Moran fanatic begs cult’s permission to get a dog

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Is a dog a good idea or a bad idea. 12 months out still not too well. My wife bought a puppy for me.

Kooks ridicule cult leader, fantasize about throwing psychiatrists in prison

Re: Vent: My old psychiatrist should be in jail
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Quote from: [Buddie] on May 08, 2017, 04:33:06 am
how about 10mg of ambien renewed every month for 2.5 years by my PCP, even though a female dose should of been 5mg and of course ambien should only be prescribed 2-4 weeks.

And then here is the kick in the ass…….when I started to have all these crazy bizarre symptoms, my PCP asked me, “Were you ever sexually abused as a child?”

I no longer “treat” with any doctors, they did me more harm than good. One decided my health issues were due to my gallbladder so he removed my healthy gallbladder……..if I stayed with doctors, I would of ended up polydrugged and/or dead.

Crazy morans.

You talking about Colin?

Moran’s kooks have been brainwashed into believing you can experience drug withdrawal from antibiotics

Can amoxicillin cause withdrawal? Anyone's symptoms gotten better on antibiotic?
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I have a question for you all: is it possible to suffer withdrawal from antibiotics? Specifically amoxicillin taken solidly three times a day (500 mg) for four months?

Also, has anyone’s withdrawal gotten drastically better or nearly disappeared while taking an antibiotic? Like, can amoxicillin treat/cure benzodiazepine withdrawal?

I just need to rule that out as a possible explanation for what I am experiencing (explainined in my last post).

Thank you so much!

Moran’s brainwashed kooks terrified of using bath soap

Best soap?
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What’s the best hygiene items without alcohol that you guys use? I changed to a soap made of vegetal fat and glycerin, is it good?

World Benzo Awareness Day campaign shuns perverted Benzo Buddies leader

Re: World Benzodiazepine Awareness day videos
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Hi Red,

The short answer to your question is: no, I have not been asked to submit a video. To be frank, I do not even know who is behind BAD and have no contact with them.

The slightly longer answer is (assuming I was asked) that I would be unlikely to participate by providing a video. I see my role more as providing a support and discussion space for those going through, or have gone though benzodiazepine withdrawal. I leave campaigning to others; those who are better at it (and who are more driven to do it) than me. And, of course, some of them have been doing for very long time – two decades or more. We all have our parts to play.
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Benzo Buddies member: “Colin Moran is the most important person in the entire world”

Re: World Benzodiazepine Awareness day videos
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These are good videos.
Thanks for posting them.

I wonder if Colin has been asked to submit a video.
At this time Colin Moran is arguably
the most important person in the entire world
of benzo withdrawal and recovery.

How can we have a World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day
without an awareness of the largest, and really the only
benzo recovery website on the planet?
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