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Class Action Lawsuit!!
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Fellow buddies,

With the recent buzz surrounding Benzos, I feel like we have some momentum to finally be heard. I have not been on the site for awhile, but has anyone tried to unite the people on this site and rally to get a suit started? I know many of you are too sick, but there are some that continue to work. I’m just asking if anyone has interest or the knowledge to spear head this cause. There is no reason that we don’t deserve compensation for our suffering. I can’t think of anything that compares to the injustice and misconception that most of us have faced.

I have talked with a couple other buddies and would be willing to take the lead but we need your support. Please let us know your thoughts. I was not sure where to post this but I have spent my last year in this section because I am 11 months off.

Benzo class action suit will never go anywhere

Re: Benzo Class Action Lawsuit via Facebook Group
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I suppose that this went nowhere?

FDA MedWatch Program campaign failing, only 277 kooks fill out complaints to date

“277 reports may not be enough!” – panicked Benzo Buddies member

Benzo Buddies claims to have 33,085 members yet can’t rouse a paltry 1% of them to fill out a complaint to the FDA. The tiny, secret Facebook groups have perhaps 2000 members combined (most join multiple groups in order amplify the self-pity they can wallow in everyday as they talk about how bottled water can send them into a wave) but despite hounding by zealots can’t get more than a handful of their members to do this.

Trouble at BALA?

The word on the street is that an admin – a very special admin – has been booted from the tiny private club for being negative, bordering on abusive, toward fellow addicts.

I wonder if this palace coup has to do with accusations of Benzodiazepine Information Coalition addict shaming by Benzo Buddies members?

Kooks compare their struggle with drug addiction to Martin Luther King and the civil rights struggle

New Blog About Community Silence Versus Action
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Re: New Blog About Community Silence Versus Action
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This is so important. Just reading this document chokes me up. I would fill out this FDA Report a thousand times myself if I could, but I can’t do it even once because I’m in Canada and it wouldn’t count.

What I can do is bump this.