Benzodiazepine Information Coalition erects shrine to Ashton, only 71 worshippers show up

“It was even suggested that Valium should be added, like fluoride, to the drinking water. Together people would be blessed both with tranquility and strong teeth.”

Prof. Heather Ashton, December 2011

Thank You Heather Ashton

Panic breaks out as cult high priestess Perseverance flees Benzo Buddies

Searching for Perseverance
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Hi All,

I have introduced myself here before as the director/producer of As Prescribed, a documentary (in production) about the benzodiazepine scourge. I find BB member […]’s theories about benzos to be compelling, and would like to contact her. Does anybody know her? I believe that she is based in Maine. I don’t think she visits BB much anymore, but I would not be surprised if some current members know how to reach her. If so, I’d be enormously grateful. And if you have additional questions of me before sharing contact information, please PM me here, or email me at


Re: Searching for Perseverance
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I have no idea how to contact her, but just wanted to say that I agree with you about […]’s work. Her research was top quality. I’d say the ‘glutamate theory’ is the best one we have right now.

Re: Searching for Perseverance
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Hi […],

I haven’t seen her active here in some time; if she is still set to allow PMs, you could contact her that way and it will go to her email if that’s still valid.

Good luck.

Cult ghouls demand terminally ill be denied medication

Study, Mar./16: Attitudes Toward Use of Benzodiazepines in U.S. Hospices
« on: March 25, 2016, 10:34:40 pm »


The full title of this study is “Attitudes Toward Use of Benzodiazepines among U.S. Hospice Clinicians: Survey and Review of the Literature”.

From the abstract:

“CONCLUSIONS: Benzodiazepines are viewed favorably by most hospice nurses and many hospice physicians for various indications, despite little supportive clinical evidence.”

It seems that for both the living and the dying, benzodiazepines seem to have “little supportive clinical evidence” for their use.

Here’s the link to the abstract:

Hokey loses it after ScreamingMimi exposes him for threatening to drive 1400 miles to hunt me down


Dear Admin,

There are members here who are threatening to hunt people down” and do physical harm to them. Members who are quite unstable on psych meds. And they are serious.

This needs to be addressed.

We all have benzo w/d rage from time to time that is to be expected, but this is above and beyond. This is illegal.


wow, who is this? who are they hunting? is someone in danger?


Your joking right Hokey? You KNOW exactly who is/has been threatening whom.

And now that you are upset with me, well let’s just say that you scare me. Maybe I will be the next one you threaten to hunt down. Remember, hokey? You said you had the means the motive and the capability, to find a certain person and phusically harm them?

This is over the top. Its insane.

I’m going to make the emails known to those who can do something about it, and then I’m leaving this forum. I am sure that will make a lot of people very happy. Maybe they even put you up to it.

I’m no angel, but this is just way way way too much.
I said fuck OFF OLD MAN. Go get some bifocals or something.
And please, don’t send me anymore sex PMs, I’m really really really not interested.

Geez, its like fatal attraction around here or something.


wow you really are a bitch aren’t you. a lying one :-



You are a selfish, self centered sick old man. The ONLY thing you do here is post idiotic pictures and follow Mike around posting stupid smileys after all of his posts. Grow up. Get a life. Your an idiot and a hypocrite. You make me sick. You provide NO support to anyone but you come here whining when you are sick and want everyone to feel sorry for you. Give it up Brent, the gig is up, the news is out, I’ve finally figured you out and you sicken me.

And before ANYONE replies, if you don’t know the full history keep your stupid trap shut.


your out of control

I could find you some anger management classess


I don’t know what kind of bullshit your playing now but, do your worst if ya think you can sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror.
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