Scientologists at Benzo Buddies post years-old discredited Mad in America article to feed doctor-bashing frenzy

10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Re: 10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Good article LorazepamFree. I ran into one psychiatrist who incorrectly diagnosed me based on an intake form, even before talking to me, and immediately recommended a high amount of anti-depressants. He said I had to get sicker to get better and called himself “Nurse Ratchet” (like the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie) and would strictly monitor whether I was taking the drugs. He didn’t care about the fact that I was in tolerance withdrawal from benzos. I was stunned and resisted, so he got mad and stamped his feet and told me to listen to my husband (he was stunned, too). Unbelievable-never saw him again Fortunately, my other counselors have been compassionate and helpful. One of them said that “Nurse Ratchet” shouldn’t be practicing. I hope sites like madinamerica can help bring awareness to patients and providers alike.


There is still a stigma
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You can tell people you have diabetes or another condition and there is no shame or stigma. I never tell anyone but close family that I have anxiety disorder and depression. My anxiety problems before I got hooked on Ativan and had a bad withdrawal 9 years ago were nothing compared to the way I am now. I went through hell, and I’m trying a substitution taper now. I’m going to get through this and get better to enjoy my retirement and the years I have let after 64. People do not understand, and it’s private struggle. Support groups like this is where we can freely share. Maybe someday people will not look down at those with anxiety, depression, or even more serious psych disorders and realize that this I not a sign of personal weakness or something to be ashamed about. Nutcase, loony, “just a neurotic” might be a thing of the past. So much of it is a medical or genetic condition or chemical imbalance, and science is learning more about this daily.

Re: There is still a stigma
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You are right there is a stigma and I have noticed it. When I got out of rehab in November I was not aware it was withdrawal since they told me to give it 2-3 weeks and everything would be fine. So I did not know what is wrong and by Christmas I thought I had to have a medical issue. So I saw every doctor in the free world have tests run and xrays from the head down and nothing was wrong. The doctors all told me also that it could no longer be related to anything abt withdrawal because the drugs where out of my system totally. I finally discovered sometime in Jan what was really happening. I found a psychiatrist who is an addiction specialist and he told me what was really wrong. I was so happy I found a doc to diagnose and tell me what was wrong and tell me I had a long way to go to get better.

I’m sorry I have a way of taking other ppls posts and making them about me. Anyway so when I got the diagnosis I started telling people around me what was wrong and I noticed that ppl did not like discussing it. It always made things kind of uncomfortable. I told my psych and he said it is a normal reaction that whenever you tell them something related to mental health they want to change the subject and not discuss it. As a result unless someone specifically asks me I just don’t bring it up. Sometimes family members bring it up to tell me “you are just depressed” or “that could not be your problem” so that always sucks and I just steer clear of them now.

Maybe someday it will be easier to discuss it but for now I keep it to myself.

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I’m glad ppl. know I have brain damage now or have had a stroke and it’s not all in my head. A person who stutters and can hardly talk or function isn’t just suffering from anxiety and depression.

Kooks make propaganda film for each other (no one else will see it)

Kooky Monday: Self-pitying addiction vs iatrogenic dependence discussion devolves into wild bar brawl-style slugfest of personal insults

Appreciate the article, but not sure why this relentless demonization of big pharma and benzos…..similar trope over current “opiod” hysteria…blaming “opiod addiction” on Big Pharma and “oxycontin, etc. Big Pharma should be celebrated for providing us these ameliorative drugs.

as a “survivor” of many things including forced incarceration and Thorazine at a clip of 1600 mg. daily, should I have the right to flash my credentials any time you disagree with me and demand you apologize?

Whatever…regarding points missed– just trying to respond to a palpable hostile tone you have directed at me

Benzo Buddies members ask the million dollar question

Members of Benzo Buddies if you run the membership statistics you will see that the majority of the so-called 20,000 members have posted under five times i.e. they joined the site and once they saw what an anti-doctor/anti-psychiatry shit show it was they ran screaming for the nearest exit door.

If Moran was honest with the numbers he’d be forced to admit there are a few hundred active members – at best. Moran pads the membership rolls. It’s called self-delusion (the action of deluding oneself; failure to recognize reality).

(Incidentally, it is the same with all of the assorted Facebook benzo groups. They number a few hundred active members – in total. Usually, it the exact same people who join the various groups. A few hardcore zealots run the groups. Their time is spent moaning about Big Pharma and threatening doctors/nurses with legal action, or worse – violence.)

If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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That’s just a fraction of people on these drugs.

So where is everyone?

Re: If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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Apparently most people have no problem going off of them.

Re: If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on March 23, 2016, 08:36:34 pm
Apparently most people have no problem going off of them.


Mad in America attempts to link long-term benzodiazepine use to cancer… except… there is no link

Mad in America

Is Long-term Use of Benzodiazepines a Risk for Cancer?

A large study of the population in Taiwan reveals that long-term use of benzodiazepine drugs, commonly prescribed for anxiety, significantly increases the risk for brain, colorectal, and lung cancers.

Original study

Is Long-term Use of Benzodiazepine a Risk for Cancer?

The study strength is that it is a population-based design to evaluate the risk for cancers. However, this study also have some limitations regarding data information like alcoholism, smoking status and lifestyle which is not available in the BNHI database and could influence on the findings. Another limitation could be related to cohort study design regarding population sample and confounding adjustments, even after adjustments there could be unknown confounders which might create bias to results. The inclusion of non-users which might not be pure controls as we studied the cancer risk between users and nonusers. Another limitation could be the simplified e-claim by general physicians in Taiwan. It is always lower quality then the randomized control trial studies as BNHI data serves for administrative billing not for scientific validation purpose. Moreover, the number of drug uses are just for reference which might not provide accurate reflection whether the individuals taken drugs as recommended by practitioners. In Taiwan, the NHI reimburse for maximum 90 days prescription as well as the self-pay category was not included in this study. Since, in this study we observed BZDs exposure but not their mechanism and metabolism related to cancer which could be also limitation. Therefore, further animal or cellular model are needed to help in identifying a possible biological mechanism linking BZDs with risk of cancers.

Brainwashed buddies begin to realize with millions on benzos, and less than 1% having issues with them, they’re a tiny minority i.e. a cult

Are we really a small minority, or is benzo w/d underreported and misdiagnosed?
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With as many millions of people that go on Benzo’s, It seems like this board doesn’t have a ton of people on it compared to what I would expect to see.

Are what people on this board going through really as small of a sample size as it seems or are there countless others out there struggling silently or even worse, put on different pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms or are misdiagnosed and put on something they don’t even have to be on.

Even online Google searches don’t seem to show as much as I would expect. So did we just draw the short straw in the gene pool?