not familiar with psychiatry, here is my story very briefly; I was forced brain altering chemicals that take away the ability to self regulate dopamine, and inhibit the ability to experience life, happiness and dignity. I was not suicidal, I was not guilty of a crime. (Message me at End Psychiatry if you have a question). Welcome to dystopia.

Psychiatry-bashing Scientology cult feeling the heat

Why doesn’t the Church of Scientology sue Leah Remini?

Because every single word she says it true.

Every doctor on the so-called ‘benzo-wise’ list has been contacted

Their offices have been provided screenshots, links to doctor-bashing comments and sites, names and addresses of the more rabid zealots among them (ones that have personally threatened doctors etc.). For years, the pro-Scientology cult has called doctors foul names, harassed, and threatened them. In some cases, I was able to talk to the doctor(s) in question. They were very appreciative!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mad in America promoting LSD?

“There is no denying that psychedelic medicines offer potential for healing beyond the reaches of talk therapy. But their tremendous healing potential carries with it equal capacity for abuse. Beyond my own experiences, history supports this view — whether it be the LSD trials of the CIA, Ewan Cameron’s thought control experiments, or the current spate of sexual abuse and iatrogenic harms pertaining to ayahuasca and other realms of psychedelic tourism. The intimacy of my first-hand involvement in the Phase II clinical trial for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant PTSD weighs heavily against my desire to challenge every facet of this approach.”